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Cat Eyes Chapter OneCategory: (general)
Thursday, 20 May 2010
10:33:42 AM (GMT)
PART ONE—The Chasing 

(Chapter Onee.)

Trees slapped at my face, brushing and scratching me.
    My feet pounded against the forest floor, the darkness overwhelming. My heart
pounded loud in my ears. Face it, I wasn't a runner. I wasn't a fast runner. I wasn't
a long distance runner. And this was killing me.
    Pain rippled down my spine. I whimpered but surged forward. Strength, I told
myself. Keep going. I took in a deep breath through my nose and released it through
my mouth. My legs were turning to jelly, my heart was pounding, and I was in intense
pain. I was so past ready to give up, but I couldn't. I had to do this. For me,
for....well, just me.
    C'mon, Ronnie, my mental voice sneered, laughing at me. You can do,
cow, run.
    I ignored it. It had that sense of sneaking up when I didn't want it to, holding
me down, stopping me from being myself, from saving myself. With a soft cry, I pulsed
forward singing, I kid you not, "I'm a Barbie Girl." For the song that firs popped in
my head, I would've assumed it was going to be one of my favorite rock songs or rap
songs, or something Lil Wayne or Ludacris. Hell, even Kanye at this point. But no,
"I'm a Barbie Girl" got stuck in my head.
    As far as distracting songs, that was one of them. "I'm a Barbie girl in a Barbie
world...." I sung quietly before I had to pause, take a few more deep, savory breaths
and then continue on in my head. Life in fantastic!
    "You can brush my hair, undress me anywhere," a voice sung from on side of a
tree, taunting me. I didn't even he look at him. I was used to those illusions that
sent out, trying to catch me, stop me. Put the fear in me. I kept going, not sure
where I was, but knowing I was deep within the forest. If I did survive, and no hopes
for that, then I would be screwed as for getting out. Let's hope one of the parents
came from their drunken sober soon enough to realize I wasn't there.
   I ran smack dab into a tree.
   Pain splintered through my forehead and through my already hurting body. I
groaned, crouched for a moment, caught my breath, and left. Already, they were
gaining on me. My heart felt like it was going to go into cardiac arrest from fear,
the running, and the panic. I gulped down a breath and wiped at the wet trickle that
escaped silently down into my mouth. 
  Blood. Yuck.
   I kept my hands in front of me, knowing this would hinder my running, but doing it
anyway. Another collision with a tree and I would be dead. Or captured. Or both.
Trails of hissing evil laughter followed me, scaring me into running faster.
Screaming was my most rational thought, but I couldn't scream. Not if I wanted to
save myself. Leaving would be easier when it was light. Running in day time was hard
enough for short distances, running for longer distances in the dark
   I wrinkled my nose, tying to keep the steady in through the nose, out through the
mouth thing going on. wrinkled my brow, then dodged left
as I felt a solid tree branch underneath my hand. I took a deep breath as the branch
slapped at my face. It stung, but I was in worse pain through everything else. 
    "C'mon here little girl..." a voice whispered, trying to get me to succumb to its
will. I pressed my hand against my ears, trying to block the voice. Wouldn’t work.
It would come through my head next.  “Turn left.”
   My body veered towards the left. “No!” I whispered, pushing myself through the
right. “I won’t listen to you!” I stuck a hand out, trying not to run into a
   I pushed through the forest, fighting for my life, praying to God. “Please,
please, please, let me live through this.”
    I fell flat on my face.
    For a moment, I stayed there, not caring. I was tired, dirty, and sweaty. I
stunk, I felt like crap, and I was sick. If they wanted me, then, dammit, they could
come get me. 
    Get up!
    I answered the sharp command. I was so used to things flying in and out of my
head. I was schizophrenic. But, since being stalked for the last two months, I kind
of realized that I wasn’t schizophrenic and these were actual voices in my head. 
   I scrambled up, knowing the steps were closer on me, pushing even deeper into the
forest. This wasn’t turning out good. I couldn’t breathe….not at all. My
stomach was cramping over worse than the terrible cramps. Red hot fire splintered up
and down my back, burning me.
   I started to stumble more than I ran.
   It seemed like forever until I saw a bright clearing ahead. I ducked my head and
ran. I knew where I was if I could only get there. I gave a final burst of painful
speed. The sounds disappeared behind me, the voices echoing into hisses of anger.
   I smiled and cheered. 
   I collapsed into the ring of the clearing on my knees, head bowed, breathing
deeply. I would’ve gave anything for a bottle of water at that moment. My throat
burned icy-hot, my mouth was dry, and my back felt like I was having surgery.
   A low growling erupted from my left side. I looked up into the eyes of a dozen,
growling, angry wolves. They snarled, fur bristling, glaring at me. I sighed, and
then closed my eyes.
   It was a trap.
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