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Sad Love Story (part 2) ^_^Category: (general)
Sunday, 2 May 2010
06:08:50 AM (GMT)
Hope u like it.

Be continue......

  "Psst!" The boy caught Isabella's attention, then pushed his scientific calculator
at her. She was confused, but picked it up and read the screen.
  Isabella glanced over at the lecturer. His tie was bright blue with splashes of
unidentifiable brown as its pattern. She stifled a laugh and typed back:
Quickly, she passed the calculator back to the boy. He chuckled with delight and
continued passing "notes".
  hAhA,YEAh...u.nOE.CA1Cu1ATOR.1AnGuAGE Ah,D15.!5.k!DS.StuFF.... hAhA.....
Oh,1M.ADAM...n.YOU.R... 15aBe11a.P1EA5ED2MEETu^^
  "Just what are you doing,Mr Slater?" Isabella looked up and saw Mr Grant glaring
down at Adam. She jumped in shock, dropping Adam'a calculator onto the compact on her
table with a loud crash,garnering attention from everyone in class. Quickly, she
picked it up, pressed the off button on the calculator and struggled not to giggle at
the sight of the atrocious tie swinging inches away from her face.
  Adam interjected smoothly. "Only showing the calculator model needed for this
class,sir. There are over 20 types sold and Isabella hasn't bought hers yet. As you
know, the college store is out of supply due to increased student enrolment for
Advanced Chemistry,sir."
  He stared back unwaveringly and Mr Grant'a face flushed at Adam's deadpan answer.
"Ah... well, very well then..." He hastily retreated to the front of the hall and
stared to write down several questions. Isabella's sigh of relief changed to a gasp
of horror when she saw a long,winding crack on the calculator screen. She also
noticed her compact mirror bearing a similar injury. Isabella returned it and tried
to apologise but Adam raised a finger to his lips, and handed the calculator back to
her with this message:
  !T5.OkAY,01D.CA1Cu1ATOR.YOu.R.a1R!GhT. 15aBE11a.G!R1......
  Adam winked at Isabella and stored his calculator away.

Be continue....... 
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