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A dream/daydream about JonathanCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 6 April 2010
04:06:24 PM (GMT)
So last night i was daydreaming about jonathan. Then it kinda turned into an actual
dream but i was only half asleep. so heres the whole thing.

casey and i rode by micheal's house on our bikes and jonathan was there. after we
were out of sight micheal called casey on her cell phone and said that when we passed
by, jonathan said, "Dayum, she looks hot!" micheal asked him whch girl and he said
me. jonathan was in the background yelling at micheal and trying to get the phone but
micheal wouldnt let him. then me and casey rode to micheal's house again just to see
them, but micheal and casey had other plans.

jonathan was standing outside and then casey pushed me into him! i glared at casey
and said, "what the heck was that for?" then caseytook me away from jonathan and told
me that this was for my own good and that i would thank her later. micheal was doing
the same thing to jonathan. then casey started backing me up but woudnt let me turn
around. micheal was doing the same again. then micheal and casey turned me and
jonathan around so that we were suddenly facing each other with only an inch of space
between us. then casey grabbed my hands and micheal grabbed jonathan's and put them
together so that we were holding hands. and everytime me or jonathan tried to get
away, they just pushed us back closer to each other.

then casey and micheal walked away and started talking to each other; they were
planning what to do next. me and jonathan just stood there and we were mad and
embarrased, but both of us secretly didnt mind, we were just too afraid to admit it.
then micheal and casey came back and started chanting, "Kiss! kiss! kiss! kiss!" but
we wouldnt.

then, all of a sudden, we were at this little park that is near an old preschool and
nea a big field by this highschool. they were doing the same thing, pushing us
together and trying to get us to kiss. then me and jonathan started running away and
then we were ALL running around in the field, micheal and casey trying to catch us.
then all of a sudden two girls in our class at school, jola and diana, came to the
park. micheal was telling us to kiss right away so we could leave and jola and diana
wouldn't see us. me and jonathan started running again, really fast, and as we were
jola and diana started running in the field too! 

then jonathan stopped me and said, "you know what? i'm ending this." and he grabbed
my shoulders, pulled me close and kissed me. i'd try to describe what it fel like but
everyone would think i'm creepy and weird, so i wont. jola and diana saw us were
like, woah. micheal and casey were grinning. when we stopped kissing jonathan and i
looked at each other and he asked, "How was your first kiss?" i said,"it was great."
jonathan said, "how would you like to get a second, third and fourth?" and i smiled
and said okay, and we started kissing again. at that moment we became girlfriend and
boyfriend and finnaly admitted to each other-and ourselves-that we really like each
other. and we even updated our facebook's so that they said we were in a

then we were at school, which for some reason was a park with alot of swings. i was
sitting on a tire swing on the far left. our whole class, mostly the girls, were
there. jonathan came in the room and said that he has a girlfriend, and he's changed
and is a little different now but he's the same guy still. then gina, this girl who
used to date jonathan and still likes him alot, got all mad and jealous and demanded
to know who his girlfriend was. for some reason, for about five minutes my name was
Dia...idk why. then i was back to hannah. jonathan finally saw me, and gina looked
where he was looking and stormed over to me, asking if it was true. she was REALLY
jealous, like, her face was all red from anger. i then went over to a different
swing, and everyone was talking to me being so nice now that i was dating jonathan.
it was like i was famous. gina and he friend allison came and sat on the swings next
to me, talking and not paying attenton to me. i started swinging and my hair was
down, so i leaned back. diana was behind me, and said in awe(again, i dont know why)
"she swung five times with her hair touching the ground!" and jonathan was all like,
"I know!" then he came over and kissed me and i woke up.

and thats my dream/daydream! the really random parts are when i was half asleep and
only controlling part of the dream lol.

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