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Wednesday, 10 March 2010
11:30:26 AM (GMT)

Oh goodness.
  It's been two weeks. Two freakin weeks. And I'm not completely over the soreness.
It's more of an irritation, only when I stretch, though. My name has not apperared
yet on the List. I don't plan on putting it on their either. And, oddly, nobody but
my brother seems to know that I even slept with Jace. Jace, quite the jerk, has
treated me like I have the bubonic plauge all week long. It hurts a little, but, eh,
I get over it. Anyway, I'm flirting with this new guy named Lorenzo, a really hot
   I dumped my books on the sofa and ran up to my room. I was home alone for the
moment. My brother was at football practice for the next hour. More than likely, Jace
would be coming home with him. My mother was in Memphis for the rest of the month
with some alcohol rehab thing. My sister who didn't live with us anyway was at her
house, stopping in to check on us occasionally every week to make sure we had food,
and bringing those bad ass chaps of hers. (Author's note: Incase ya'll haven't been
to the country of Louisiana--in which case, you need to go fast!--then the word
"chaps" means children.) And then there's Jace who has unofficially decided to live
here permanantly, much to my horror. 
  And my wonderful sperm-donator. Can't forget him. Of course, he's all over the
house when he doesn't think I'm here. Which, I try to be here with someone most of
the time, and if I can't be, I always, always have a knife and/or gun on me.
  I should cook something. I'm hungry. My brother's always hungry, and after football
practice he always brings about six guys who are starving with him. So, yeah, I'm
going to cook some.....gravy steaks, mustard greens, and red beans. Oooo, and gumbo!
Seafood gumbo. That should take a good two hours for me to clear my mind.
  It was about an hour and  half later that I finally finished. I had just finished
cleaning the house and taking a shower when the boys came in, loud as hell. I pulled
my hair back into a ponytail and ran downstairs. Jace, Sebastian, Tyler , Kevin, DJ,
and David all came in, laughing and arguing, calling out, "Sumpin' smell GOOOOOD!" at
the top of their longs. Well, everyone except Sebastian who called out, "Yo, lil'
Harmony, can you fix us up somethin' to eat?" and peered upstairs to look for me.
  I ended up tripping on the last step. Kevin reached out and caught me, grinning.
"Hello, beautiful!" he sung in this high-pitched squeaky voice.
  I giggled. "Sup, handsome? So what ya'll want? I got red beans gravy steaks,
seafood gumbo, and mustard greens!"
  "I'll take everything with extra hotsauce on it all!" Tyler shouted.
  "Agreed!" the boys echoed. 
  "Oh my God, your sister watches the NBA?" Kevin said in complete utter shock. 
  "Duh. Otherwise, I'd have to disown her bruh," Sebastian said. "Actually, she
started watching the NBA before I did. Big basketball fan."
   I smirked as the boys looked at me. I then continued in the kitchen to fix six
heaping plates of food. With extra hotsauce, of course. When I did deliver the food,
the boys went crazy even ditching the game for a minute. I went back into the kitchen
to fix my own food, deciding first on the seafood gumbo, then on....ya know what?
I'll just take some cornbread with this.
  Sitting on the couch between Tyler and Kevin {who said his dream girl watches the
NBA without complaint and with as much enthusiasm as him}, I ate my seafood. It was
actually good.
  "Where's our drinks?" Sebastian asked.
  "Excuse the hell outta me! I ain't yo baby mama or yo maid. Get the hell up and go
get'em! Oh, an' motha fuckaa, get me one too!" I snapped. "Made me lose my damn
  Kevin reached over and grabbed my plate. "I'll finish it."
  I glared as Sebastian went up and got the damn drinks.

The boys--except for Jace, who had his own room here--all left after the Hornets won
the game by two at the last three seconds in overtime.
  I was tired and sleepy and tomorrow was Saturday, thank the good Lord.
 The doorbell rang. I got up to answer it, expecting one of the boys to come back and
collect their missing stuff. And yes, I call them boys. They're not menatally nor
phsyically mature up or downstairs to be called 'men.'
 Instead, I opened the door to find a girl about my age holding a one year body.
"Where's Sebastian?" she snapped.
 "Sebastian!" I called. Who the hell? And is, it can't be Sebastian's
baby. He would've told me right? Oh, God, I hope so.
  He came downstairs. "Yeaa--Jayla? What the hell?"
  "Take yo motha fuckin' baby, you manwhore. You need to take Sebastian Jr. for some
father-son time for the next three years." She thrust the baby at me. "Bye."
   I closed the door, holding the crying baby in my hand. "Sebastian, you got some
explaining to do."

‹NeverThoughtLoveAndLossFeltSoMuchAlike› says:   10 March 2010   891714  
Haha!!!!! 'Splain him good gally!
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   10 March 2010   297827  
I love this story. So much drama, it's so damn interesting!
princessbrandi says :   10 March 2010   824168  
i dont think her mother need to go anywhere dealing wit alcohol in
MEMEPHIS..hell i live in memphis and its hella lots of alcoholic down
here...i love this story can u write another one plzz

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