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An Open Letter to Every Lonely Girl on Valentine'sCategory: (general)
Thursday, 4 February 2010
01:28:07 PM (GMT)
Dear Lonely Girl,

When love is truly in one's heart, one doesn't need to be reminded and that's why
Saint Valentine's Day is generally an unneccessary over-commercialized cliché. 

And yet, Valentine's Day can be a painful because we all need companionship. It is
not in our nature to be completely alone all the time and we all need a little love
and affection in our lives. 

So for a lot of people it can be depressing if they happen to not be in a
relationship on Valentines or they are in one that isn't very good. Maybe you are one
of those that looks around and sees a happy couple or maybe you see another girl
receive some attention, maybe a gift, a card, or flowers, the usual tokens of
affection exchanged at this time and you ask yourself, "Why am I alone?" "Why can't I
have someone?" "Where is my love?"

So why are you "alone" this Valentine's?

There are so many possible answers to that question. Maybe you are in between
relationships or just out of one? Maybe you haven't yet met the right person for you?
Maybe you are overlooking someone who is interested in you? Maybe you are waiting for
the perfect romance to come along and it doesn't seem to be happening just yet.

First, open your heart to love and love will find away into your life. Then open your

There isn't a girl in this world who doesn't have at least one thing attractive about
them or at least one person who will be interested in her and that includes

But until you find the confidence to believe that, it may be hard to inspire someone
to risk rejection or putting their feelings for you out there to take that step
towards you and let you know how they feel about you.

And if someone has done that already, unless it would be truly bad to be with them,
then why not give them a chance, even if the circumstances aren't perfect or they
aren't the best or top of your list?

People misunderstand how my "arrows of love" work. I cannot create love. I can only
use it to spur you to action. My arrows prick you into a response, but it is up to
you to take those initial feelings of love, affection and interest in someone and do
something about it.

So do it. Go for it. Take charge and take a chance. You don't realize the power of
love until you send it out and let it come upon you. You don't have to be lonely or
alone but you do have to be willing to be loved. No matter how ugly you think you
are, or how broken, or how much you feel you are unworthy of being loved, I am here
to tell you that you are wrong. You are wrong.

Everyone, yes including you, deserves to be loved and you will find love. If it isn't
this Valentine's Day it will be your day someday. You must only keep that hope alive,
be open to love and keep your eyes open and ready to take a chance on it.

And don't feel too lonely on Valentine's Day. If you don't happen to find love on
that day or in time for it, it is only once a year and you have 364 other days, 364
other days of opportunity to find the love that you need and you will find it.

But do remember one very important thing, like so many things Love, especially, is
one of those things we so often find when we don't look for it. 

I know it's a mystery and a paradox. It just wouldn't be any fun if it were any other

Love always,

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