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Forbidden- Part 1/3 of Chapter 5Category: (general)
Thursday, 14 January 2010
04:28:34 PM (GMT)
Chapter 5? OH MAI FRIGGIN GAWD!!!!!!

When we got Aaron in the bedroll in the make-shift tents of the camp the boys lived
at, Jason and I decided to go out to look for firewood. Lame hobby, I knew it, but it
would work. And if it would keep us alive (meaning Jason and I mostly...) it was
worth it. And if it would keep me awake to stay and watch over Aaron...

"C'mon, Elli" said Jason. "We should get going."

"Sure..." I said, reluctant to leave the camp, and Aaron.

As Jason and I walked through the woods, I kept a sharp eye on every shadow. I didn't
know why I was so paranoid. It's painful. you know.

Jason bent down and tried to uproot a tree. As he finally ripped the young tree out
of the ground, he fell back and hit his arm on a few sharp rocks. Without hesitating,
I jumped at him and covered exactly where the cuts were. Again with the paranoia!

Jason pushed me off. "Quit being so... scared about this, Elena." 

We continued to gather small, and rather large, sticks for fires. I told Jason to
start to bring the young tree back to the camp, since it would take quite a while. As
the sound of him dragging the small tree faded, I started to gather more sticks. And
I heard a yell. More of a scream of pain, and then swearing. 


I put my pile of sticks down and walked slowly toward where the scream came from. I
made sure to take light steps, though I knew if I got to close and wasn't to careful
they would know I was there. 

Jake lay on a large tree stump, in what probably was what this little killer gang
called their camp. Matt and David stood beside him, tending to his wounds from his
fight with Aaron. Dante stood on guard. I took a step back to start back to Aaron's
camp, but it figures a twig had to snap. I was more suprised than worried because
they hadn't smelled me.

Dante's head swung in my direction. No use in trying to run. Worth a try, anyway. 

"Fuck!" I screamed. I turned and ran. Before two steps, Dante was in front of me,
David behind me. I stared around frantically, but as I went for a step to the left
David grabbed my arm and pulled me back.

"Well, you just came at the perfect time, Elena." he said, a fierce smile tainting
his lips. I felt fear grip my every limb. I couldn't move. 

David took both of my hands from behind me and pulled them back forcefully. Pain shot
through my arms. I screamed in both pain and fear.

"Oh, nothing is broken, Elena." he smiled. "But that should restrain you for a bit."
He started to lead me, more-so drag me, toward their camp. Matt was trying to keep
Jake from getting up from the long make-shift bed. 

When the two saw me and my captors, the struggle stopped. Matt let Jake up with no

When I saw Jake's chest, I almost fainted. I was surprised he was still alive. I
turned away, eyes closed. 

I felt Jake's hand find its way up my neck. He turned my head toward him. I opened my
eyes, but slowly and fearful. 

His eyes were not as cold as I thought they would have been. By this time I couldn't
feel my arms.

"David, release her." said Jake softly. David let go of my arms and almost
immediately they burned with the blood rushing through them. Jake kept my head
towards his. Any quick movement by me, and I might have fangs stuck in me. Maybe from

"You... why are you... Never mind." he turned his head and stared out into the woods.
I saw his neck wound as well and turned my head down, gagging. He turned back to me
and smiled. For the first time, it was one of the "I'm not going to hurt you" smiles
from him. 

Jake suddenly gasped, then fell. I jumped back. Matt went to Jake's side and aided
him. David grabbed my hair and pulled it back, keeping me in the position I was in. I
smelled faint blood, the way humans usually do. That was good. Well, bad in a way

Under Jake was a pool of crimson. His blood dripped from the neck wounds and the
chest wound. I tried to turn my head, but David's grip on my hair would only allow me
to close my eyes. Jake screamed in pain again, and I remembered why I had come here.

I took a deep breath and pulled as hard as I could away from David. He gasped in
surprise as I ripped away and started to run. I heard Jake yell, "Don't run after
her! Let her go!"

I didn't stop. I just kept running. I had to get back to Aaron. If that's what
happened to Jake... Then what else was going on with Aaron?

How was THAT?!?!

‹Zboy0112 is my display name.› says:   15 January 2010   604866  
wow that was the first part that i wasnt metioned of, exept the first
‹Forbidden_Temptation› says:   7 February 2010   274536  
=O yur right im making a site for my books ill send you the link when
i get them (i'll add you in this chapter as soon as it get it up)
‹Zboy0112 is my display name.› says:   11 February 2010   403165  
nooooooo i wanna be left out (not really)
princessbrandi says:   17 February 2010   797732  
that was an interested story
‹Zboy0112 is my display name.› says :   23 February 2010   160188  
make more lol

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