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Wednesday, 13 January 2010
10:26:57 PM (GMT)

Grow up. Really.
Who really goes to the time to screenshot my diary and post it on some random hate
secret account?
It's really honestly pathetic. 
I love it when I'm like on the computer with Griffin or Emily or someone, and I check
my kupika.
Because there's always a new hate thing.
and as my friends and I read it, it's quiet.
and then they'll look up at me with sympathetic looks.
Even they think I care.
But then they see the smile spread across my face,
as I laugh and change pages or write a reply to the hate.
Kupika is supposed to be a place to be yourself, make new friends.
Your diary is a feeling, storage for thoughts type of thing.
I write something, because it's on my mind.
These PATHETIC ass girls take it and use it how ever they can.
Like, do you really have nothing better to do with your time?
Am I the most important thing you could be doing right now?
Don't say you "don't care" about me,
If you didn't, you wouldn't be wasting your precious life hating on me.
I'm a person, just like you are.
You'd probably hate me even more if you met me in real life.
But that's fine, because the people that like me are 100000000000x more chill than
the kids who hate me.
In real life, the only people that hate me are ghetto scene queen girls that are in
love with Griffin and pee their pants when they see him kiss me before I leave for
The people that like me are people that have actually talked to me.
I can't think of one person, right here right now, who I have actually MET, that has
had a conversation with me over 4 times,
that doesn't like me.
That must mean something, doesn't it?
Most of the people on this pathetic website hate me because of what they have heard
from their friends.
Like on the hate picture just posted about my diary,
99% of the commenters, I haven't ever had a conversation with that I can remember.
It's really sad, actually.
They're seriously immature enough to make decisions based upon what their friends
have told them.
Really? Since when did we all go back to 5th grade?
If anybody should be doing the immature/childish things,
It should be me. 
I'm a sevie for fucks sake.
I'm disappointed in your pathetic-ness, kupika.
All you're doing is making me and the people who KNOW ME, laugh.

HEARTBREAKwarfare says:   13 January 2010   411715  
I couldn't agree more. Seriously, I love how everyone on this site
talks shit about you and they don't know you. I get pissed because
people are becoming such ruh tards! I love how probably 98% of your
haters are probably like me, andvim high school. Like what the fuck
you'd think since you're in middle school and were in high school we'd
be more grown up bit it's just like what the fuck? You've got a good
head on your shoulders. Don't let dumbass cunts get to you and piss
you off. I haven't even seen this page and I'm mad. Idk I guess it's
his they're too fucking ashamed to admit to who they are and they
don't even know you. You're a good kid.
x_deviltown says:   13 January 2010   939323  
I love you Kris. 
HEARTBREAKwarfare says:   13 January 2010   864340  
Love you too (: I'm serious. If I could, I'd so sit on all your
haters. That'd be fun! 
x_deviltown says:   13 January 2010   115048  
You would. 
darkoekaki says:   14 January 2010   836045  
I don't know you that well, but I saw the post. And it's ridiculously

hay, i'm a rebel. i make others seem stupid so i can be cool. derp.

I'm not actually sure if anything I just said made sense, but that's
HEARTBREAKwarfare says:   14 January 2010   544973  
Lmao I know. And is be like gabby look their hands are seeping out
from my ass. Step on their hands! 
x_deviltown says:   14 January 2010   249025  
Thank you.

‹fadedconstellations› says:   14 January 2010   913965  
what's the account?
HEARTBREAKwarfare says:   14 January 2010   393734  
lmao. i would. i hatehow my ipod thinks its correcting me so itll
changea word and i dont see so i look like a dumbass.
dude. i love my french class. i love bomfre. i love french people. i
love people with blonde hair. i love when bomfre asks me if im going
to the dance. i love writing bomfre notes. i love my birds. i love
singing., i love blogtv. i love mario. i love LONG LEGS 
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   14 January 2010   231440  
Why do people hate you?
(I never actually talked to you, but from your old accounts, I know
you're really nice!)
x_deviltown says :   14 January 2010   292182  

i love all those things.

good question. 

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