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I Hang Out With VampiresCategory: Mine and Em's Creations
Sunday, 10 January 2010
07:25:00 PM (GMT)
I was dreaming. I had to be. Or maybe this was the future. I’ve heard of people
seeing the future in their dreams.
	I was being chased. By what, I don’t know. My top incisors were poking holes in my
bottom lip. Sharpened to a point. My hair whipped across my face as I darted through
the trees with speed I thought impossible. My feet barley touched the ground. But
when they did, I felt grass, and small pebbles touch my bare feet. 
	When I turned around to see if the person, or thing, that was chasing me could be
seen, there was nothing. I was suddenly in a darkened room. It was all gone.
	 A light flickered on in front of me. As if there was someone that wanted to
interrogate me. They asked me questions. Things I have never heard of before. Things
about vampires and other fairy tale creatures. They shined a blue light in my eyes
and I forgot everything. They gave me information, and said I should remember it.
They said that Clayton isn’t safe anymore. And that they were coming. I had no idea
who “they” were, but I’m sure I did before the dream ended with my alarm clock
blaring in my ears. 
	I had almost forgot. My first day of tenth grade. I lay still in bed until my mom
stomped up and ruined my happiness.
	“Get the hell out of bed. You’re going to be late.” She yelled at me. I rolled
over and gave her the classic teenage look. 
	Leave me alone mom.” I grumbled back to her. Mary Ashland flung the blankets off
me and turned on my light. Ugh. Parents are a pain in the ass. I sat up and yawned
loudly. My legs felt like jelly as I stood up to pick out my famous first day of
school outfit that my mother most certainly didn’t approve of. I’m a goth, so of
course it consisted of lots of black, and some really cool deep purple. It was a
really short black mini dress, with purple lace around the neck, and around the hem,
fishnet tights, and a pair of combat boots. I brushed my really long, straight, raven
black hair.
	“Delphine! Get down here! You are going to miss the bus! And I am not taking you
to school!” My mom called to me from the kitchen, where she was getting Rob some
breakfast. 					Rob is my 10 year old brother. He is allergic to everything. Think
I’m exaggerating? Not even. Everything. We couldn’t even get him a fish! So
instead we ended up with a thing. Yes, a thing. A freaking hairless Chiwiwa! He named
it after his crush, Rachel. Poor girl. Like every original nerd Rob has braces and
Harry Potter glasses. No offence to the nerds of the world. He also wears his hair
all slicked over in the way moms always do for pre-schoolers before class pictures.
	When I got on the bus, ten minutes later, Darian tried to trip me up. She hates me.
Of course one of  the most popular girls in school hates the goth kid. I sit next to
my best friend Victoria Strouse. She is really short, and has shoulder length golden
blond hair. She has an attitude like you wouldn’t believe. She is pretty ordinary
looking, but her personality overrules everything. No one dares make fun of me when
she is around. 
	“Hey.” Victoria says when I sit down. “What’s up? I can’t believe we are
in the tenth grade already.”
	“Yeah, I know. I remember when we were those tiny-ass sixth graders who almost
shit their pants when they walked into the middle school for the first time.” I
	“Oh, God. Don’t remind me.” Victoria said, laughing. 
	Then, a few stops later, the last addition to our little group of outcasts, Kim
Thompson slid into the seat across from us. She looked the same as always. Short
dirty blond hair tied back into a headband. Wondering blue eyes that always seemed to
be confused. There was no way to say it nicely, Kim was an idiot. But I mean it
nicely, she is actually pretty smart when it comes to school stuff, but when it comes
to teenage problems, and dirty humor, she had no clue. Kim still looked she was going
to wet her pants like when it sixth grade.
	“Hey guys! This is so exciting! Know we get to pick on the new ninth graders.”
Kim said in a bad evil voice. Just then she looked at one of the ninth graders.
	“YOUR SHOE IS UNTIED!” She roared laughing like an evil scientist. The ninth
grader just walked away. I would have too. Lame. Wow. That’s good old Kim for you,
sometimes her face just makes you laugh. I don’t mean to sound snotty, Her
expression’s are just like Jim, freaking, Carey! Me and Victoria looked at each
other and burst out laughing.
	“That was just brilliant Kimberly.” Said Victoria clapping. I giggled and just
shook my head. “But, I think I have something that might freak them out more.”
Victoria tapped one of the niners in front of us, he turned around, probably annoyed
we were interrupting his conversation about the comic book convention. Will Joker
defeat Batman? Who cares? I would guess this guy. He just plain old looked like a
	“What do you want?” Croaked the nerdy guy. Victoria looked a little offended
that he had treated her so rudely, I could see she had a witty retort on her tongue
but relaxed. She walked up to the guy with a sly smile on her face, leaned into him,
and whispered something in his ear all flirty like. When she came back the guy was
shooting daggers at her with his eyes.
	“What did you say to him?” I asked her when she sat back down. She had a sly
smile on her face.
	“You’ll find out later. Knowing how niners spread gossip so easily.” We all
	Turns out we didn’t have to wait long. By the time we walked into the front door
of Thousand Island High and Middle school we heard two girls chattering on about how
a tenth grader had said to Kevin [nerd dude] that she would get him busted for the
weed he had in his pocket unless he came to school the next day with a bra over his
shirt and a thong over a pair of pink skinny jeans. For shoes he had to wear a pair
of strappy white stilettos. How Vic had came up with all that on the spot was beyond
me. 					I pulled out my schedule and saw that this was the first year that me,
Victoria, and Kim were all in different homerooms. My first class was World History
with Mr. Putnam. I walked in self conscious because I had no friends in my homeroom.
I took a seat alone at a desk buy myself. Great, Darien Hill and her posse were in my
homeroom: Mikayla Sheepsma, Hannah Fulmar, and Jenny Spencer. The rest of the Barbies
must be in a different homeroom, but most were in mine. That’s just wonderful. I
also got my share of nerds I saw: Jason Bigfork, Daniel Brigs, and Brandon Beeville.
Then there were the jocks: Christopher Newbook, Austen Pathmuews, and Nick Nevadee.
Then of course the normal kids, the ones that I could actually have a decent
conversation with without them criticizing me. It was a good mix of kids. I noticed I
was the most unliked besides the nerds, but as goth chick, I was okay with that. The
football players tossed around the ball, the Barbies gossiped, the nerds were buried
into their books, and then there was Delphine Ashland  alone thinking to herself,
that was a casual day at T.I.. We may be a tiny school, but we still have the basic
popularity groups and all that shit. 	Mr. Putnam walked in with a mug of coffee and
quieted everyone down. He was a good teacher as teachers go, funny, stern and
	 We started right off with the rules, and what is expected in his class, then shot
right off on the beginning of World War 2. 
	I think that I was starting to fall asleep because when the bell rang I was pretty
shaken. I slumped into the hallway to my new locker, right smack in between Bennie
Donallie and of course Darien, freaking, Hill why was she everywhere today? Why me?
It could have been any random unlucky kid who got put next to her. But it wasn’t a
random kid, it was me. Me me me. We have been mortal enemies since sixth grade when
she told everyone that I was an underage alcoholic. She spread that in sixth grade. I
can’t imagine what she tells people about me now. I ignored both of them with a
deep breath and put my books away. I took a glance at Darien to see she was smiling.
Smiling right at me.
	“Liking tenth grade Delphine?” She asked me sweetly. I gaped at her speechless,
This was the same freaking girl who tried to trip me on the bus this morning,
remember that logic. She was waiting for an answer, I had to talk or look stupid.
	“I guess.” I said trying my best to not look like I was surprised. Her smile
twisted just a little, I noticed.
	I hope that I see you later at Jacob‘s party.” Her tone darkened and her eyes
were cold. She was threatening me and all I did was stand there and look like Kim
trying to figure out a riddle. She stalked away in that way that snobby bitches do. I
walked to class disgusted and angry with myself for just standing there like a idiot
while she basically told me that I wasn’t invited to Jacob’s party. 			I sat
down. It was French and I was totally terrible. I didn’t bother to do this stupid
study packet thing over the summer so now I was really behind everyone but the other
slackers. I wasn’t good at French anyway, so the fact that I didn’t study made me
even worse. The teacher even had to pull me aside once because I was so clueless. She
didn’t like me at all. She said that unless I was brilliant at French by the end of
the week than she was going to put me into a ninth grade French class. I told her
that I would try. There was no way I could. What was the point of taking foreign
languages If you wanted to be a totally cool goth doctor? What, do the people care if
you can speak French? Nu-uh! I thought about pointing this out but I thought that it
would only piss her off more. When the bell rang I practically hightailed it out of
there. I checked my schedule, English. Hallelujah! Any class but French pretty much
made my day at the moment.												Do you hate it when you walk past people that
are talking and then they stop abruptly when you go by and you know they were talking
about you? That happened to me today, I walked by Darien and her army of bitches,
there were like seven of them , they were all laughing and giggling but they
automatically stopped when they got sight of me. Darien spun around and gave me that
sweet/evil smile until I rounded a corner. Curiosity hit me, what if they were
planning something? Something completely humiliating probably. I would have to watch
my back from now on. I walked into English class to see that I had it with good buddy
Kim. She waved to me and motioned to a seat next to her. I grinned and set my stuff
	“How’s it been for you so far?” I asked her politely. Kim sighed.
	“Okay, I guess, but I think that Darien and her skanky friends are out to get you.
I walked by them earlier and I heard your name, when they saw me they shut up
though.” I nodded.
	“Ya, I know, what did I do to them? The past is forgotten.”
	“In eighth grade you broke Darien’s nose at the park!” Kim pointed out.
	“She had to stop pretending that was her real nose! Everyone new she got a
freaking nose job. And she called you a dumb-ass!” Kim smiled.
	“At least I know that no one will mess with me because their afraid of you and
Vic.” I laughed. When English started we had to do this reading assignment and fill
out a packet. Kim didn’t understand a joke one of the characters said so I had to
explain it to her, I tried not to laugh out loud at her but I failed and we were
shushed by the people around us that were trying to do their work. Next I had
pre-calc and Kim had biology with Vic. I told her to tell Victoria that we all could
meet at our usual table for lunch and that I brought salt and vinegar chips (her
favorite).When the bell rang Kim and I went our separate ways her to bio and me to
	I don’t like calc. I like It more than French, but I still don’t like it. It’s
hard. And I’m lazy. With a capital L. Calc I went back to being a friendless loser.
No one. There weren’t even any of the normal kids. All of the Barbies. A lot of the
jocks. A couple of nerds. The nerds were my best bet. I tried to start a conversation
with Daniel Brigs to find that he was a nerd-perv. Funny how I never noticed that
before. You see, in T.I. all the kids know each other like the back of their own
hands. These were the kids I went to Pre-k with. If someone new came they would stick
out like a sore thumb. I didn’t understand a word of whatever Mrs. Calc was going
on about.					Lunch. Some people say that breakfast is the most important meal of the
day, well when you are a sophomore in high school lunch is by far the most important
time of the school day. It’s when all the drama comes on out, and you here everyone
else’s problems that you didn’t know of when you were in class. I grabbed my
lunchbox quickly out of my locker anxious to run into Darien in her posse. By
herself, Darien I could handle, but surrounded by her snobby friends too, they could
probably all take me down. I was happy not to run into them, but I still saw Bennie
“Butthead” Donallie.  He annoys the crap out of me.
	Okay, he has carrot top red hair and freckles. Shorter than Victoria, he stands at 5
ft and as we say in middle school is the ‘class clown’ In tenth grade the
‘class clown’ is described as an annoying smart ass. And he is. Bennie is a huge
loudmouth. When your trying to say something private check the halls to see if he is 
If Bennie Donallie overhears something interesting he screams it across the hallway
to some of his smart ass friends. Despite this, Bennie is actually pretty high on the
popularity list. He’s actually tight with all the jocks. I know that sounds weird
but it’s true. I RAN past him to the lunch line.
	What shall I get today? The question I have to ask myself everyday. I decided on
Pizza. With a cappuccino. Yum. I made my way to my usual table. Where Vic was
grinning at me. I sat down next to her.
	“Where the chips?” Was the first thing my BFF said to me when saw her for the
first time since the bus ride.
	“I haven’t seen you all day and all you want to know is where my chips are?” I
	“Yah…Pretty much.” She sighed, “But how is your day going so far? If I must
	“Yes, you must ask, and Darien is plotting something evil to do to me. I just know
it. Kim thinks so too.” 
	She raised her eyebrows, “Kim also thinks that two plus two is five, and doesn’t
even understand knock-knock jokes half the time, but I happen to agree with you, and
as much as I hate to admit it, Kimberly.” She flinched, “Darien probably is, but
if she attempts anything, we’ll get her back twice as hard!” She said forcefully.
 I nodded unconvinced.
	“She’ll just get us again. You know how this works.” I said. Vic nodded.
	“Changing subject, where are the chips?” She asked impatiently as Kim plopped
down across from us. I grimaced at her as I handed over my chips. Kim looked confused
as always. I shook my head at her.
	“What did I miss?”
	“I stole Delphine’s salt and vinegar chips.” Vic said evenly. I nodded sadly.
“Don’t feel bad you can have my prunes” I wrinkled my nose, Vic shrugged.
“Your loss.”
	“Fine.” I stuck out my tongue at her. She pursed her lips and slowly handed over
one of my chips.
	“Gee, thanks so much!” She laughed.
	“Sorry to interrupt you but have either of you had gym yet?” Kim asked. We shook
out heads simultaneously. She smiled sadly, “It’s completely terrible. We have to
run 15 laps around the gym than we of course you have to pick the teams.”
	“Oh, shit. That really sucks. I have it next. Who do you have? Hamilton or
Roux?” Vic said.
	“Neither. His name is unpronounceable though. I wouldn’t be able to tell you
even if I tried.” Kim snorted.
	“Damn it. What did you play?” 
	“Dodge ball. I was the first person out every game. Never came back in either.”
	“Oh wow. I hope I don’t get him. I would kill myself if I had him.”
	“No you would not. You would be in heaven because he is hot.”
	“Oh really? Never mind. I’ll see for myself later if I have him.”
	“Okay then.” And with that, lunch ended.
	I had science right after lunch, and that went without a hitch. I didn’t have any
popular kids in my class, just the nerds that couldn’t make it into AP science. All
we did that day was go over the course outlines, and expectations for that class.

Daphne123 says:   10 January 2010   674049  
o my lordd, how do you havee time to write alllll thatt?
‹<Little Green Guys Throw The Best Parties>› says :   13 January 2010   797202  
I was over at my friends house, and we wrote it together.
And a little bit here and there.

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