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The Mark, fictional writingCategory: (general)
Friday, 1 January 2010
10:50:49 PM (GMT)
The Mark
By: Sami 

BLLLEEEEPPPPPP! *yawn!* I wake up to my clock alarm. 7:00 AM, time for my first day
of high school, no, time for a headache.
I drag my self out of bed, and walk past my birth certificate. I get as far as
reading  Sam Miranda Carlyndo ‘til I start having one of my stupid flashbacks.

A man is shouting, We can’t keep her, or any of them! It’s not safe! Another
voice says They’re not ready! They can’t go! The first man says The chances are
too risky!

Then the flashback stops. My flashbacks NEVER make sense, so I’m used to them. I
got dressed, purple top with a skull, black mini-skirt, and black converse (don‘t
judge me, okay? Those are just ‘my colors’!).
I walk to my bathroom, brush my teeth, and brush out my middle-length, dirty blonde
hair that stops at the bottom of my shoulder blades. Oops! Almost forgot! My special
burette, the one with the triangle in the middle of the triangle; my mom says the
adoption agency found it in my hair as a baby. I clip it in and run down the stairs.
Darn! Forgot my book bag at the top of the steps! All of the sudden the bag toppled
down the stairs. Much better. I thought, Weird, but still better. These things happen
to me all of the time, strange, no? BEEP, BEEP! THE BUS! I run out and get there just
in time. Well, It's just gonna be another normal day.

But what I didn't know, was crucial. After today I would never be normal again...

Chapter One:
Oh No You DIDN’T!

I walk onto the crowded bus full of immature guys, prissy cheerleaders and
book-worms. The most important thing to do right now? Try to find a seat. I’m the
last stop, so there’s only a couple of places left, one was next to a pretty girl
with brownish red hair, dark brown eyes, and really skinny. “Hey, can I sit
here?” I said, trying to be nice, my mom said that if I was nicer, the new school
wouldn’t be so bad. “And what makes you think I’d want a freak sit next to ME,
emo freak?!” she spat back. Although, I hear her think, another clique member
couldn’t hurt… Wait, did I just say heard her think??? “ Hey, I’m not joining
‘prissy freak’s’ clique!” I yelled, “and FYI, I’M NOT EMO, YOU
WANNABE!” Ah, that felt good, though this is why I got expelled from my last
school… Darn. 

“Whoa!” a boy said, “No ones stood up to Summer before! You can sit with me.”
“Hey! But I’m sitting here already!” said a boy with red hair that reminded me
of Napoleon Dynamite. “Not any more, dorkface!” the boy said as he pushed him out
of the seat. “Umm… thanks.” I said, trying to sound casual. “ No prob. I’m
Tyler Black, I’m kind of a local celebrity around here.” “And how is that?” I
asked jokingly. “Been to detention more times then anyone, even the principal, can
keep track of.” he laughed. “Wow, I should have expected that by the black shirt
and hoodie with skulls!” I giggled back. Wait, did I just GIGGLE? I never giggle!
“Yeah. So what’s your name?” he asked. “Sam Carlyndo, I’m new here.”
“Oh, then do you need a tour guide? I’ve lived around here forever, and this
celebrity doesn‘t just give tours to anybody.” he smiled, using puppy-dog eyes. 
“Yeah, I’d like that…”


Tell me what you think of it...kay?
BTW, this be copyrighted

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