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Thursday, 31 December 2009
10:37:48 PM (GMT)
I'm just gonna make a list with things I want to say. Because writing isn't my

- Fucking liar.
- My shoulders are messed up.
- I'm keeping with my annual tradition of watching live Rob Thomas DVDs alone while
my family sleeps.
- I kind of enjoy it.
- I want to talk to Sammie.
- I probably won't.
- Because I don't do that.
- Start conversations, I mean.
- I'm almost giving up on having a future.
- And I'm starting to think it's better like that.
- Traveling the world alone and being a starving artist doesn't sound too bad to me.
- Except then I'd have no money for college/traveling.
- Damn it. Starving artist may not work out.
- I'll do it anyway.
- Is it bad that I actually want to do that?
- fml.
- I miss summer.
- Jed is leaving for college next year.
- Damn it. 
- Winter hates me.
- I've decided.
- And the depressing part is that this winter and last winter suck for mainly the
same reason.
- I'm not good at moving on.
- I should probably work on that.
- uuugghghhh I just listened to Now Comes the Night. Bad idea.
- ;_;
- I don't want to be all FHSDJFHDHFJSDAHFJKA in the first moments of 2010, but at the
same time I could really care less.
- So I will.
- Magician- your Facebook status explains it.
- You know what I mean.
- Anyway.
- Now I'm listening to Dear Joan.
- Fucking sad song.
- I love it though.
- Don't you hate it when that happens?
- I do, usually.
- Like with SOS.
- It's amazing and I love it but I feel like dying after I listen to it.
- Ahaha. Wonderful.
- I want to draw but I have no ideas and I don't want to work on the AMP one right
- Maybe I will.
- I also want to write.
- But that wouldn't end well.
- Fucking liar.
- Don't make promises you won't keep.
- Also, don't be confusing.
- And make sure those you care about know how much you love them
- Because you never know if you'll get the chance to tell them again.
- I would know.
- Yes, that still bothers me.
- Always will.
- I'm cold.
- I've decided that I have like 194787431471901 theme songs.
- I'm indecisive.
- fjksdfhsdjkadflsahfksahfjksdhfjksdhfjkdshfksdj.
- Nobody is online.
- I'm confused.
- I'm actually not, I just don't know what other word to use.
- I'm going to be in the worst shape physically when I'm old.
- I'll probably have arthritis or something by the time I'm 30.
- As long as I don't die, I'll take it.
- Except I can't see myself being old so maybe I'll die before that.
- Fuck.
- People should definitely talk to me. I'd love you.
- I'm hoping 2010 will be better.
- I kind of know it won't.
- Procrastination is bad.
- I miss Brandon.
- I haven't seen him since before vacation.
- He's like my little bit of optimism and ':]'
- I need that.
- This is getting really long.
- That's what she said.
- ffffffff.
- Happy fucking new year.
- 2009 can suck my dick.
Last edited: 31 December 2009

‹twinkletwinklelittlestar♥.› writes:   1 January 2010   196040  
"- 2009 can suck my dick"

oh hello xD
fireonthemountain says :   1 January 2010   137908  

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