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How awkward. ;;Category: (general)
Monday, 14 December 2009
11:03:34 PM (GMT)
Last night I watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Enjoyed it. yada yada. But the awkward part was my dream ;; I had a dream taht I liked Draco Malfoy<--- not my best dream. Actually as my sister says, it was more a nightmare. In my dream my name was Erinne Watters [o.o;;] I just don't know why I would dream about Tom Felton.. I mean.. no offense.. he's just not.. attractive. I mean, I used to like Daniel Radcliffe[Harry], but most girls did.. when he was younger. Now.. not so much. ;; And besides that I never dream about actors, literally... Well.. rarely. But besides that, my review for this movie was alright. Well, slightly above. Although I've only read up to the fifth book, it was still good. But I still seem to like number one and three the best. So, lets hear your reviews, what did you think?

‹gunk› says:   14 December 2009   748685  
My dad thought it totally sucked after we finished it XD;;
He said there wasn't many epic parts and the ending was totally a
I didn't know what to say about it so I went with his thoughts.

alleygirl92 says:   14 December 2009   379221  
Eh, I didn't read the big, but I'm guessing it was a disappointment as
My mom didn't mind it, and she's a big fan, this was one of the
biggest book series she's ever read, and she's read them over and over
Embarrassing. Lmao, but it's true about Daniel Radcliffe, nearly all
the girls used to, or still like them in my school. 
‹gunk› says:   14 December 2009   882101  
Luls, my dad likes Harry Potter, but my mom 'notsomuch'

I nver liked 'ArrY.
I liked Malfoy (because he was mean) for a couple of weeks but then
not any more. xD
alleygirl92 says:   14 December 2009   882565  
Oh. Lol. Both of my parents and sister are like obsessed with it, or

That's interesting, I thought he was really cute up till about number
three. After taht, not so much xD;
Really? I found i tkind of sad when Harry 'killed' him.
alleygirl92 says:   14 December 2009   705656  
‹gunk› says:   14 December 2009   392371  
Yeah, us not so much.
First time I saw the 1st movies cover I was like "I'm not going to
watch that, the bank goblin looks scary :C"
Lol, rlly? I thought he was cute in the beginning. XD;;
alleygirl92 says:   14 December 2009   363585  
O, I see.
I thought the second one looked terrifying honestly xD;
Yeah, now.. it's like the edge of puberty and work.. well life has
made him.. Not so attractive.
alleygirl92 says:   14 December 2009   631602  
‹gunk› says:   14 December 2009   177714  
ROFL Really?
Never really look at covers anymore xD;;
Yeah now,, I don't like the lovey dovey thingy.
I mean, I like romance, but not in Harry Potter.
alleygirl92 says:   14 December 2009   435013  
Yeah, because I"m scared of snakes and spiders. :o;;

Neither do I, unless I read the backs xD
Eh, I don't either, Ginny and Harry not so great.. Hermione and Ron..
But I noticed that as well. Didn't overly suit it.
alleygirl92 says:   14 December 2009   693575  
‹gunk› says:   14 December 2009   768894  
Yussh, XD;;
The movie freaked me out al little..

I kept telling myself that Ginny was a bitch. ROFL o-o;;
Hermione and ron is ok. lollol.
Yeah I prefer more spooky action than romance.
alleygirl92 says :   15 December 2009   956072  
I suppose. My grandma almost killed me for showing her the case with
the snake.

Sounds like Mayson.
Yes, yes it is okay. xD
I prefer both.. well.. sometimes.@CoffeeCrack 


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