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Forbidden- Part 3/3 of Chapter 2Category: (general)
Saturday, 3 October 2009
04:52:34 AM (GMT)
ooooooooook this is rlly LONG because the other parts were insanely SHORT! Ok! Then let's go! We can meet them there! I pulled Aaron and Jake out towards the garden. When we sat beside the forest, Zac and Cam came. I looked at them expectantly. I needed to know. "Whats been going on guys..." I said more than asked while we walked into the woods. Aaron looked at me. "Nothing" he said. I heard his voice kind of shake when he spoke. "Really, Elena, its nothing." said Cam. His voice was slightly on the edge of hysteria. "What don't you want me to find out." I demanded. Zac looked at me. "Well if you just let it go then maybe we would tell you what the fuck this was all about!" Aaron narrowed his eyes at Zac and he shut up. Jake looked at Aaron and frowned. A silent exchange worked its way through the four boys standing around me. I don't know how I knew. I just did. "Elli, you should go home..." said Cam. "Hell I won't!" I said. "Not until I know whats going on!" Jake took my arm. "I'll bring her back." "Hell you won't!" said Aaron and Cam in unison. Zac looked at them. "I'll go with them." The two other boys couldn't say no to that. Jake and Zac started to walk me back through the woods toward my house. Then they took a turn. It slowly got slightly darker. "Umm... guys isn't my house...--" "Now" hissed Jake. Zac grabbed my arm and pinned me to a tree. I couldn't even scream. I could barely see them moving. They were so fast. Before i knew it i was on the ground. My arm was bleeding. Jake looked at my arm and grabbed it. He pinned me to his chest and started to feel my arm where the blood was. Next I was being held by Cam. "Elena are you ok?" he said softly. All I could manage was a small 'yss' i turned my head to see Aaron pinning Jake down. Jake was thrashing like a madman trying to rape a little girl but was being restrained by the police. I stared at them and then everything went black... ' ' ' I woke up to find i was back home. My arm still hurt. I could barely move it. "Hell" I hissed as it hit the side of my bed. I had no idea how long I had been here. I had to find Aaron or Cam or Zac. Zac... Then I remembered what Zac did. He helped Jake. Attack. Me. "Fuck!" I screamed. "I have to tell Aaron!" I grabbed my key and ran out the door. I streaked to the woods. I had to tell him. Before he hurt them... If! I have to stop thinking that will happen! I thought to myself. Then i found them. Zac was asleep. Aaron was keeping guard for Cam and Zac. "Aaron" I hissed through my teeth as i came toward him. "Elena?" he said. "Why are you out so late? And in the woods?" "Sh!" I snapped. Then I beckoned him to come into the shadows of the trees. "Zac... is with Jake you know." "No!" said Aaron. "He said he tried to help you! Why...How could you say that! He saved your life!" "No he didn't!" I growled. "He attacked me! I know what i saw Aaron! He tried to kill me!" Aaron turned away. "Elli, your head just hurts from when you lost blood. Your thoughts are blurred. Trust me he didn't attack you. It was Jake." Cam walked drowsily out. "What about Zac?" "Nothing..." I whispered. ' ' ' The next day in school I met up with Emmy, Justine, and our other friend Gabii. Gabii asked me how I was doing with Aaron. I didn't say anything back. "C'mon Elli." she said. "Tell me!" "No" I said. "I don't want to talk about it. "Did you get in a fight?" "Gabii drop it!" I turned to go into my science class. Of course on my way out I ran into Dante. He looked at me. "Elena" he said. "Jake told me that Zac saved your life yesterday. Is that true? And from what?" "No!" I said. "It's not true! He tried to kill me! With Jake!" Dante laughed. "Elena maybe Aaron was right. Your loss of blood is making you hallucinate. Either that or forget who did what..." "I'm not crazy!" I yelled at him as he walked down the hall to his next class. Matt sat next to me in science. He leaned over and said;"Hey Elli. Meet me in the woods later. I have something I want to show you. David and Dante will be there to." "Fine" I whispered. ' ' ' I walked into the woods after school. A few minutes later I found Dante, David, Matt, and... and... And Jake. "Fucking hell" I growled. "Why the hell do I listen to people..." "Because you're not smart enough to at least try to stay away from us." said Jake. I found myself backing away. "I do try. You just won't let me..." David finally found his voice and said; "That's the point. We won't let you. You are as good as ours." I swore under my breath and started to run. aaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnddddddd thats the end of chapter 2!!!!!!!!!! CHAPTER 3 IS NEXT!!!!!! oooo and p.s.! if you want, i can put you in the book! comment on my character page and my anime page. i will put the anime up under the name you want for your character.
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