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Prince Among Paupers Book One: My Diamond in the RoughCategory: Prince Among Paupers
Thursday, 24 September 2009
06:00:49 PM (GMT)
My Diamond in the Rough
A strange yet amazing series of events occured shortly after the time of the English
Regency and the crowning of Her Royal Highness Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom
(Godin His Heavens bless her).  I do believe that things started to change
dramatically for myself (and most certainly many others) on the fifteenth of May, in
the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred forty-two. My dear Reader, before I
let you know about thefull tale, I must warn you of a few things before you read, for
Catherine, my old governess and good friend who herself was swept up in these
adventures (ormisadventures, I am unsure of which you may think them),deemed it
advisable that I do so. So let me warnyou, dear Reader. Firstly, many strong opinions
on politics and the treatment of
Indians (from India, that is), people of colour, and lower class are depicted by
myself in this book. If you take
offense to them, and are related to one of those obnoxious fat noblemen who think it
necessary to treat those different from them as their inferiors, or, (heaven forbid)
are one of them yourself, (which by now will probably already be offended) I suggest
as politelyas I may muster that you close this book right now and reshelf it, and
perhaps find something less opinionated to enjoy. Secondly, I depict many famous
people of noble blood as what they really are, which might include some unpleasant
details. I argue that although they are unpleasant, they are true, and I promised
myself and everyone I knew when I first dipped my quill in ink to write this, I would
speak every word of the
truth. Finally, I also sometimes go in to angry rants about the unfairness of men,
which is
just myself. Now that you have read this warning, let me tell you that this story is
not mainly a young girl's political viewpoints and experiences. It is also a tale of
adventure,friendship, treachary, and mainly, my true love, James Terrence. And so, my
readers, let us begin.

So It Begins
Indeed, the date was the fifteenth of May, the year of our Lord one thousand eight
hundred forty-two,  that my adventures truly began. I was having tea in my garden
with myold governess, (but my governess no more, for I was already fourteen and quite
grown at the time) and good friend, Lady Katherine DeMartocey, when my wonderful
James Terrence approached. Now I must tell you something about James, dear Reader. He
is an Indian servant of mine, which was why our relationship was forbidden and kept a
secret. My father, Prime Minister and Earl Charles Davalone, as well as my mother,
the Baroness
Elandra Davalone, approved of our relationship just as they approved of equal
but it was they who hurriedly helped us elope, for they feared not for our
reputations, but
for our safety. You see, Reader, the last time an Indian fell in love with an
girl, he was hanged in the village square, and the girl kidnapped and stabbed in the
heart. So my dear James approached, and Katherine did hide her knowing smile behind
lace fan. My James bowed to me, and looked up with his crooked grin. I could not
but grin back myself, Reader. 
"Good day, your Grace, the Duchess Emmeline Davalone. Would you care for a small talk
the back of the garden, your grace?" he asked, a false English accent smothering his
Indian one. He offered his arm to myself, and Reader, I am proud to say I took it
stood up.
"Why good day yourself, Mr. Terrence. Yes, I do believe I give you my consent." I
replied, giving him a very quick, small wink. My voice dropped to a whisper as I
the rest of my phrase. "And once again, I do request that you call me
my darling James." 

His handsome dark hand holding my own pale one gently gently, he led me out to the 
shady, secluded back of the garden, where he made sure there was no-one there but
ourselves. We treaded softly, and noiselessly to most casual observers, unless, of
course, you noticed our eyes had met and were speaking for themselves. Any-one who
notice that, would probably wonder, of course, if my azure orbs and his
chocolate-coloured pair, were having an intimate, romantic conversation. My answer
this, Reader: you must decide that for yourselves, although I personally find the
obvious. James led us to a bench almost hidden by vines, and we both sat down. He
over, and whispered in my ear the words that most definitely would change my life.
lovely Emmeline, to-night. Your father has notified me this morning, my love, and
most wonderful news is that you shan't wait much longer than a mere few hours until
are my bride, and on a ship to America. You do wish to marry me, do you not?" My
excitement outweighed my amusement at him nervously tacking on the last sentence, as
just answered him with my eyes. His smooth, warm dark hands slid upon my face and he
pulled me into a deep kiss. Reader, I  must confess although I was to marry him, I
total shock. I flung my arms around his neck and kissed back, and when we finally
apart after what seemed to short a time, he carried me bridal fashion to a door,
where I
floated back to the main section of the garden.
"A little starry-eyed, aren't we, my dear Emmeline? But I don't suppose
that has anything to do with your handsome Mr.Terrence, now does it?"
Katherine teased me, remarking upon my appearance, at which point I must admit I did
very unladylike thing: I swatted her.
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