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Sunday, 20 September 2009
02:10:01 AM (GMT)
Please comment...
Been gone a week. Here's the news.

Since entering the High School, a week and a half ago, I've had to make some mental

A) I am currently a straight A+ student.`,:0
B) I am now popular.

Um, what? What? It's me. The bonefide socially challenged fool, who is too smart for
her own good, and too paradoxical for comprehension. How can I be popular? And my
grades are actually good? What? WHAT?? What on Earth is going on here? Why do I have
multiple groups of ten people asking if I can possibly sit with them at lunch that
day? Why are so many of them older then me? The teachers see me as reliable. I ask
again, WHAT??!

In other news, I have gotten over my writers block, and have been pumping out Kirti's
Mind Theaters into my notebook like there's no tomorrow. Some of them are quite good,
though all are completely random. I'm thinking of posting a few.

I've improved drastically at Cross Country, and am now only the five worse on my
team. On friday I ran a mile in eight minutes, two seconds. I ran the next mile in
eight minutes seven seconds. The third took eight minutes thirty seconds.

I've taken up sculpture again, and to my shock I don't suck. If I find the time,
maybe I'll do a wire art thing at some point.

Everyone who was mean to me in Middle School is now miserable at the high School. I
can only conclude that my theory of Karmic Quantum Physics is correct, and that since
I feel good about the things I've been doing, that positive energy is causing change.
Or maybe they sent out negative guilt energy for being horrible people. I don't
really care which it is. I just get to watch people who so desperately tried to force
me to hate them become real, thinking, human beings by necessity. If my Global
teacher makes them analyze any more Skinner, they might become intelligent
compassionate individuals by mistake. They're becoming real people, and I like them
all the better for it. (I still avoid talking to most of them at all costs though.)

At least one guy is engrossed in unrequited love... for me. Um, what? And also, ew.
He's my friend, yeah, but he's the Minotaur (a nick name i will explain only by
request.) I can't date the Minotaur. He's clingy, and whiny, and he's The

I am now an official Ally! Two years of waiting, but at least I am active in gay

I recently read a poem in chat speak... That I enjoyed. The Universe is clearly
ending. "ii reamber thos simple things ii reamber till i cry the one thing ii wished
iid foget the meromy i wna foget iis sayn goodbye"

We think my sister may have Swine Flu. She's been asleep for more then twenty hours.
She didn't get vaccinated, because she hates needles. I'm sure she'll be okay

More detailed stories coming when I find time around studying, practice, chores, and
my suddenly existant social life.

lunasan says:   20 September 2009   913219  
oh wow!
sounds.. great!
‹{☜☏☞}› says:   20 September 2009   545238  
Ok, here's how it works in my high school:

1. If you are smart, but not geeky, you'll be popular, well, not with
the sluts and dumbasses, but normal people will like you.
2. If you're smart and attractive, you'll be popular.
3. If you're smart and less attractive but have breast, you'll be very
popular with older guys.
4. If you not smart, less attractive and no breast, you're a loser.
5. If your geeky and attractive, you'll only be popular with even
geekier kids than you.
6. If your stupid but pretty and wear short skirts, you'll be very
popular, not with the smart people, but popular...

Ok, so I'm guessing you're either 1, 2 or 3.

So as long as you don't put your hand every question the teachers ask,
and hang around with lots of people (they don't have to be popular)
then they'll consider you not a geek and you'll be  semi-popular....

And I've got better at sports too this year! XD

And why the hell is he called Minosaur? 

And I might have swine flu too! I have fever and I sneeze all the
time! D:
BooRadley says:   20 September 2009   817493  
Yay Kirti :D You deserve this
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   20 September 2009   613293  
1. That is very strange. At my school, there are two types of
popular. Maybe you're in the group that isn't slutty and is relatively

2. Huzzah! I wish I could get over my block. D;

3. you're better then I am, that's for sure.

4. Cool! Sounds fun. 

5. School is like that. You leave a school and go to another with your
old habits, people will judge you by that. If they're mean in middle
school, it'd only make sense they wouldn't be liked if they brought
those mean habits from middle school, even if most of the freshmen
were in the same school. At least, that's my view on it. Not sure if
it made sense. O_O

6. I'm not completely sure what the Minotaur means, but I sort of know
how you feel...

7. Because of my beliefs, I'm not going to say anything other then

8. Wow, really? Poems in chat speak usually aren't that good...

9. Swine flu? Are you sure it's not something else. I've heard of this
disorder on a show about a girl who'd sleep for weeks at a time. Maybe
your sister has something similar...

Lots has happened since I last checked. O_O
Kirti says:   20 September 2009   429863  
Thank you guys! Though I'm kinda scared. There's no where to go but
down from here.

He is the Minotaur because he is big, and shaped like a rectangle, and
refuses to shave, especially his armpits. We saw him in a bathing suit
once and were revolted, except Mariana, who loves France to the point
of thinking excessive body hair is cool. The rest of us declared that
he simply must shave his gorilla pits, and he refused. Thus, he became
a creature that is half man, half hairy beast. Our friendly Minotaur,
     But when I say "friendly" I mean "stalker". He kinda won't leave
us (especially me) alone. Ah, well. I like the Minotaur. One of my new
friends commented though, that just as the original Minotaur hunted
the youth of Athens throughout the labryinth, Nick follows us in our
giant maze of a school.
‹ruthie .› says:   21 September 2009   239661  
I'm glad things are going so well! <3
Kirti says:   21 September 2009   384497  
Oh and as for popular equaling slutty... Not where I live. It's too
cold. True, all the sluts are popular, but I don't spend time
with them. My friends are just the sort of people who made up ninty
percent of kupika as of a year and a half ago.
tiggerlemon101 says:   23 September 2009   857511  
Life changes.  At my elementary school adn high school, the
neccessities for being popular were:

-Smart enough, but not super-smart.  Super-smart people can be
popular, but it's not a requirement.  Basically, you have to maintain
a 70% average.
- You have to manage to be smart but not a nerd.
-You can't care about what teachers/other adults think about your
-Those actions can't be stupid ones, though. 
-You have to be nice.
-You have to have friends in all cliques.
  I, too found that I got popular in the seventh grade.
  There are two types of popular, like Role said, but at my shcool teh
slutty kind isn't exactly "popular," it's just that everybody knows
their name.

  Even though I was a straight-A student before, I can already
anticipate my grades going up because in high school you are grading
strictly on your intelligence and test results - not, for example,
neatness or co-operation or group work or any of that garbage.  
Kirti says:   23 September 2009   634128  
Wow. None of that really applies where I live, for some reason. It
all sounds nearly resonable.
tiggerlemon101 says :   25 September 2009   423221  
Exactly!  That's what I love about it...

We're all  nice here.  


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