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Stole From Kellie. 8DCategory: (general)
Friday, 21 August 2009
04:31:40 PM (GMT)
If i took a look in your stomach what would i find? Soda. >>; What would you do if you walked in on your bestfriend having sex? “HOLYMOFO. WHERE’D YOU GET THAT THING?” Lolol. C: Depending on who it is, I’ more-in-likely walk in on Meghan, she’d be all “WTFF. ERIKA. GTFO.” “AIIIGGHHT. BUT CALL ME IF THAT THING HAS ANYGAY GUY FRIENDS. KTHNXBAI.” Do you want your ex back? Nope. =.= What do you want for your birthday? KOGEINU, PLEASE. <3333 What were you doing at 10 o'clock this morning? LYING IN BEDWITH MAH EYES CLOSED AND DREAMIN’. The more important question is- WHAT WERE YOU? How many people do you currently have feelings for? Aren’t you supposed to have a feeling for everyone? ._. Do you belive in karma? Nah. :I Could you forgive your bestfriend for sleeping with your bf/gf? Depends. Is that best friend a boy? X] Nah. If my bf was sleeping with someone, he’s not worth it. So of course I would. Just goes to show his true self. Do you curently have a hickey? TCH. EWH. NO. D< How many people have you kissed your whole life? WELL AREN’T YOU GETTING PERSONAL. D< Who is someone you tell everything to? Lupita and Alex. <3 Have you ever made out with someone of the same sex? O_e Yaoi or nothin’, friend. What's one thing that grosses you out about making out? The whole idea? ._. Do you remember the date of your last relationship? Eh. Yeah. Have you ever dated someone just because of their looks? No. I think that’s stupid. :I Do you belive in God? Not at all. Would you rather live without music or without the t.v.? I don’t really like TV so I could go without that, definitely. C: This time yesterday where could I have found you? WalMart. >>; Do you wear hats often? Not really. X] Are you one of those Jonas Brother obbsessed people? JB SUCKS ASS. D< THEIR MUSIC STINKS. HOW COULD ANYONE BE? How many people have you had sex with in the past 10 days? I’m a virgin. Does that answer your question? Whats the last thing you laughed really hard over? A Random thought of tackling Lupita. :x Do any of your friends have tounge rings? None. If you could have one superpower what would it be? TO MORPPPPHHHH. <33333 Do you think having sex at your age is bad? VERY. VERY BAD. D< What can you currently hear? A Train pasing and my sister putting on clothes o_e What kind of shoes did you wear today? Mah Etnies. ‘o3o What jewelry are you wearing? DOES MY WATCH COUNT? How is your hair styled right now? Messy as usual. Do you know anyone that smokes weed? Uh-huh. Did your last kiss take place on a bed? .Uh. No. Whats the last pinkie promise you made, and to who? My mom. X] Has someone of the opposite sex ever told you they loved you and meant it? I don’t think that’s EVER meant. Who's bed did you sleep in last other than your own? My mommies. :’D If the last person you kissed moved away would you be sad? >>; happened once but I moved away. Kind of. Explain why you last cried? Cried thinking about death. I don’t believe in god and I don’t understand how reincarnation would work either, so I got overly confused and broke-down. :I Are your fingernails painted? Leave that to the short-shorts wearing people. I go all natural. Kthnx. Have you ever cleaned up someone elses vomit? My cat. D:> Do you sleep with a fan on? ALL. THE. TIME. Have you ever madeout in a bathroom? WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO MAKE OUT IN A BATHROOM?! D:>
Last edited: 21 August 2009

‹*ZombieLOVE*› says:   21 August 2009   168386  
Niiiiice. xD
‹~BeautifulTragedy.♥Stanlee Renee.~› says:   21 August 2009   825852  
Haha , I like Wal-Mart...XD
I Kinda Wannuh Steal This.....
‹gunk› says:   21 August 2009   731369  

Yurichan123 says:   22 August 2009   659369  
I shall steal this quiz! Muhahahaha!  C:<
‹♪♫LuLuu♪♫› says :   22 August 2009   766364  
lol xDD

most of these questions have to do with the same thing over and
over... ._.ll

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