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Strawberry Lovers p1Category: Strawberry Lovers [YAOI/GAY STORY]
Sunday, 2 August 2009
08:46:17 PM (GMT)
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance of characters to actual
persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The Author holds exclusive rights to
this work. Unauthorized duplication is prohibited."  
Warning: this story will [eventually] have drugs in it [specifically Date Rape, Pot,
Meth, oxycoutin, and klonipin(SP)] read at your own annoyance.


Michael watched as his friends went sprinting towards the kitchen; leaving him
standing at the front door awkwardly. He sighed and took off his beanie and put it on
a hook by the door before running a hand through his shoulder length, light brown
hair as he watched his friends search through the fridge; he hoped on of them would
come back and instruct him on what to do next. He was feeling completely lost since,
even though he was seventeen, he’d never stayed at another person’s house because
his parents were overly protective of him. 

His blue eyes traced their house for a second before his attention was called to the
living room, where his female friend, Mimi, sat on the couch eating ice cream out of
the carton; he figured that her parents were out of town, since she wasn’t paranoid
that they’d bust in and ground her for eating in the living room like she usually
was. “Why are you standing there so awkwardly,” she asked in a mocking tone.
Michael tried not to scowl at her; she knew he was trying to be polite, like his
parents had taught him. “You should be upstairs.” She pointed to the steps just
in front of the front door with the silver spoon she was using to eat the ice cream.

He quirked an eyebrow, about to ask why he should be upstairs, but Mimi’s younger
brother, Tyler, answered before Michael even opened his mouth, “You’re gift from
Mimi is upstairs, on her bed.” Michael blinked, letting the words sink in before he
completely understood them; Even though he’d just had his birthday party not even
an hour ago, he’d forgotten that it was his birthday. He smiled and nodded to them
as he took hold of the railing and started climbing the stairs; he was honestly
nervous, since Mimi had previously described his gift as, “Something to take some
stress away,” and completed the sentence with a coy grin that he knew too well.

As he reached off the top step he looked down the hall to the only door with a giant
“caution” sticker on the front, the one that he knew to be Mimi’s from dropping
by to give her the schoolwork from a day she got sick. He started towards the door,
wondering what the gift she’d gotten him was. As he turned the door knob he got
nervous; none of the gifts from her he could think of were very ethical. He closed
the door behind himself and blinked his eyes in adjustment to the brightly lit room
before looking around.

Michael’s eyes trailed to the bed where a boy who looked a few years younger than
himself sat. He tried not to widen his eyes and began searching for anything that was
wrapped or shiny; hoping the Mimi hadn’t done what he’d thought she’d done.
Quickly finding nothing that could be considered a present, he looked back to the boy
on the bed, who was staring at him with sea-green eyes and a looking quite relieved
to see Michael. The boy smiled slightly, tauntingly, as he sat up and swiped rust
colored hair out of his eyes. “Are you Michael,” the boy asked, his tone
suggesting that he’d already figured out the answer to that question.

“I am; who are you,” Michael asked, sending the boy a friendly smile, although he
was completely nervous. Michael looked at the boy, he knew every friend Mimi had, and
unless this boy was a new one made in the last twenty-four hours, he wasn’t one of
them. The boy didn’t look like a prostitute either though, and that’s what
Michael was assuming already, but he figured that he might just be being a bit stupid
to assume so. He watched as the boy stood up and took a few steps toward him. Michael
looked over the boy’s outfit again; he was wearing jeans, red T-shirt, and a thin,
Celtic cross that hung around his neck from a lengthy silver chain.

Michael hadn’t noticed that the auburn haired boy had walked to stand in front of
him, nor that he was staring at the other until the boy reached up and wrapped his
arms around Michael’s neck. The shorter boy pushed up on his toes and whispered
into Michael’s ear, “I’m your birthday present; Happy Birthday, Michael.”
Michael struggled not to gulp nervously and mentally swore that as soon as he was out
of that room that he would brutally kill Mimi. He was brought out of his murderous
thoughts as the younger boy gently pulled him toward the bed. “Come on, we only
have an hour or so left to play,” The auburn haired boy said and climbed onto the
bed backward and pulled both himself and Michael downward until Michael was laying on
top and the boy was laying flat against the, staring up into Michael’s cobalt eyes,
“Have you done this before?”

Michael shook his head as his hands began to hesitantly wander over the younger
boy’s body, slowly tracing over the younger boy’s chest and torso, “Never with
someone I didn’t know,” he whispered, knowing that usually he wouldn’t be so
familiar with a boy like this, but the younger male was turning him on; damn did Mimi
know his type of guy. “Can you tell me your name,” he asked, his inhibitions
shrinking further and further back into his mind as he tried to remember the last
time he’d had sex of any kind.

The younger boy grinned up at Michael and wrapped his arms around the older boy’s
torso, “My name’s Chelsea.” Michael smirked at the name, thinking that it
sounded girly; the younger boy obviously caught the smirk, and smiled back. Michael
leaned down and kissed Chelsea. The auburn haired boy laced his fingers gently
through Michael’s hair and kissed back, opening his mouth slightly when Michael ran
his tongue along Chelsea’s bottom lip, letting the older boy’s tongue slide
easily into his mouth. Their tongues slid over each other slowly until Michael broke
the kiss to remove the younger boy’s shirt.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CENSORED FOR KUPIKA'S

Michael lay down beside the younger teen and wrapped his arms around Chelsea, kissing
the auburn haired boy on the back of his neck. Michael’s eyes fluttered close and
he felt Chelsea relax into him. He smiled as he listened to Chelsea’s breathing
slow down and heard the younger teen sigh contently; He listened to Chelsea breath
for a moment, as if the soft noise was a lullaby, and unknowingly fell asleep some
time during those silent minutes.

When Michael awoke, the other boy was gone; at first he was slightly surprised, but
then he thought about it and realized that it made complete sense. Michael glanced at
the bed stand by Mimi’s bed to catch sight of the time; it was about noon. He
sighed and picked up some of his clothes before realizing that he was uncleanly. He
sighed and put only his pants on before trying to search for the shower. After three
minutes of being completely washed he trekked down the stairs in search of Mimi; he
knew she hadn’t slept in her room last night, that Tyler probably wouldn’t let
her sleep in his, and that she feared her parents’ room, and the only place that
left her was the couch.

Surprisingly however, he didn’t find her on the couch; He found her in the kitchen,
with Tyler, as they munched on cereal. “Have fun last night,” She asked with a
mocking tone and a knowing smirk. He scowled at her, silencing any other quips she
might have as he sat down at the table, just realizing how hungry he was. He motioned
for Tyler to pass the cereal and a bowl, which the glasses-wearing brunette complied
to almost immediately. Michael glanced at the cereal box; he noted that it was
Captain Crunch before pouring it in the bowl. He got up and walked to the fridge to
get milk, surprised and confused as he noticed that Tyler was still looking at him.

“What,” Michael asked, sounding a little more annoyed than he meant to as he
poured milk into the glass bowl. He returned the milk to the refrigerator before
sitting back down at the table and watching Tyler obviously try to come up with an
excuse as to why he was staring. Michael pulled a spoon out of the holder on the
table and began to eat as he watched Tyler’s pitiful and attempt at scrambling for

Tyler glanced across the table at Mimi, looking almost pleadingly for her to help him
in some way. Mimi smiled, and looked at Michael, “It’s just that you two were
really loud last night, and he doesn’t want you to know that he got hard just
listening to you two.” Michael heard a choking noise and looked over to Tyler; by
the look on his face and how he was trying to dislodge cereal from his throat,
Michael guessed that that wasn’t exactly what Tyler had wanted or expected his
sister to say. 

“Is that true,” Michael asked, not exactly sure how to react to that. He watched
Tyler choke as he shook his head; Michael concernedly patted his friend’s back.
Tyler hit the table suddenly, which seemed to dislodge the Captain Crunch. Michael
looked at his friend questioningly, still wondering if what Mimi had said was true;
Tyler was one of Michael’s first loves, one that never happened, yet alone worked
out. Tyler took a deep breath to regain oxygen to his lungs.

Tyler looked up at his sister, almost vehemently, “It is absolutely not true!” He
said, sending a glared at his sibling. Mimi laughed lightly, smiling happily at her
brother’s reaction. Michael frowned, not sure how knowing it wasn’t true made him
feel, though he did notice that something inside of himself seemed to sink. Mimi’s
laughter suddenly cut off and he noticed that Tyler was smirking at her. “Hey,
Michael,” He said, his lip curling up evilly, “Mimi took pictures of you while
you were sleeping!” Michael’s eyes widened a diameter and Mimi seemed to leap
upward and seemingly get ready to kill her brother.

Tyler leapt up from his seat, knocking his chair down in the process, and ran out of
the kitchen. Mimi chased him to the doorway and then smirked once she saw her brother
go around the corner and start upstairs. She closed the double French doors and
locked them and pulled down the curtain on the doors before turning back to Michael.
“So, did you have fun last night,” she asked and picked up Tyler’s chair before
pulling it up beside Michael and sitting in it.

Michael shrugged; he had already forgotten how annoyed he was with her for getting
him a prostitute for his birthday. “It was good,” he said, thinking back to the
night before, “That guy was so hot,” he smiled, clouded in thoughts of the young
prostitute’s naked body, “and, damn, was his ass tight.” He grinned, trying not
to get aroused while alone with Mimi. Mimi smiled and leaned forward in her chair to
better look at Michael.

She smirked, “I’m glad you liked him, I figured that he would be your type.” He
smiled back and finished up his cereal. He wondered how she knew his type so well; it
was kind of scary. He shrugged in off though and just continued to smile at her. As
he was smiling at her he wondered off-handedly what Chelsea was doing. He frowned as
he realized that the auburn haired boy was probably selling himself, or having sex
with someone, unless it was too early for that, then the boy might be sleeping, doing
drugs, or something else; Michael didn’t really know.

“Hey, Michael, can I drink your milk? Please,” Mimi asked, snapping Michael from
his thoughts. At first he looked at her quizzically, wondering what exactly she
meant, but then he noticed that she was coveting his cereal bowl in front of herself.
He nodded and watched as she lifted the bowl and drank the milk; he didn’t know how
she could stand it by itself, especially when he himself could barely stand it with
milk. She smiled at him after drinking the milk and stood up. “The shower is at the
opposite side of the hall from my room and through Tyler’s room,” she told him
with a friendly smiley.

“Sounds like Tyler got the shaft,” Michael chuckled, it was a pretty bad set up
for the only shower to be through Tyler’s room, but he already knew that Tyler’s
parents were working on another room for him downstairs. “Are we going to do
anything today,” he asked as he stood, edging toward the French doors. She shook
her head; that meant that they were going to do something, but she hadn’t figured
out what yet, “Sounds fun.” He smiled sweetly and she returned it, right before
hearing a knock on the French doors; Tyler had gotten annoyed with waiting,


Originally I wasn't gonna post this here, but I needed a back up copy somewhere, and
my flash drive has decided to DIE DX 

This page is maily about meeting the character and setting up chelsea's whole THING
The uncensored version can be found on AdultFanFiction [.net not com ^^;] And the pen
name i'm currently under is Electric-Channel


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