Last day of school! (And still not at 100 diary entries? C'mon guys...
er, girls)
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Last day of school! (And still not at 100 diary entries? C'mon guys...
er, girls)
Thursday, 4 June 2009
10:37:34 PM (GMT)
June 4, 2009
As blogged by Rose

I've gotten addicted to Harvest Moon again. Basically, it's a farming RPG (Roleplay
game) video game. It's not as boring as it sounds though. It's really quite fun.

I pissed off the Harvest Goddess.

Lol. I pissed off a goddess in a video game? Niice.

I did it... by littering.

You can make your character go fishing, and you can catch trash items. I caught three
fish skeletons, which is considered trash. Now, I threw this away in the mountains.
So technically, shouldn't it be decomposing? Isn't that good for the land and
whatnot? Okay, if I flung down the fish skeletons into the square, that's kinda
disturbing to see, and it is littering. But the Harvest Goddess got pissed off

Now how did I, a lowly farmer, know this certain piece of troubling information
without actually being struck down by lightning from the sky randomly?

There's a church in your village in the game that was built for the Harvest Goddess.
You can make your character go into a confessional, and confess for stuff you did. So
I picked littering, since I didn't think the game programmers would be that nit-picky
to consider the fact that if you throw away a piece of organic trash at a place in
the wilderness where people almost never go to, it's not really littering. (I guess
some innocent fox or raccoon might choke on the bones? Probably.)

And so the Pastor dude gave me this rant that went along these lines:

"It is wrong to litter. If you throw a piece of trash into the trash bin, then it
knows it's trash. But if you throw it into the street (Which I DID NOT; it was in the
mountains!!), then it does not know what it is. At least trash knows it is trash,
even if it is garbage. The Harvest Goddess has still not forgiven you, so come back
here to confess again."

Me, as the player: "Uh... What?"

Agnostic in real life. Atheist in the game, even though I come face-to-face with the
goddess in the game like, everyday. (When I do, she doesn't seem all that pissed. It
was the Pastor dude who told me she was, but then again, maybe he's just really
against littering or something. It probably helps that I'm always offering (Cheap)
fresh produce to the goddess every day (Just to see what happens, and y'know *Cough*
get the rewards from that)


Heh heh. Distract them with the lolcat. Works every time.


‹goodfornothing› says :   5 June 2009   559481  
ahhh I love Harvest Moon :D
It was amazing, I had like 7 years (game-wise) of a life in there,
marriage, kids, everything... THEN IT ERASED.
You cannot even understand how mad I was D<


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