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Freinds list issues. (Maybe I will quit!)Category: (general)
Tuesday, 5 May 2009
08:25:48 PM (GMT)
I have a problem with my stats, the last few months epecially-

I'm on the friends list of more people then I have maximum page views.

I mean, really, what? Last month I was on the friends list of thirty-five people- you
know how many profile views I got per day? Five. Maximum. This month, though
it's hardly started, I'm on forty friends lists, yet my mamximum daily profile view
is three. That's ridiculous! I mean if total strangers consider me a friend then
fine, but click on my name every now and then! It's the least you people can do for
using me to fill up space on your friends lists... 

Even the people who added me that I have on my friends list go weeks or months
without sending me a message, and even then I have to send a message to them, and you
guys are the ones who end the conversation. I'm really getting sick of it!

Not to mention that nobody ever comments on my diaries these days. I doubt anyone
will even look at this, particulary the people I'm trying to talk to.

You know suicide watch? Honestly I should be on the "quitting watch" list or
something. Am I considering it? Not yet, but at this rate I'm wondering why I don't!

If I did quit how long would it take for everyone who considers me a "freind"
to notice? A week? A month? No, I bet most of them would never notice! And
yes, I'm talking about you princessjesse123, and you sasukes_grrl, and
especially you pinkkitty who typed a one word description for me. Who are you people,
how am I your friend, and why don't you ver view my profile??!


‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   5 May 2009   294126  
Hey, barely anyone comments on my diaries, anymore. I don't see any
reason to quit.
I DO, however, hate the people who add random people o their friends

Please don't leave. D:
Kirti says:   5 May 2009   455734  
Siigh, I won't. But it really annoys me, ya know?!
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   5 May 2009   126776  
Oh yes, I know. I've had several peopel add me, and they haven't
talked to me since. O_O
‹ruthie .› says:   6 May 2009   397197  
Don't leave! I know what you mean about the friend list thing, a load
of people have added me and I have never spoken to them. And ppl
rarely comment my diaries. But I'm kind of ok with it. Kupika is very
clique, I'm just happy to have people I get on with here.
callie11 says:   6 May 2009   681961  
Don't worry Kirti, I'm like that too. I've got like 35 who have me on
their friends list. Some haven't gotten on in months or years, others
just have me on for one random reason or another...
tiggerlemon101 says:   6 May 2009   316654  
I know I don't check your profile a lot cause I prefer to read
diaries and such, plus you hardly ever update it.

I do check up on all your stuff, though, so don't worry.  We still
love you, elohel. 
Kirti says:   6 May 2009   483965  
I wonder who koolkitty is, and why she gave me a "hello"...

Thanks guys.
‹Joanna;FinallySetHerselfFree♥› says :   7 May 2009   832167  
koolkitty deleted greatmoviestar, Kirti, don't you remember?!

Don't delete because of this! I say hi to someone, they automatically
put me on their friend list, don't reply, and I don't even know who
they are! DX


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