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Saturday, 18 April 2009
07:32:15 AM (GMT)
once upon a time their was a boy named Dave[/i] . He lived with his mom , and sister in the country , but their neighbor was very mean ( some times , Dave wondered if she was a witch .) One day when Dave was walking to school someone threw a crystal ball at his head ( made of metal) And he passed out right on the side walk . When he woke up he was in his house everything seemed as of normal just after he left . but as he began to notice he seemed smaller than his toys and this just scared him but when he climbed the coffee table he saw a key and saw a little tiny door near the key so he opened the door and behind it was a room that seemed as of a fortune tellers room but what he saw o the table was hideous weird nasty rat " EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!" yelped Dave when he saw it but as he noticed that what he did was nowhere near manly he stood chest puffed out ( witch made him look like he had boobs)he picked up the oh so scary creature and tossed it at the wall and when it hit the wall he heard it say " Hey buster what was that for ?!" And as Dave heard what it said he picked it up and said "Andrea , is that you ?" and as the rat replied she said " of coarse it's me you yellow blunder, when I get back to my real form I'm gonna take you're head and put in the blender!" And Dave just politely put Andrea the rat down and asked the rat what happed ? and she said "well , that evil neighbor of ors just cast a spell and turned us into small or tiny nasty creatures and she took all of our waffles and ran off somewhere and we need to find her"And as Dave heard all of this he just sat there in totally dramatized act and as he remembered in his book that the only way to destroy a witch was to pour hot water on top of her but when Dave poured hot water on Sally ( his former mean teacher) she just let out a deadly screech and sent him to the office . when he tried to pour hot water onto his Ex girlfriend Yom i she just flapped him on the head with her text book .And after a while Dave realized that there was no melting when he pored water onto them witch sort of disappointed him in some ways so when he went to their neighbors house he saw her satnding near her stove cooking some people in some nasty green diarea looking stew and then when he remembered that his sister told him to throw her onto the stove the witch just yelped and turned into some deadly robot and chased him around than he finnaly got the courage to shve her face right into the microwave and coo her face for 1:39 but that didn't work so he threw her into a radiation force feild around her house and truned her ionto human mac and cheese and just to be safe a cooked her in the stove . The end

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