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unhappy girl faraway part chapter 16 I thinkCategory: (general)
Sunday, 1 March 2009
08:38:56 PM (GMT)
On the day of the wedding Courtney woke up to Cory not next to her. She saw a note


	I went to my uncle’s house to get ready meet you at the wedding 
	I love you bye

Courtney got up and went downstairs. Tamika and Mindy was there with a hair styler. 
The hair styler grab Courtney’s hand and brought her in the bathroom. The lady did
her hair and then help her put her dress on. The women left to give her space.
Courtney Smile at herself in the mirror. She slid her shoes on. She grabbed her veil
and she put it on her head slowly. Isabella came in with Sophia following behind.
They hugged Courtney. They all went to the kitchen and they made sure everyone was
set . They left to go to the church. They got there when every one was already there
even Cory. Sophia was hand the flowers and she walked down the aisle throwing them
everywhere. Isabella was handed the rings on a pillow and was told to wait.  The
bridesmaid and the maid of honer walked down the aisle. Courtney walked down the
aisle by herself and the music begin to play. People smile at her as she walked.

She got to the alter and stood in front of Cory. The guy in white did his job and
Courtney and Cory did there part. They finally came the kissing part and Cory bend
Courtney down and kiss her. They walked down the aisle and into the car. They was off
to Paris. They spend 14 days in paris and the Kids stayed with Tamika and Mindy. They
all had fun. They went preschool when they had to work. (Mindy worked as a teacher
for first grade and Cindy open her own day care.) When they didn’t work or went to
school they went to the park. They had fun and when Cory and Courtney came home they
had some good news. 

They walked in the door when everyone was playing a game in the family room. They
smile and shout out we are home. The kids got up and ran to them and they hugged.
They all went into the family room and Tamika and Mindy hugged them. Courtney smile
and sat down and said 

Courtney: Well I’m 2 months pregnant.

Mindy: How are you pregnant?

Courtney: Well when the kids was at the park 2 months ago me and Cory did the deed
and I thought he use a condom and he told me he didn’t and I was feeling very sick
and couldn’t keep my food down so we went to the doctors in Paris and they told me
I am 2 months pregnant with a baby boy.

They all hugged and the kids was happy they will be haven a baby brother.. Courtney
and Cory went upstairs to unpack and start laundry. They came down for dinner. Every
one sat at the table and ate and laugh and told stories. In the middle of dinner Cory
got up and went upstairs. Courtney was going to get up and follow him but Mindy said
to leave him alone for a while. After they clean up for dinner they all played a game
and then Cory came down with a smile on his face and sat next to Courtney. They
played a game to 8. At 8 Courtney grab the twins hands and she went up to the
bathroom and help them take a bath. After there baths Cory came up and pick up
Sophia. Courtney picked up Isabella and they walk into the kids bedroom and put them
down to bed. Isabella was crying not wanting to go to bed so Cory left and Courtney
went to the rocking chair and rock her and sang her lullaby. Isabella fell slowly
asleep when she was asleep Courtney brought her to her bed. Courtney put her in bed.
Isabella wanted her to sleep with her. Courtney picked her up and brought her to Cory
and her room and she put her on the bed and she put on a tank top and shorts. 

She brought Isabella back to her room and laid down with her. She put a blanket over
them and they fell asleep. Cory came in and smile at them and took a picture. He was
going to go to there rooms when Sophia call out for him. He smile and went to her and
picked her up. She fell asleep on his shoulder. He brought her to there room and put
her on his bed. He got into PJs and he got in the bed with her and brought her close
to him and put the blanket over them and they both fell asleep.

The next morning Isabella woke up and she shook Courtney but she moan and got up.
Isabella smile and hugged her. Courtney picked her up and took her into the bathroom
and gave her a bath. She got her dress. Mindy smile as she walk down the hall. She
told Mindy to help Isabella get breakfast. She nod and took Isabella’s hand and
they walk down stairs. Sophia came out of Courtney’s and Cory’s room. She ran up
to Courtney and hugged her. Courtney took her in the bathroom and help her take a
bath then got her dress. She send her down stairs and then she went to the twins room
and changed the sheets and made the bed. She went to her and Cory’s bedroom. She
curl next to him and put his hand around her and she lay her head on his shoulder. He
open his eyes. He took his other hand and felt her head. She had a fever. He sat up
and he laid her on her back. She open her eyes tiredly. He   reach over and called
the doctor. After the call he said he will be back. He went downstairs  and told
Mindy and Tamika that Courtney isn’t feeling good the doctor will be here soon and
he has to leave.

Tamika nod and Cory went upstairs and got dress and left for work.

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   3 March 2009   274628  
I love it. Always gettin' better.
‹Emma Bear› says :   3 March 2009   818953  


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