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Saturday, 28 February 2009
02:11:17 PM (GMT)
blogs about people complaining about labels are all over the internet. you can't
google the world 'label' without getting thousands of websites about people ranting
about how much they hate them. this is pretty much like that, but i have a bit of a
different view. so i'll just vent about it here.
why? that's the big question. why do we even have labels. it's because people are
stupid. even waay back when, i bet people judged others. i know they did. people are
pathetic. what i really want to rant about is people that enjoy being labeled. you
have all those 'emos' who are like 'oh yeah, i'm so cool! i wear tight pants and i
cut myself and everybody thinks i'm emo and that's sooo cool!' no, don't want a bunch
of 'scene kids' on here telling me off. lots of my friends are 'scene' and they do
that all the time. i think it's just stupid. i want to slap them in the face and say
'no, you're not emo! you're [insert name here] and cutting yourself is not cool. go
get some freaking help.' it's not really the style i get mad at. that's fine; i wear
my pants tight too. but they think it's so freaking COOL that people think they're
'emo.' they may tell you other wise 'i hate labelbs, blah blah blah,' but trust me.
they just think it's awesome.
and then this is what really gets me. you always hear those goth kids saying 'oh my
god i hate 'preps' they're so stupid they always make fun of us and they like pink
ewww' again, a nice slap in their face would be nice. isn't that what you JUST did to
them? you wine about them not liking you only because you have your hair like that or
you like black, and yet you do it right back. if you would just LEAVE THEM ALONE, and
that's for both, they wouldn't bother you. i seriously have hardly heard any of the
other kids at my school say anything bad about my friends [when they do, yeah, that's
fine] but they contiune to hate them because they wear pink. OH MY GOD, get over it!
i have this one friend that really does it and it gets on my NERVES! she'll be all
like 'eww, preppies! i hate pink!' and then she gets all upset when they say 'eww,
scene kid! i hate black!' i mean god! if you can't take it, don't dish it!
sorry, but i just really had to say that. i bet i'll get a lot of trash for this.


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