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Captured By Fear: Part 1-The Unidentified HorrorCategory: My cousin wrote this, but she won't post it.
Thursday, 19 February 2009
05:59:39 PM (GMT)
Captured By Fear

   Part 1: The Unidentified Horror

 People say the best stories come from your real life experiences, well, my teacher
gave us the assignment today to right a memoir on a tragic day in our lives. Most
people will probably write about their dog getting ran over or their grandma dying,
but I've had much worse experiences then that. Not only heart pounding, but deadly
 Most people want excitement in their lives. I did, until it happened. What people
don't get, that is what they see on TV can happen, and not all of them have happy
endings. It can end good, where no one gets hurt, or it can end badly, where someone
may get a bullet to their head. The fear you see on peoples faces on TV, is nothing
to how people feel when it really is happening. 
 My name is Alexis, but everyone calls me Alex. In the 9th grade the only problems I
had were the next history test and complaining about my name. It sounds really happy,
and when people ask what my name is and I tell them, they look very shocked. I'm not
exactly the girliest person in the world, and my mom isn't real happy about that. 
 She has always wanted me to be girly and frilly and she always compares me to my
sister, Amy.My sister wears pink all the time, has blonde hair, and is super skinny.
The only things she cares about are boys, make up, shoes, and how small she is. I on
the other hand normally wear all black, have black hair, and don't starve myself to
death. I prefer to focus on school, music, my friends, and guitar. 
 In 9th grade I attended Westbrook High School, while my sister went to a private
school. I didn't mind though. Who would want to wear yellow plaid uniforms and get
suspended for chewing gum? Well, not me.
 I started going there when I was in 8th grade. We moved around a lot, so I didn't
stay at one high school for long. The first day of 8th grade was when I met my best
friends: Derek,Jake,Trevor,Shay,and Jane. 
 Derek is a small, gangly guy with blue eyes and blonde and black hair. If you ask
him a question, he usually can't give you a straight answer because he likes being
funny. His grades are usually B's and C's and an A if the world comes to an end. 
 Jake looks the complete opposite of Derek. He's tall and strong-builded, but won't
hurt a fly unless you hurt his friends. He has black hair and cold gray eyes. The
funny thing is, when you hear about people with cold gray eyes you assume they are
mean, but he is the complete opposite, humorous and fun. 
 Tevor is really hard to describe. He's just the kind of person that has so many
characteristics, you can barely put them in words. Well, in short terms he's sort of
short, skinny, has brown hair with blue highlights, green eyes, and a smile that will
make you fall over in laughter. Like Derek and Jake, he is really funny. Not like
telling jokes funny, more like ridiculous funny, you know, like acting like an idiot.

 Shay is pretty quiet, most of the time. Her real name is Shayla, but we call her
Shay. She has long, black hair, black eyes, and pearl white teeth. She is really tan,
unlike the rest of us who might as well be ghosts. She doesn't talk much, but when
she does her voice quivers a lot and she talks so soft you can barely hear her. 
 Jane is the last of my group of friends. Technically we didn't meet her until a
couple months later, but we treat her the same. Everyone says she is my twin, because
we both like the same clothes, music, and have the same hair, medium length black
hair. She laughs all the time and is always in a good mood. Her and Jake are the only
people who can get me to smile when I am in a horrible mood. 
 My friends and I hate it when we are not in the same class. Not a lot of people know
this, but I can hack in to any system. I'm really smart, but I play like I am a total
retard so the teachers don't suspect anything. They wondered how we all have the same
classes, but they figured it was a coincidence, because they thought we didn't have
the intelligence to hack into the school's hard drive and change the listings of
classes for us. 
 I can hack into just about anything, but I don't like doing it. It's not that hard
and I find it quite fun, but it is still against the law. It's not like I steal money
from banks or anything like that, but it is still illegal. 
 I have actually managed to hack into the FBI's data files with only a couple of
numbers and the click of a mouse. It's not that I wanted to take anything, I just
wanted to see if I could do it. I got in really easily, but I know it was wrong of
me. That doesn't meen anyone has to know about it. 
 At the time, I didn't know how much trouble it could get me into, until 9th grade.
It was a cold winter day at Westbrook High on the 8th of December. The sun barely
shown and a light snow was falling onto the student's heads as they rushed to get
into the building where heat would soon consume them. 
 I rammed through a couple of 8th graders, but finally got to my locker with only one
teacher yelling at me to, "Get out of the way you no good hoodlum!" When I got to my
locker Jake was waiting there with a wide grin on his face and his cheeks so red he
looked like he just finished a marathon. 
 I hadn't even started to open my locker when Jake asked, "Guess what?" "You just
finished first in the winter olympics and ended world hunger before first hour has
started?" ,I retorted with a smirk on my face. He gave a fake laugh then said, "No, I
got us a slot in the Battle of the Bands. We get to play this Saturday." I looked at
him with awe and disbelief. 
 All the way to math class we talked non stop about the gig. I couldn't believe he
got our band, "Knocked Out Losers", in Battle of the Bands. If we win it, we could
get a record deal and become famous. We could leave our borring dreary lives behind
and live it rockstar style. 
 As soon as we got to math class Derek, Trevor, Jane, and Shay swarmed us asking
questions without a moments hesitation. After I threatened to give them a swirly if
they didn't shut up, they calmed down enough so we could explain. After we told them,
Jane began screaming with joy. 
 Right as she began screaming, the math teacher, Mr.Harrison walked in. "Ms.Damen,"
he said in his squeaky mouse voice, "I suggest you take your seat before I have to
send you to the principals office for disrupting my class." Jane gathered herself,
then sat down and listened to the borring lecture they were about to endure on how to
conduct ourselves in public. 
 The day dragged on. One dreary class after another, stripping our mind of the
individualality we always held dear. Thank God lunch was approaching steadily. I
looked at the clock intently, like waiting for rain in a drought. I squirmed in my
seat in history class listening to the tick-tocking of the clock. 
 I finished my test 5 minutes after I got it, but everyone else was still trying to
get the answers down on paper, even though they were going to get them wrong
anyways.I'm not trying to be rude, but they aren't exactly the brightest bunch of
apples. They aren't stupid, they just don't get the point of history. 
 Finally the bell rang. I literally jumped out of my seat and ran to the door. Lunch
isn't my favorite class, it just means english is only a hour away. We get to begin
poetry and the teacher, Mrs.Plato, is the only teacher I actually like at my school.

 I walked to the lunch room and waited for my everyone. When they got there, I went
straight to the lunch line. The food sucks, but hey, it keeps me alive. (Until you
get food poisening from the fish salad). We began talking about what song we were
gonig to perform. 
 "I think we should do "Chokehold"", said Jane with an attitude full tone, "It's like
the best song we perform." "No way," said Derek, "Its more like the worst song we
perform!" We just stared at eachother for a minute until Jake said, "I think we
should do "Stirred Up", you know, that one song Alex wrote?" 
 Everyone stared at him with a confused look on their faces. Jake looked to me and
said, "You didn't show them?" I looked to the floor in embarrassment. "So," said
Trevor, "let's hear it." "I can't do it write now," I protested, "I don't have my
guitar or the lyrics!" 
 "Fine,' Jane said, "we'll come over to your house after school and listen to it."
She gave me a wide smirk as my jaw dropped in frustration and depression. I didn't
want to do it, plus, they couldn't learn it before the gig anyways. 
 Despite my better judgement, I said, "Fine." Everyone began to talk about it amongst
the table, even though the entire caffeteria could hear them. The only class I don't
have with everyone is english, and I'm happy about that. 
 I like my friends a lot, but the only person who gets my writing is Jake, which is
why he is my only friend in that class. He is so cool about it. He doesn't critisize
my writing, or think its lame. He really likes it. 
 The bell rang throughout the caffeteria. Kids began throwing their lunches away and
walking to class. Jake and I walk to english together everyday, but today Jane gave
me an odd smile and then winked. Before I could ask her what was wrong, she
disappeared into the crowd of scuffling students. 
 As the warning bell rang, Jake and I burst into the classroom. Mrs.Plato gave me and
Jake a look that said, "You cut it close, but you made it in time." Jake and I walked
to our seats at the back of the class and sat down to listen to our agenda for the
 "Today we are going to begin our poetry projects," Mrs. Plato said to the class in
her jolly voice, "You will write a poem, perfect it, type it, and the best one I will
publish in the weekly newspaper." The class suddenly burst into discussion. Mrs.Plato
had to bang a ruler on a desk four times to get everyone's attention back down to
earth."You will have one week to..."
 Before she could finish, the sound of the alarm system echoed throughout the
hallways, and the sound of shuffling feet and slamming doors could be heard with it.
Suddenly, the classroom door flew open, knocking the door to the ground with loud
"BANG"! Everyone got out of there seats, but two men came in yelling, "GET IN YOUR
 All the students scrambled back to their seats before they got shot. Jake and I
hadn't even gotten up, but we remained quiet anyways. "Which one of you guys are
Alexis McRichard and Jacob Parroff?" said the man without the gun. I looked at Jake
with a look of confusion and worry on my face. He mouthed to me that he would stand
up first, then if they didn't shoot I could stand up. 
 Before I could tell him not to, he stood up. I looked away, but didn't hear any
gunshots, only the sound of Jake walking towards the man. After I gained the courage,
I stood up and said, "I'm Alex." The man looked at the other man, nodded, then said
to Jake and I, "Follow us. Someone wants to speak with you." 
 Without looking at eachother, Jake and I followed. Knowing the guy had a gun kind of
helped making our decision of whether to run or not. I doubt either of of us want a
bullet attached to the inside of our brains, so we decided against it. 
 We walked down the hallway in dead silence. We could see men standing outside of
every classroom with large guns in their hands ready to shoot at any sign of
movement. They all wore black suits with the symbol of what looked like a circle with
a star in the middle of it and a triangle going through half of the cicle. The symbol
striked bells inside my head as if I had seen it before, but I couldn't think of
where right off the bat. 
 We finally came to a hault outside the art room.The man knocked on the door three
times, then opened it and waved his hand in a hurried motion telling us to go in
quickly. I was about to step in, but Jake grabbed my arm holding me back so he could
go in first. After he stepped in, he pulled me in with such a quick tug that I
thought he was going to rip my arm off. 
 Once we stood inside the door closed, and my jaw dropped at the sight that met my
eyes. Shay, Trevor, Jane, and Derek were sitting on chairs, their arms and legs bound
by rope, and their mouths taped shut.
 You didn't have to be a genius to know what was happening. (Although it might help).
They were taking the school into a lockdown. Every person, teacher, or object inside
the school could not leave until they got what they came for. And judging by who they
brought to the art room, one of us has it.

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