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Korean Dude IncidentsCategory: School
Thursday, 19 February 2009
02:04:13 AM (GMT)
=)) So, right now, there are Koreans in my school. We can’t really talk to each other, because the Koreans don’t really speak and understand English well. I went home early today because I had a dizzy head and an even worse stomachache. Okay, now to the amusing part. I have this best friend named Lisa. So, Lisa was absent for the days the Koreans were present, she just came back today. Okay, so, during early recess the K-dudes just knuckled with Uriel, who was sitting beside Lisa. Then, the dude went like, held out his hand and said “What’s your name?” I like totally started LOLling. xD Later during the day, one of the dudes brought their digicam and started taking pictures of Lisa. A friend of mine and I started shielding her from the camera. During the time lapse [waiting for AP teacher to appear], they were like hanging out in the corridor. I didn’t notice so I went out of the classroom. Then one of the dudes started talking to me. He asked “Ano pangalan mo?” It’s Filipino for ‘What’s your name?’ So I told him my name. Yeah, he had some difficulty with the syllabication. Then they disappeared to some seminar to help with English speaking. During lunchtime, I was going home. So, I encountered them again. Then one of the dudes said, “Are you going home?” I nodded and walked off to the car. Them, some other Korean dude waved at us[I was with Alyssa.]. When they disappeared, Alyssa and I burst out laughing. Oh, and we just confirmed it. Some of the Korean dudes like Lisa. We just asked Tim, who was taking care of one of the Korean dudes. And brand new knowledge. The Koreans know how to swear. In Filipino. We saw his notebook and saw it full of curses in Tagalog. Set us laughing again. And some of them are perverted. I SWEAR. xD
Last edited: 19 February 2009

‹ravieve› says:   19 February 2009   523979  
We have Korean dudes here too! 8D
Like 4 of them 8D
They're called K4 :]
'Cause you know...
F4 - K4
:] Sarah LOL'd!
‹ravieve› says:   19 February 2009   475572  
I'm so bored.
Can I spam this? :]]
[Doesn't wait for an answer...]
Scipio can't wait for Core and he's killing my LAPTOP AND BURNING MY
--shoves it in your face--
SEE?! >8U
--bites it anyway--
Scipio's my cook, ya'know :]
Mystic_DarkIllusion says:   19 February 2009   847517  
‹Thoughtful Zombie› says:   20 February 2009   711131  
D:< They, like, STOLE my ball. The dudes. :|
‹IRuinEverything;;GetOverIt♥› says:   23 February 2009   286553  
Lmao. XD
Koreans are usually rude, though. I mean, their attitudes are really
They even spit on the streets.
*Looks at your comment*
That might happen.
‹Thoughtful Zombie› says:   23 February 2009   197938  
What you said was true. They DID spit in our court. D: The rude
Mystic_DarkIllusion says:   24 February 2009   274546  
They did spit in the covered court?!?!
I didn't know that.
But I saw a weird incident in the court.
Picture-taking incident.
An emo Scientian was leaning on one of the posts and two Korean guys
spotted him. The emo didn't notice them, so one Korean leaned on the
other side of the post and the other Korean took a picture. :D

‹Syndromic_Wonderland› says:   24 February 2009   341332  
You know, not all Koreans are rude.


‹Thoughtful Zombie› says :   25 February 2009   173239  
As I've said, SOME. They were impolite, stuck-up. They didn't take no
for an answer.


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