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Tuesday, 17 February 2009
08:31:16 PM (GMT)
Your Text Here WARNING!MAY CONTAIN CURSING AND BAD LANGUAGE! okay people, I noticed that how many people were pissing off other kupikans until I just couldn't stand it!!!!!D:< all of my rants are in no particular order ^-^ itsTHEbitch Your username so describes your personality. You act like a royal bitch to everyone and calls yourself the prettiest girl in the world. I bet you stole those pictures of some random girl that's not you. You wont even make a proof sign! But if it is you, you have no respect for yourself. your always calling others a bitch, but your forgetting who the real bitch is!!! nina4ever How can I describe you as nice as possible?oh yeah! A sexist man whore. with your stupid kupipage I rocks you can't even use proper English! I'm pretty sure you mean:I rock! You are constantly offending women by calling them sluts, whores and dumb bitches. Talk shit to me, I don't care I can defend myself, but talking shit to my cousin? Now we have a problem. Do you think I'm just going to sit back, drink a soda and watch you call her a bitch? if you pay attention at all to me, you would figure out that I don't really take vicious attacks to my friends/family. All she was doing was defending me! You have no right to call my friend Yurichan123 a bitch, and my cousin close to a bitch. In my opinion your the rudest kupikan ever. XxFabulousxX trust me, your username is so wrong! You make me sick to my stomach. One thing is your profile. ''Hey Bitches!! XD Its Fabulous!!!! Happy? I know! Who wouldnt? This website needs more sexii ppl like me!! I act, model, sing, and play the violin!!! Can you say you can do all of that?? Probably not. q: Go Ahead Be Jealous, There's A Lot To Be Jealous Of. :p. If you wanna chat fill free to message me.. ! ^-^ ttly babes!!'' for one thing, who would be jealous of you? you wrote the diary about anime, and I bet you did it for attention! you probably never even watched anime so you just attack something that you KNOW kupikans would get upset about. You just knew that there would be war, and comments would come pouring in! You said, "I can kick there Asian butts!" are you saying that Asian's are weak? You keep deleting _Umeko_'s (cousin :D)comments because your afraid she might find out the truth? The truth at you only did it for attention? and the very first diary you wrote, your looking for worthy people to be your friends?Excuse me but are we in England and are you the Queen looking for worthy workers?Last time I checked we ere on kupika.com where you make friends! Then you had the nerve to write a diary about "are you good enough to be my friend" you had no responses, and you rudely said "Shut up I don't do nice >:I" when a kupikan tried to help you out! snowboy You write a diary about kupika and your leaving. At the same time your insulting bisexuals,gays and lesbians. Are you forgetting just because there attracted to the same sex doesn't mean they don't have feelings. Obviously you didn't even try to make your diary look presentable. You can't spell, and your diary is filled with grammar mistakes, and run on sentences. I believe STYPID is not a word, I'm pretty sure you mean STUPID! Leavein is also not a word I believe you mean leaving. If you hate kupika so much, why are you still here? and you just basically leave hate comments like "shut tha FUCK up!!!" :/ yeah not getting you anywhere UPDATE! If you would like me to put a kupika member on here, fill this out Name: Reason why: anyone comments on these people? up for a war? you'd lose :]
Last edited: 17 February 2009

‹;MadeUpByMegan;› says:   17 February 2009   224522  
;D Wow, I love your rants~
‹♥EmiCupcake♥› says:   17 February 2009   187525  
‹[--♪BobsBestBuddy♥--]› says:   17 February 2009   741976  
AH. True. I've encountered both @itsTHEbitch and @XxFabulousxX. 

XxFabulousxX deleted my last comment because it embarrased her. >:|

You forgot @snowboy. He doesn't bother me, but I just want him to shut
up and leave if he really does feel the way he does about Kupika. 
‹♠ Riku ~ Timi ~ Hatsuhara ♠› says:   17 February 2009   585884  
*r-o-f-l* i love them so much they are awesome the rants are awesome
‹♥EmiCupcake♥› says:   17 February 2009   162733  
Dark_Wings:I will add him!>D
Timi:Thank you!
‹KalaOhYouHorriblyAtrociousLittleGirl› says:   17 February 2009   938431  
:D Me likey the opinions
but I find that the metrosexual kupikans should just be ignored 
Cause they're all just little attention whores C:
Oroborus21 says:   18 February 2009   796152  
how come i dont get a mention ><
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   18 February 2009   956756  
Ooo, rants~! I love reading rants! ;w; Awesome!
Ugh, all the people you listed are total jerks looking for attention.
>_>  "Attention wh***" really sums up their true intentions and
personality, you know? Very entertaining and well written, I actually
felt my dislike for these people expand. ^_^
‹Northern Italy♥› says:   18 February 2009   936375  
I so agree with you Kyuu. O.o
‹♥EmiCupcake♥› says:   18 February 2009   225155  
‹??????› says:   18 February 2009   336153  
I agree completely. I couldn't stand XxFabulousxX anymore.
And I'm just enjoying myself reading how you notice her that way
 too.  : )

I love this. All of them deserve something spat back at them.
And for many obvious good reasons. So dumb, their negligent actions.
‹♥EmiCupcake♥› says:   18 February 2009   461133  
yes they do!
‹Northern Italy♥› says:   18 February 2009   817537  
I dislike XxFabulousxX  as well, I comment on her anime diary. O.o
‹+゚*。Magical Artemis。*゚+› says:   19 February 2009   615455  
I agree with everything written in this diary!! Thumbs up for you!
lollylovex3 says:   19 February 2009   637936  
OMG, you, my dear, is now officially my idol! You are SO brave for
posting this, and you are SO right about each one! And I wanna have a
Kupika War with you! >:] Why? Urm.. Just for the heck of it! But don't
get me wrong, I don't hate you AT ALL! Message meh if you accept!!!!
XD I'll bet it'll be fun~
lollylovex3 says:   19 February 2009   361715  
And also I CAN'T WAIT for your next rants! :D Message meh when you've
written it!
Nekkyo sings:   22 February 2009   825219  
You make a very good argument. Bravo!
‹♥EmiCupcake♥› says:   22 February 2009   455867  
‹*ZombieLOVE*› says:   25 February 2009   516859  
LOVE this! i wounder what these ppl would say if they saw
this......hmmm... >:]
‹♥EmiCupcake♥› says :   25 February 2009   434768  
+gets war gear+

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