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100 ?s 100 answers!!Category: (general)
Monday, 9 February 2009
02:38:45 PM (GMT)
1. Name: Ashley
2. Middle Name: Nicole
3. State: texas
4. Place of Birth:Houston woman medical center
5 Male or Female: female
6. Hometown: Raywood! the best town in texas!!
7. Bus: i hope this mean bus #~ lol but i ride bus 8!
8. School: HDISD
9. Occupation: i think this means if i hav a bf... an YES i do! lol Jordan
10. Initials: ANK
11. Screen Name:AanF_luver

Your Appearance:
12. Hair Color: brown with red highlights lol 
14. Eye color: blue! lol 
15. Best Feature: lets c... um ive herd i hav pretty eyes an im hot sumtimes lol

16. Height:  5'3' and a half
17. Braces?: nope i got pretty good teeth... well thts wut the dentist said
18. Glasses?: contacts! 
19. Freckles?: yep lol 
20. Diploma?: nope
Your Firsts:
21. First kiss: first smack... layne wut a hottie but hes also an ass... and first
other one jordan lol this year! 

22. First best friends: umm i think my very best is Kayla..lol i love her soo much
23. First Award:wow tth was a while back... my 1st major one was my acro award wen i
was 10
24. First Sport You Joined: ballet! lol 
25. First thing you did today: wakeup i think lol
26. First Real vacation: ah i dont member tht far back but my fav was paris! lol
27. First thing you said today: hey yall i think lol
28. First Love: true love? jordan lol foe sho

29. Movie: uhhh lets c it outa the notebook or the wemon or rose red or wow theres
alot! lol
30. TV Show: Gossip girl or the hills or lifetime or man vs wild or wow like i like
alota things lol
31. Color: um pink or blue or ... idk lol TOOO many!!!!!!!
32. Rapper: raps not my thing but ah if i had to choose..... lil wyne lo i kno i so
didnt spell tht one rite
33. Place to get groceries: HEB!!! or whole food lol i like to look at all tht
organic stuff
34. Food: i like sour stuff! lol oh an fire balls lol tht donst sound rite! lol but
ahh or chinese! 
35. Season: summer defnatly
36. Candy: nerds! or baby bottle pops or fireballs or sour head lol 
37. Sports: acro, tummneling, volley ball. i like alto sports lol 
38. Restaurant: uhhhm lets c... PF changs or Pei wei
39. Friend: Kayla!!!!
40. Store: ahmmm lets c Anercrombie duh!!! lol 
41. School Subject: ah algerbra.... im a dork i kno! 
42. Animal: oenguin duh!! lol
43. Book: forever by judy blum or twilight or i love to read soo... idk 
44. Magazine: cosmopolotion lol i didnt spell tht rite either or glamour or

45.Doing before you started this survey: sit ups lmao dnt laught! i wanted to c how
many i could do lol
46. Feeling: happy!! an ah just plain great!!
47. Wearing: a brite orange cami and sum biker short dillys 
48. Crying about: my mom bein mad
49. Eating : thos  soyjoy bars their deeeelicious!!
50. Drinking: umm i drank sum orange juci earler
51. Dreaming: last night i had a dream about acro lol
52. Typing: wutever answer you want lol
53. Listening to: prom queen by lil wyne
54. Thinking about: how everyones always lazy wen it rains
55. Wanting: to go to tummbleing! lol

57. Where do you see yourself in 5 years:in a out of state college with great grades

58. Kids: 3 or 4 i defnatly dnt want 1 lol
59. Want to be Married: at l25 lol 
60. Career in Mind:a surgon or a really cool doctor something tht brings in the cash!
k=loil jk as long as i love it im all good

Which is Better with the Opposite Gender:
61. Sport: baseball defnatlly 
62. Shirt: ahh a light color or well anything really just not thoughs shirts tht r 2
big for you i like em kinda tight! lol
63. Hair color: brown defnatly or mabey blond
64. Hair length: LONG! lol but not past ur sholders
65. Eye color: i like brown eyes but greens perfect
66. Measurements: ah it dosnt matter as long as ur not shorter then my sholders
67. Cute or sexy: defnatly cuh-ute!!!
68. Lips or Eyes: lips
69. Hugs or Kisses: HUGS!!
70. Short or Tall: tall
71. Easygoing or serious: easygoing but knows when to be serious
72. Romantic or Spontaneous:romantic!
73. Good or Bad:i tend to go for the bad boys but i love good boys
74. Sensitive or Loud: LOUD!! lol
75. Hook-up or Relationship: relationship
76. Dating Forever or Marriage: marriage
77. Love or Something Else: love

Have You Ever:
78. Kissed a STRANGER: ive only kissed one guy in my intire life lol an beleive me i
knew emm
79. Had major surgery: nope
80. Gone commando: uhmmm noooo
81. Ran Away From Home: Never i love my fam
82. Broken a bone: my arm
83. Got an X-ray: a heart, back, leg, and arm lol oh and teeth
84. Been on a cruise: not yet! hopfully i will though
85. Broken Someone's Heart: i dont think so
86. Dumped someone: yeah but only once im never doin tht again
87. Cried When Someone Died: i never knew anyonone i was super close to tht died but
i cried when one of our teachers died she was great
88. Cried At School: only wen ms.rollo died

Do You Believe In:
89. God: defnatly! hes the best. hes a friend whos always there exacally wen ya need
90. Miracles: Yep! happen every day
91. Love at First Sight:ahhh idk... i think so.lol
92. Ghosts: ah i dnt think so i like to pretend though lol
93. Aliens: defnatly!
94. Soul Mates: agreed
95. Heaven: of course!!
96. Hell: i hope there really isnt... but i think so 
97. Answered prayers: so many times i cnt even count. jordan was one! an it happend
so dnt ever give up!lol
98. Kissing on The First Date: NOOOO way
99. Horoscopes: i like to beliecve em! lol 

Answer Truthfully:
100. Is there someone you wish you had?: i got em!
Last edited: 17 February 2009

‹>~Jet_Black_And_Jealous~<› says :   12 February 2009   983712  
ash what is it that u hate bout god???


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