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Sunday, 8 February 2009
12:19:01 AM (GMT)
enjoy, no copy cunts.

 Carol got onto the bed and sat on her knees directly beside me.  I left
out a soft moan for her as her hands slid inside my underwear and began to
slide them off my legs every so slowly.  When my panties finally reached my
ankles I tossed them onto the carpet with a flick of my foot. Carol
seemingly began to drool over the look of my fragile mound.  I had a slight
bit of pubic hair but otherwise I was almost completely bare.  Carol
lightly took a hold of my inner thigh and spread my legs apart as she
brought her face closer.  Soon I felt her warm breath on my legs, causing
my eyes to close slowly.


   Her tongue's first touch on my soft skin sent sparks throughout my
entire body.  Carol put her lips on my thigh to gently suck on it.  Within
seconds I felt the warm saliva ooze out from her mouth and drip between my
legs.  I had never felt this wet before and I knew it was just the

   Carol finally moved her mouth between my legs for her first taste of my
tingling cunt.  Her tongue gently penetrated my pussy lips and entered my
tender slit causing my moaning to increase. My heart began to pound and my
breaths had become small moans of pleasure as Carol gently pushed her
tongue inside me.  At first I shook slightly but within seconds it began to
feel great.


   "Ohhh Carol...please...slow." I moaned.

   I had always preferred soft gentle love over anything hard and fast.  I
couldn't stand the thought of being hurt by anyone.  Speed and power were
not options for me.  Carol seemed to know exactly how to excite my wet
pussy and I loved her for it.  She pulled her tongue out momentarily to
speak with me as I quietly whimpered for her.

   "Oh sweetheart your clit is so tasty." she said, giggling.


   Her tongue dove in once more and started to lick the area directly above
my wet clit.

   "Oh god...Carol yaaaa."

   My clit was now throbbing with moist pleasure as Carol's hot tongue
slowly caressed it.  My legs shook slightly but soon calmed as she put her
lips completely around it.

   "Mmmmmmmmm...Oh sweety aaaaaah..." I whispered.

   Never had I experienced such a sensual moment in my life.  While Carol
devoured my hot clit in her mouth I gripped the bed sheets with my hands
and held on tight.  I could feel an unbelievable sensation building deep
within me.  I tried not to giggle as Carol made sucking and sloshing sounds
with her mouth on my cute pussy.  I was ready to let the stimulation reach
its great climax with my first orgasm of the evening.

   "Ohhhhh Carol uunnnghhhhhh..."

   My eyes began to water and tears slid down my cheeks slowly.  Carol
looked up and saw them, immediately letting go of my clit.

   "Cherry, are you hurt?"

   " Carol...I love it so much...I can't hold it much longer."

   "Cum for me my angel baby, cum for Carol." she said.

   Her tongue dipped into my wet pussy one last time.  I clenched my fists
tightly and writhed wildly on the bed as her tongue made a final circle
around my throbbing clit.  The tears poured from my eyes as I spread my
legs as far apart as I could and began to convulse.

   "Ohhhh CAROL I'm...I'm...Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......"

   I didn't scream but let out a very long vocal moan as a hot stream of my
girl cum slowly trickled out of my glistening pussy lips.  I held onto the
sheets and arched my back as Carol removed her tongue to let the calm flow
of my blissful juices continue.  I whimpered softly and whispered Carol's
name repeatedly as the wonderful orgasm ran its course.  The sweet honey
dripped onto the bed sheets and slowly soaked in as my climax finally
subsided.  It was the most beautiful feeling I had felt in my life.  The
fact that I didn't scream seemed only to add to the excitement Carol felt
towards me.  I let go of the sheets and ran my hands down my body, very
slowly across my skin which had begun to perspire.

   "Oh my sweet Cherry, even your orgasms are as fragile as you are." she

   "I loved it so much Carol." I moaned quietly.

   My entire body felt completely numb as I laid on my back.  My first
climax had depleted almost all of the strength I had.  I couldn't even lift
my arm to place it on my chest.  I was helpless.

   "Ohhh I just love my cute angel gentle and fragile right now."
she said sweetly.

   I let out a faint sigh and kept my eyes closed.

   "I'm so...weak now Carol."

   "That's perfect sweetheart." she replied.  "Now lets get you out of
these clothes."

   Carol lifted my red sweater over my head and off my body first.  Lastly
she undid my bra and slid it off my warm skin letting it drop off the side
of the bed.  I was now completely naked except for my white socks, which I
was still wearing.

   I struggled to open my eyes and found Carol reaching under the bed for
something.  I waited patiently until Carol found what she had been
searching for.  My vision was still blurred from my tears but she appeared
to have something made of a light colored plastic in her hands.  As soon as
I heard a small flick and a humming noise I realized what it was.

   "This will make you feel incredible sweetheart, just relax." Carol said

   She brought her vibrator up past my stomach and let it rest on the warm
skin between my breasts.

   "Mmmmm...that feels so nice Carol..." I whispered.

   She moved the toy onto my right breast, gently passing over my soft
nipple continuously.  I couldn't help but giggle from the sensation I felt
from it.  My pussy actually began to drip again in blissful anticipation as
I whimpered for Carol.  She brought the tip of the vibrator to my lips and
let me wet it with my warm drool.

   "Good girl." she said.  "Make it nice and wet sweetheart...perfect."

   I was still weak and basically helpless from my first orgasm but Carol
was ready to give me another already.  She took the moist vibrator from my
mouth and placed the tip of it between my breasts again.  This time she
started to make her way down, past my stomach and belly button until she
finally reached the wet lips of my dripping cunt.

   "Unnngghhhh...Oh sweety...slowly." I said.

   Carol set the vibrator on the lowest setting and lightly ran the tip
across my pink slit, teasing me and causing my moaning to increase.  When
it finally entered me I let out an unusually loud sigh as I cupped my

   "That's nice isn't it?  Does your clittie love the feel of our little
toy Cherry?" she asked seductively.

   "Ohhhh...yes it...does unngghhhh..." I answered.

   Carol pushed the vibrator and let it sink deeper into my tight pussy,
making my clit start to throb once more.  She made circular motions with
the toy, very slowly bringing it out and back inside me again.  Like a
reflex action, I started to move my hips to meet each very slow, very
gentle thrust.

   "Carol aaaahhhh...that is sooo good sweety." I moaned.

   My own sweet smell filled my nostrils and made me giggle to myself.  I
felt as if I was going to explode from the unbelievable feeling between my
legs.  Carol turned the vibrator to a higher setting and slid it very deep
into my soaked pussy.  She then let go of it completely and let it remain
vibrating inside me as she moved and sat on top of my stomach.  Carol bent
forward and kissed my neck as she took a hold of my wrists and held them
firmly against the bed sheets.

   "Oh my sweet angel baby I want you to cum for me again."

Synthia says:   12 September 2010   895057  
I swear you need to put these into a book. Your an amazing writer!
Miss_Tay_And_Stayin_That_Way says:   17 September 2010   676863  
Wow synthi i had no idea u were bi XD jk,
actaully are you? 
Synthia says :   12 October 2010   795748  
No i am not u meani!!!!!!!! :P llz

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