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stupid...Category: A$$ HOLE$
Tuesday, 3 February 2009
08:21:55 PM (GMT)
me:I didn't start nothing about money.
all I said was i'd get a patent, there's a fucking difference smart-ass.
There's a difference there too dumb ass.
uhmm, excuse me but just b/c I may not have the best family in he world that buys
everything I ask for, doesn't mean shit.
As I recall, you're the one who's Aunt is locked up in prison for child molestation.
and one day you'll realize that what I've told you is true, and I never said to fuck
off, so you need to get your damn story straight before you say shit.
and who's the pussy??
you are, b/c you run away from everything.
you ran away from me, a girl, a short one at that.
so who's the big guy now??!! 

dick:i know money can't buy love and happiness i already have that 
and ur tha one who started shit bout money so deal with it and money does make u
happy with out it you couldn't buy food or anything like that ...and i havn't tlk 2
jordan in over a year so shut ur mouth bout that and ur obviously not smarter than
him cause wasn't u that told me u were pregnant over tha summer...and i am goin 2
college 2 get my doctorate's degree 
for photography , buisness, and photo jurnalism....and im gonna stay on my high horse
and ride it like thers no tomorrow and try as you may u can't kick me off my
and take ur own ad vise FUCK OFF !!!!!!

I don't fucking think so.
Who used to cheat off of whom, hmm???
and I'm smarter than that to be like your best fuckin friend Jordan. ight??
yeahh, sure you're going to go to college. mmhmm.
I aint on no high horse.
and if you're making fun of me, just b/c your parents have more money than me, guess
money doesn't buy love and happiness, maybe keep you happy for a while, but not
I've got more important things in life to worry about than money.
so why don't you get off your high horse before I kick you off?? hmm??

dick:yes u jealous and iv got a bigger dick than u think and that cum back has gotten
old and wat does it fuckin matter anyway... i could give a shit about u beotch iv got
bigger fish 2 fry ...hmhm ur gonna be tha one stuck in this shyt hole town ur gonna
wind up pregnant and ur never gonna get out actually gonna go 2 college and
get a good high payin job and not be a murray county urself... so get
off ur high horse befor sumbody knocks u down....and b/w what now has been around for
years dumb ass and u really don't have tha money to buy a patent for anything so shut
tha fuck up bout ight

me:me jealous??
of what, your pencil dick??
ohh yeahh, you know it.
at least instead of me growing up to be a Murray County Retard, I'm going to make
something of myself.... UNLIKE YOU!!!
oh, and by the way, the 'WHAT NOW???!!!" is mine.
I came up with that, not you.
and if you want to get technical about it I'll get a patent for it!
how am I a poser??
what am I posing as??

dick:jealous much???? hahahahaha!
huh ur tha poser dog...
WHAT NOW!!!!?!?!?!?

me:I'm the dick weed??
I'M the dick weed??
well, you're just a fuckin poser who lies too fuckin much.

dick:loook lil dick weed i didn't know mmk!!!
WHAT NOW!?!?!?!

me:what are you going to do when I move schools??
oh wait, you already said I did.

its great bein tall i can use u short for arm

me:you should know...tallie.

dick:so wats up

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