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Friday, 30 January 2009
02:14:04 AM (GMT)
It was dark outside as I stared at the half crescent moon through my window while I
was lying in bed. It was so dark I could barely see my hand in front of my face. My
parents had gone out for the night, so it was just my friends Claire, Emma and I. I
had invited them earlier this evening, but they had both already fallen asleep. 
	I was nearly asleep myself when I heard a loud thump from downstairs. I was a little
alarmed, so I got up to see what it was. I walked down the stairs as quietly as I
could and went into the kitchen, to see if something had fallen. I felt the wall for
the light switch, when all of a sudden someone grabbed me from behind and pushed me
down on the floor, along with himself, with his weight holding me down. I got scared
and I had no idea what to do. I struggled against the stranger’s hold. I tried to
scream but the mysterious stranger had already covered my mouth.
Then with his other hand he pulled my head up by my hair and slammed it hard on the
	My eyes weakly opened only to find myself in an unfamiliar place. Not long after I
became conscious again, I began to feel the aching pain from getting my head slammed
on the floor. As I tried to reach my head to rub and sooth it I noticed that I was
tied to a chair. “Ah, Fuck!” I grimaced quietly. I had been knocked out, dragged
to this smelly, cold, unsanitary place and on top of that I was tied up.
“Awesome.” I thought to myself sarcastically.
	 All I could here was my heavy breathing, a highway, a train and voices from another
room. I tried stretching my head around to see where the voices were coming from. I
barely stretched my head around behind me, enough to catch a glimpse of three men
arguing. I struggled against the ropes and almost fell over in my attempt to break
free from ropes. Apparently I was loud enough to get my kidnappers attention and all
of a sudden I heard someone get up. I stretched my head around again and found that
one of the three men was walking towards me. I was debating whether I should curse
him out or scream. The man kneeled down to the point where we were face to face. I
didn’t know if my face looked scared or angry, but he smiled anxiously at me with
bright blue eyes.
One of the other men was behind me untying me from the chair, but I myself was still
wrapped in rope.  The blue eyed one brought me to a separate room with two other
people who were tied to chairs. But it was too dark in the room to see who they were.
Once they tied me to a different chair and left me in the new unfamiliar room, I
began to make conversation.
“Are you guys okay?” I asked.
“Yeah I think so. What about you Claire?” the one on my left answered.
“Fine.” Claire said.
“Emma! Claire! Oh thank god you’re alright!” I exclaimed.
“Erin!?” Claire and Emma both screamed.
I was so happy they were alright; I hadn’t noticed that I began to cry.
Then I heard those men talking again. This time I heard all of our names.
“You take Claire, I’ll take Emma and you,” the man paused, “You will take
	Then he laughed in the most hysterical way that it made me shiver. I felt Claire and
Emma shiver beside me. We heard footsteps toward the door and my heart kept pounding
faster and faster. The door creaked and moaned as the door hinges, rusted and old,
grinded against each other as the door slowly opened. They all stood there in the
doorway with big eager, anxious smiles, staring at Emma, Claire, and I.  More tears
ran down my check as I awaited my horrifying fate.
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‹<lilsexkitten>› says:   24 February 2009   878383  
GO ON GO ON!!!!!!!!
‹Cobrastarship_Gurl› says:   28 February 2009   761335  
idk if i want to
‹They'reComingToTakeMeAway› says:   3 March 2009   222448  
I think it's really good. You should finish it.
‹Cobrastarship_Gurl› says :   3 March 2009   733748  

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