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Monday, 12 January 2009
03:54:55 PM (GMT)
1.) Your name?
A happy person who is a good listener and reliable friend. Likes to party and is
always there when you need her.
''Call katie she'll go out'' 

2.) Your age?
A number commonly known for superstitious beliefs about it being unlucky. Originally
it was a holy number, but somewhere along the way it was hijacked and portrayed as
unlucky. Fear of this number is called triskaidekaphobia. 

3.) One of your friends?
Stephanie is very nice and caring towards everyone and she always has a smile on her
face no matter what and even though she doesnt know it she is very beautiful and
Stephanie always smiles when she is down 

4.) What should you be doing?
Homework: (Noun) a punishment given to students by evil teachers after the students
have already put in 7 hours of hard labor

5.) Favorite color?
1) One of the three primary colours of paint. When mixed with yellow, it would make
orange. When mixed with blue, it would make purple. It is opposite green on the
colour wheel.

2) One of the three primary colours of light. When mixed with green, it makes yellow.
When mixed with blue, it makes magenta. It is opposite cyan on the colour wheel.
That is a nice shade of red. 
1-A color widely defined as the absence of light.
2-The darkest shade possible
3-The opposite of white, imho, best described on the Yin&Yang symbol.
1-"I see a red door and I want to paint it black"-the_Rolling_Stones.
2-"You should use a black crayon to draw some shade, if your door is open to the
3-"the white on the yin&yang symbol is opposite yet complimentary and equal to the

6.) Birthplace?
To take someone's work and present it as your own; plagiarizing. To present without
proper credit or acknowledgement given.
"She Norwooded that essay you wrote!"

"I'm going to Norwood the picture I found on the photographer's website." 

7.) Month of your birth?
The month in which the hottest women are born.
That girl is FINE! She must have been born in December. 

8.) Last person you talked to?
 In the bible the name Matthew is based from Saint Matthew, one of the disciples of
Jesus. Also The name Matthew is be defined as the gift of God. Some believe that
people with the name Matthew have magical powers, but this has not been proven to be
Did you see Matthew yesterday, he was acting like he was the gift of God or

9.) One of your nicknames?
Something most Men don't treat right.
I know how to treat a lady.

‹yoruxran246› says :   12 January 2009   453656  
aaaaaw katie ur so nice and i know wat song "i c a red door and i
must paint it black" is from
its from paint it black


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