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Tuesday, 18 November 2008
11:31:13 PM (GMT)
Why the fuck is everyone against abortion nowadays?

I mean, I understand. The fetus is a living thing. Whoop-de-doo. So is the grass you
step on and kill every day walking around school. So is the cow that died just so you
could have a nice dinner.  So what's the big deal? It doesn't have feelings. It
cannot feel the abortion. 

Abortion controls overpopulation. If every rape victim or stupid sixteen-year-old
girl wasn't allowed to get an abortion, the world would be even more overpopulated
than it already is, and right now if the world keeps reproducing at the same rate the
Earth will soon be a writhing mass of flesh expanding outward at the speed of light.
Sounds like fun.


‹† Ammit Eats Dead Souls †› says:   18 November 2008   315452  
Everytime we have our periods, we get rid of the eggs we didnt
fertilized. Thats like really early abortion.
‹Mentality› says:   18 November 2008   587279  
_abc_ suggests:   19 November 2008   132935  
‹Mentality› says:   19 November 2008   365519  
Oh, for fuck's sake.

Did you even read what I wrote? 

What if you were a rape victim, with a choice of either getting the
little fucker removed or having an illegitemate delinquent child?

I find it especially amusing that you are a GUY against abortion. You
wouldn't even know how much pregnancy hurts (which is a lot). Mothers
have to feed and watch over their kids, and all fathers do is watch
footbal and drink beer. Of course you're against abortion, because you
have no idea what it's like to have a little fucker growing in your
stomach, giving you 9 months of morning sickness and a headache for
the next 18 years.
‹Mentality› says:   19 November 2008   227824  
In the words of Nick 007 (a Kupika user):

"Actually...I'm sorry, but abortion is a very good thing! 

If a women has been raped, in what respect does she have to give
to a baby that she did not want? It was an involuntary decision
pressed upon her! 
She should have the right to have an abortion! 

1. From what I've heard, giving birth is not easy and could be life
Having an innocent mother killed or the baby she never wanted?

2. The baby could not be taken care of...
She would've been a single mother who could not support a human! 
What if she was just a teenager! How could she survive? 
Her relationships would also be ruined...no man would date a 17 year
old woman with a child...

3. It would not be fair to the baby if it was placed in the orphanage
and had to grow up knowing that he/she was a mistake...

Sorry, but I think there should be special exceptions on abortions!
Just my opinion...don't hate me because of it!"

This guy has some sense. It saddens me that other guys don't have as
much sense as this guy.
‹Mentality› says:   19 November 2008   334595  
Actual username is Nick007 (without a space), sorry
‹† Ammit Eats Dead Souls †› says:   19 November 2008   783774  
Guys shouldnt have any say in abortion. Most parents of teenage boys
tell them "What she wants, is what she gets." 

Your not carrying the fucking child. Your not staying up with it all
night. You pprobably wont pay child support unless I sue your ass.

I guarentte that if you could get a girl pregnant, you wouldnt want
her to have it

Having sex with a girl is cool.
Knocking her up is not cool.
‹† Ammit Eats Dead Souls †› says:   19 November 2008   773161  
Contraception - the drug used to get rid of the baby immediatly after
rape- is abortion.

First, all those eggs I carry could be abortion. Every girl walks
around every day, aborting there baby by not giving it sperm.
‹† Ammit Eats Dead Souls †› says:   19 November 2008   153711  
Birthcontrol is a type of early abortion. 



All my eggs will not turn into babys.

‹Mentality› says:   19 November 2008   244245  

‹Mentality› says:   19 November 2008   358535  
I find it even funnier how you guys are worried about girls choosing
to get abortions, but in some places in Asia they FORCE women to get
pregnant and have an abortion so they can EAT THE FETUS.
‹† Ammit Eats Dead Souls †› says:   19 November 2008   991356  
Guys need to get there heads out of there butt holes.
‹Mentality› says:   19 November 2008   699149  
‹† Ammit Eats Dead Souls †› says:   19 November 2008   432161  
Go read my second post on his page.

‹Carmen Dee loves CookieMuffinz› says:   19 November 2008   769132  
I like abortion.
uh..when I start...
none of my fucking egg things are going to turn into drooling,
pooping, crying things.
I know what it's like to stay up all night and have to watch over a
drooly thing. Then it wants to get up and play at 4:30 in the morning.

Or when they teeth. God, all the do is cry. And if you try to give
them the pain reliever stuff, they lick it off your finget first.
a href="http://photobucket.com/images/abortion%20is%20good"
target="_blank">abortion is good Pictures, Images
and Photos
Took me forever to find that. Everything elso was like 'stop abortion'
and 'Abortion makes you the mother of a dead baby.'
I like the end of this:
‹Mentality› says:   19 November 2008   246643  
Zorah says:   19 November 2008   288594  
Ah, Agreed, fucking completely.
‹TheRulerofNightmares› says:   20 November 2008   653336  
It can feel. It's nerves are working perfectly fine!
This was made by an ex-abortion Doctor. He says that the babies make a
face full of pain before getting torn apart.

And I say again, EGGS AREN'T BABIES!
‹Carmen Dee loves CookieMuffinz›, you were a drooling, pooping,
crying thing that was nothing but an inconvenience once. Maybe your
mother should have aborted you so you wouldn't have such a sad life
and won't be such an inconvenience to everyone.

You're too blind to see the beauty in life. Babies grow up to be fine
adults who'll take care of you when you can't take care of yourself
anymore. They love and care for you. But if you want to learn that the
hard way, go ahead.

And swearing too much makes you look like a unintelligent weenie.
‹ruthie .› says:   20 November 2008   461517  
I agree. 
  I also think abortion is about respect for women and their bodies.
Men should obviously have a say in the life of their child but in the
end its the women who has to give birth and ppl who say 'she can give
it up for adoption', thats an incredibly hard thing for a women to do,
and why should she have to put herself through it?
‹TheRulerofNightmares› says:   20 November 2008   174822  
Abortion isn't so 'warm and fuzzy' ether. At least she can go through
life knowing that she did the right thing and gave someone a change to
live. Not like abortion, were in her heart she knows she had an
innocent life killed.
kiiiwi says:   20 November 2008   733587  
i love kids and i want kids . but i don't want to get fat :O so god
bless the ability to adopt(don't know if that's correct english.. XD)
kids :D:D
‹AmyBeetch™› says:   20 November 2008   567891  
I think this whole abortion thing is stupid. Everywhere there are
diaries going on, and it's seriously nothing but arguments. Women
should just have the right to do whatever they want with their fetus,
whether it's abortion or adoption. Or the decision to keep the child
at all.
‹TheRulerofNightmares› says:   20 November 2008   173563  
Dairies have a faze I noticed. It was about homosexuals some moths
ago. And Abortion a year ago. Some one starts something up and
everyone gets in it, then it dies back down again. :/
‹Megan [L4B♥]› says:   20 November 2008   884527  
Abortion is soo f'ckin wrong! if you get raped or anytihng then give
the day up for adoption because when you do wanna have kids if you do
then you wont be able to because you had an abortion before!
Ravenblade says:   20 November 2008   857314  
Megan: Not every  girl or women would like to go through all that
damn pain for nine months just because some jerk wanted to have fun.
‹TheRulerofNightmares› says:   20 November 2008   286839  
But I don't think they want to have deep depression ether. Abortion
can make women go into a deep depression and sometimes they suicide. 

This page has true stories about women who had abortions, and wished
they didn't.
‹Mentality› says:   20 November 2008   154495  
Very true fact: Hitler's mom wanted to get an abortion, but decided
not to, because she thought her baby would grow up to be famous. And
famous he became, in all the wrong ways.
‹Mentality› says:   20 November 2008   547268  
TheeNightmareQueen, people kill themselves over Myspace and getting
dumped and getting made fun of and a million other things, but those
aren't outlawed, now are they?

And Ravenblade: You are my new best friend. Srsly.
‹† Ammit Eats Dead Souls †› says:   21 November 2008   629411  
We all have diffrent opinions. 

We all do things we wished we didn't.

Outlawing abortion wont mean that people wont still know how to do it.

I can still drink it out, go to another place, go underground, or alot
of other things. 

Its more human than drinking it to death. Or starving it. Chances are,
it wont die-
‹Mentality› says:   21 November 2008   546858  
Also: If you were a kid, would you rather be killed before you were
even born, or born and immediately given up for adoption, knowing you
were a mistake and not wanted?
‹† Ammit Eats Dead Souls †› says:   21 November 2008   727825  
There is almsot no way for a adopted family to not be able to tell
the kid that it was adopted. The kid will ask why.

It says in the bible that babys and kids go to a certain place in
Heaven to await for a suitable body so they can go to heaven.
‹Mentality› says:   21 November 2008   341112  
Oh yeah: NightmareQueen, abortions usually happen at about 8-10 weeks
into the pregnancy. At that point, the little fucker barely even has
discernible limbs, much less facial features.
‹Mentality› says:   21 November 2008   851887  
The Silent Scream movie (which I DID watch) had the abortion at the
very latest possible time. Abortions usually happen weeks before the
baby is that developed.
‹† Ammit Eats Dead Souls †› says:   21 November 2008   334461  
Me being that I do like babies, I will not watch that. 

Im allowed to be pro choice,  and still be against myself ever getting

Im still at the age where sex is creepy. *coughkindacouch*
tOmKaUliTz says:   23 November 2008   174635  
If you want good views, Emo_Aiia, pls I seriously ask you to visit
Matsuka_Aikona's diary (--hate abortions--). There you will have at
least one satisfactory answer to yr doubts.
‹† Ammit Eats Dead Souls †› says:   30 November 2008   233381  
We cant have good views when we misspell slang Please.
‹Carmen Dee loves CookieMuffinz› says:   9 December 2008   481825  
I just don't like babies.
Besides, IF i ever have a child, I'm adopting a 7 year old.
Or older.
I love my nephew, a 10-month old, but I don not want one for my own.
And I don't think I look like a weiner.
More like a person with arms, legs, torso, head, brain, hair, eyes,
nose, feet, toes, hands, fingers, mouth, glasses, teeth, clothes, and
Just not an F.P.
or a P.
‹Carmen Dee loves CookieMuffinz› says:   9 December 2008   662219  
(against being against it)
I have to many typos this morning. >.<
FornPan says:   20 January 2009   364327  
Okay, so Tom had one or two typos.
Okay, you like murdering.
Anyways, dork uh, kid, for real, abortion is not really a good
You send them to Heaven faster, but you will get the aftereffects.
Besides, less than a fucking 1% of raped bitches get fucking

And men have a fucking say over the fucking baby because without them,
the baby won't even be fucking alive.
I mean, duh.

And your eggs are not alive and are not early abortions because they
have to be with the sperm to become a real being.

‹Mentality› says:   22 January 2009   113172  
Oy. You. This is an old post. And the men don't have says if the
woman was raped, the man had nothing to do with that. I'm mostly
talking about really early teen pregnancies (like 13-15 years old) or
rape victims getting abortions. Teens can have so many more things go
wrong with their pregnancy, there is a much greater chance that they
could die from it, and unless the baby goes up for adoption the girl's
life is pretty much ruined. Would you date  16-year-old girl with a
three-year-old baby?

And rape victims. How would you feel if your mother's husband wasn't
even your real father, and instead you grew up knowing that your dad
is a criminal, out on the streets, fathering more and more children
with each passing week? How would you feel if you grew up knowing you
were a mistake? I read about one case where a woman got raped and
didn't tell her husband about it, and when she got pregnant her
husband left, because it couldn't be his and he thought she was having
an affair. The kid was born and when he found out about his mother
getting raped he killed himself. Why wait fourteen or so years to kill
them? Why not just do it sooner, save the money from having to feed it
and clothe it.

What do you mean by less than 1% get abortions?

(Sorry if I seem like a violent/uncaring person because of this, I
honestly don't believe that the fetus has feelings, and I just hate
babies :/ )
‹SmokeyEyes&TobaccoPipes› shouts:   24 January 2009   196986  
u stupid fuck ups! abortion is murder, cant u see? its from a woman
who has sex and dosnt want the baby so she kills is or a teenager who
has sex at the age of 16 and she wants 2 carry on with school so she
kills the baby! ITS MURDER FUCK UPS!
‹Mentality› says:   24 January 2009   727139  
I know what abortion is, thank you. (And people called me stupid?)

Most abortions happen before the foetus (if you even know what that
is!) has feelings or knows of its existence. I know, it could be
considered murder, but the thing doesn't even have feelings. It
doesn't even feel pain. So you consider controlling overpopulation and
possibly saving the earth by killing something that can't even feel
you kill it wrong? How is that any worse than, say, hunting for food?
Or killing cows on ranches so that you can chow down on a tasty
McDonald's burger? These things do have feelings, and I don't see you
marching around for cow's rights or anything like that.
‹SmokeyEyes&TobaccoPipes› shouts:   24 January 2009   454462  
fuck off bitch wen im older im gonna do stuff like that so get off my
case ass wipe and ppl call u stupid coz u r, idiot and wen ur a baby u
can feel things and u do hav feelings bcoz if the mother falls down
stairs the baby does feel it soo yeah im right fuck up!
‹♥ Simply Susan ♥› says:   24 January 2009   815575  
i agree with the rape victim part, but if she's stupid enough to
sleep w/ someone and get pregnant, she should have to have it...she
should know the risks BEFORE ever having sex...its her decision
whether to do it or wait
‹TheVoicesMadeMeDoIt› says:   24 January 2009   754481  
i agrre with punkdude and kentucky
saralyn247 says:   24 January 2009   719794  
Everybody here is missing the point, really. Abortions help the
mother, sure. But really, they help the baby. If it's going to have a
life of abuse and ignorance from the parents, what's the point? If the
parents are idiotic enough to get pregnant and not want a baby, then
what reason do they have to take good care of it? They probably won't,
and the child will most likely have an awful life.
‹TheVoicesMadeMeDoIt› says:   24 January 2009   131474  
wat eva im stubborn and im not changing my mind
Lyncheh says:   24 January 2009   868954  
If you don't want a baby at 13, don't have sex at 13.

Should be forced to have the kid as punishment for being so retarded.
Not that I see babies as punishment, per se, but still.
Not everything in life is going to have an easy way out; no wonder
kids these days are so fukken spoilt and idiotic.
‹TheVoicesMadeMeDoIt› says:   24 January 2009   525188  
Zelda3443 says:   24 January 2009   355242  
it is true the babies can't feel anythig bc about 98% (i got that
number off some medical website so don't say i made it up) of
abortions happen when the baby is not developed at all! i don't
usually agree with abortion. if your a rape victim or a teenager or
someone who's gonna give it up for adoption/abuse it then yes you
should abort. but if your a married woman or with a nice boyfriend
(being an adult) then you should keep it. in my opinion it's all
depend on the situation
‹Mentality› says:   24 January 2009   592954  
Some kids aren't taught about sex, so all they know is what they
learned off of their friends and good ol' internet, which is pretty
much just 'sex is gud lololol!!!1'. I wasn't taught by my parents, but
I was lucky enough to have a friend to tell me.

And I understand, those who know shouldn't have sex, but sometimes
they get pressured into it, or tricked, or whatever, and I think that
just because a girl makes one mistake she shouldn't have to go through
all that pain.
‹JessHadTheWorld♥› says:   24 January 2009   279812  
I totally agree. <3

If a baby is unwanted, then surely it is much kinder NOT to bring it
into a world where it is just that, unwanted. 
And of course, the mother could go through nine months of pain and
discomfort to give something she doesn't want a chance at life.
What if the mother is too young to give birth? What if there's a
chance she could die?
And people don't usually consider things like finances. It costs a
hell of a lot to raise a kid and if someone doesn't have that kind of
money, the kid isn't going to have the sort of life it deserves.

And erm... I have a better argument, but it's gone >_> 
I'll be back later with it
_abc_ shouts:   24 January 2009   936933  
In 99% of all abortions, the woman having the abortion CHOSE to have
sexual intercourse. Why does everyone focus in on the small 1% when
the facts should be with the 99%?
Can anyone read and understand the word CHOSE?
‹KiKi Is Da Bomb› says:   24 January 2009   824487  
Yo, people, oh my god! you would kill a baby! you guys are evil!
okay, if you get raped, just give the baby up for adoption. some one
will love it! its not like it'll be unloved forever. i cant believe
you would think of killing a baby!
‹JessHadTheWorld♥› says:   24 January 2009   524543  
Okay, so say the woman chose to have sex.
She obviously didn't choose to have kids, or she wouldn't be aborting
3% of the time, contraception doesn't work. And yes, a load of those
people wouldn't have used contraception at all. I agree they should be
more responsible, but making them have a baby isn't going to
automatically make them a better person.

And sure, waste almost a year of your life for something you don't
want. Why not? It's not like the mother's life matters.

Btw *is a Christian*
_abc_ shouts:   24 January 2009   313547  
‹JessHadTheWorld♥› says:   24 January 2009   896135  
"The issue of abortion is never directly dealt with in
It doesn't actually say in the Bible 'Hate abortion, cos it's evil'
The Bible says a lot of things I don't directly agree with. Not that
this matters. We're not discussing my religious views.
_abc_ wonders:   24 January 2009   328844  
Did you even read the link I sent?

Granted the word "abortion" isn't listed in the Bible..... neither is
the word euthanasia...... Sorry the Bible wasn't meant to be a book
you could choose only what you want to believe...you take it all or
you might as well reject it all
‹JessHadTheWorld♥› says:   24 January 2009   174889  
I kinda skimmed through it xD

And, are you saying that I can't do what I'm doing, or be what I am?
If I wanna be a homosexual and abortion supporting Christian, I can
be. Christianity does not equal narrow mindedness.

*has successfully gone off topic*
_abc_ writes:   24 January 2009   413323  
*Someone needs to go back and read and UNDERSTAND what the Bible says
instead of trying to adapt it to meet YOUR needs. God will judge you
based on HIS rules and not YOUR wants.
‹JessHadTheWorld♥› says:   25 January 2009   243224  
Someone does not need to do anything (':
I'm not actually a confirmed Christian, I'm not 100% certain about
I suggest you let me believe what I want :] It's not hurting you, so
screw trying to change how I think
Cos I'm not going to
‹Mentality› says:   27 January 2009   169654  
Oy, you guys, if I wanted to have an arguement about religion (which
actually sounds kinda fun) I'd make another diary entry.

Also, I'm an atheist, so all this religiousy nonsense does not apply
to me. Ho hum.

Jess is epic. :D

abc, could you please post which lines from the bible you believe go
against abortion? I would, but I have no bible to look them up in.
‹Mentality› says:   27 January 2009   697893  
Oh wait. Thou shalt not kill. Even I know that. *facepalm*

But is the foetus truly considered a living being? One could call it a
parasite; it lives off of another creature and cannot survrve without
its "host". Tapeworms and the like live the same way, but we kill them
off and don't give it a second thought. And even though babies might
grow up to be famous or something, you don't look at the other side of
the story, and think that there is a much better chance of it growing
up and becoming a criminal, especially if it grows up in a household
that doesn't want it.
‹JessHadTheWorld♥› says:   28 January 2009   245397  
Well I've run out of stuff to say, so I'ma just go with 'Wooh,
abortion. I agree with Aiia'
bluebutterfly says:   28 January 2009   431697  
umm im not that sure if ur a chic or a dude soo im jus gonna say u
the worl WILL keep expanding pick up a astronmy book u and say if ur
mom got an abortion u woldnt even be on kupika writin about stupid
shit sayin GET AN ABORTION and to all the dumb asses who agree with
him there is a huge diffrenve between thefood we eat and humans first
some animals are raised to DIE AND B EATEN but to the dude who is
against abortion thats great but to all the ladies who say WHOO
ABORTION hello say if ur mom said that u WOULDNT B ALIVE STUPID think
b 4 u say stupid thing 
Cool_bbe says:   28 January 2009   468433  
I dont know but in some countries you can only have an abortion if
you get raped!

(check out myy diarys people)
‹Mentality› says:   29 January 2009   292243  
I'm not telling everyone to get an abortion, I just don't think it
should be illegal for the first trimester of the pregnancy. If you
wanna have 17 kids, go for it, I'm not gonna stop you. But there are
cases ("Having this baby could kill me", "It would be born with severe
defects", "I was raped", "I can't support another baby", etc.) where
the mother might probably choose to get an abortion, and there are
people that think that even if daddy rapes his 12 year old daughter
that that girl should have to go through with it and maybe die during
childbirth, and that to me is wrong.
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   9 February 2009   873832  
The thing with abortion is that.....it still kills.
I know, killing a cow for dinner isn't the same thing. Cows can be
replaced. People cannot. Simple at that.
I'm not here, unlike some people, to call you stupid because you don't
agree with me. I'm not even gonna argue with you that abortion is
wrong. I agree with it...to an extent.
If I'm raped, I don't want the baby. If you get pregnant at a really
early age, then I don't want the baby. but, if you are a wild,
sluttish, teen, then you need the baby. Keep your legs closed if you
don't want the baby. Practice abstinence. Be celebant.
Crazy9716 says:   9 February 2009   456445  
i wanna get pregenant but not as a teen! and if i was a prego teen
then i wouldnt get an abortion but i dont think its wrong or
anything!!!! but i think pregenancy would suit me well!!!
‹krista ♥› says:   9 February 2009   111386  
kkaaayy heres my thoughts about the people saying things like
"you wouldnt be here in the first place because of this blah blah
....im not sure if you guys ever thought of this but...
maybe your parents wanted a baby in the first place...thats why they
didnt abort...
and people who do get abortions,  a lot of them have good reasons
like my aunt, she needed one, because she  was becoming allergic to
her own pregnancy and it was killing her...so sometimes abortion is
the only option...
just wanted you all to hear that XD
‹krista ♥› says:   9 February 2009   328798  
bbuuut nore am i totally for it...
like if some hoe was having sex all the time and knew what the risks
would be, and just still kept having sex...and became preggo..well its
that bitches fault for not keeping her legs closed XD
so i think she would have to pay the price for her actions... :
‹Mentality› says:   19 February 2009   964939  
If more people had abortions then maybe we would have a better human
race. It's simple Evolution, in nature the genetic inferiors would get
weeded out by predators, and the superiors would be able to create the
next generation. In Normal human society, however, now we have so many
laws and restrictions that allow genetically unworthy to breed. If
more Abortions took place, the more genetically unfit would be weeded
out, meaning few retards.
‹Carmen Dee loves CookieMuffinz› says:   22 February 2009   469763  
I'm sitting here with my nephew (Logan, Age 1) feeding me this
plastic thing.
If he had been aborted, I would never know, my life would go on and I
wouldn't know the difference.
My point is, if a baby is aborted, then no one really knows the
I'd be fine if I was aborted, as I was never born, I wouldn't know the
Every 10 secounds, 45 people are born and only 16 people die.
So its FINE to have abortions people!

(And when will people learn how to SPELL?)
Blazayblah says:   22 February 2009   375641  
Preach It Girl!! ProAbortion!
_abc_ wonders:   22 February 2009   681891  
Why stop with abortion? Why not just murder/kill the ugly people too?
How about the weak? The poor? The old(they are useless now)? The
uneducated? Why not get rid of all blondes(we know they are useless)?
I know, lets murder/kill all the people in Dallas, TX...........where
and when does "approved of" murder stop??
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   22 February 2009   545455  
... You're seriously going to sit there and compare the matter of a
child's life to grass and cows? I've never seen anyone glorify
abortion and I think there's a reason for that. There are just so many
things wrong with these points... It's ridiculous.

I'm not going to waste my time pointing everything out, but I guess
it'd be wouldn't hurt to say a few things. Abortion is not something
to be thrown around like it's some kind of great thing. If you've
never had to consider abortion, you really have no more rights talking
about it than a man. I'm not going to sit here and feel sorry for the
idiotic teenaged girl who got pregnant. If she wasn't careful and
isn't ready for a child, that's her fault. If she can't afford an
abortion, maybe she shouldn't have had sex. If her life gets
"destroyed," that's what she gets for not understanding that there are
consequences for her actions. Rape victims and other understandable
cases are completely different and shouldn't even be in the same
subject. Abortion should be a last resort, not a quick fix for any
stupid little girl who didn't pay attention in health class.

People are against and for abortion for many reasons. If you can't see
both sides, then you probably shouldn't be trying to start a debate
about it.
‹Mentality› says:   3 March 2009   148211  
If abortion is murder, then blowjobs are cannibalism and masturbation
is mass genocide.
-Tom Fulp
‹Mentality› says:   3 March 2009   383217  
I do see both sides; it's an unborn baby! A living thing! The
miracle of life! It could grow up and be good for society! But what
it's unwanted, or an accident? Condoms can break, and all types of
contraceptives still have a chance of failing. And there is a much
greater chance that it becomes a criminal than a president.

And I do agree that comparing it to grass and such is a bit harsh, I
shouldn't have gone that far.

I'm just mad at all those people postinmg a stupid "poem" from an
aborted baby's point of view. That baby in the poem was aborted in
seventh month; it still could have survived outside the womb, and
abortion at such a late stage is wrong.

And abc, I'm not forcing every person to get an abortion, and I'm not
glorifying murder (or not trying to, anyway). The world is already
grossly overpopulated, and if people wasnt to get rid of unwanted
babies before the babies can even feel the pain then they should be
able to go ahead and do so.
‹Mentality› says:   3 March 2009   328683  
Also, all my health class taught me about was that smoking and drugs
are bad for you. I got in trouble for asking about sex in health
class. I had to ask an older friend of mine about it, and some people
aren't as lucky and only learn that "sex is gud!!1".
‹hexx› says:   9 May 2009   775238  
Im agenst aborshin. It is murder. There are people that cant have
kids but want them, so wut do they do? ADOPT! Sure there should be
exceptions for rape victums.  Every action has a consequence. If a
minor is stupid enough to have sex then they should pay not they baby.
 You cant drink and drive, crash, then just say "never mind," and
suddenly the crash never happend.  You cant smoke, get lung cancer,
then say " never mind," and suddenly there isnt crap in your lungs any
more. Thats my opinion.
‹Key.:☼:.TakeMeForGranted› says:   9 June 2009   611474  
OMG thankyou<3
finally! some body agree's with me!
Most likely if the mom does not want you and still has you, you could
grow up knowing only neglect and knowing only hunger all because your
seventeen yr. old mother is to busy with her life. that is not even a
i would certainly not want to live like that...
I agree with you 100%
sometimes abortion is just flipin nesscesary!JEEZ PEOPLE!
‹Key.:☼:.TakeMeForGranted› says:   9 June 2009   641472  
i noticed some ppl were saying that "she should have kept her legs
closed" and "she should pay the price for her actions"
but think about the kid people again the mom wont have nothing to do
with something she does not want
im saying she will not always "pay the price" for her actions
heck she could just  leave the baby some where because she is young
and connot handle a job the baby will die anyways!!
and dont even get me started on rape victims!! >
sorry im strong on my opinions 
ChocoCandy says:   12 June 2009   865798  
ABORTION IS OKAY. I mean, my BFF was able to give birth at nine
because her Moroccan heritage caused her to develop early. Now, if,
heaven forbid, she was attacked or anything, would it be fair to make
a 9 year old give birth?
Absolution says:   31 July 2009   822658  
People fail. Look at Sarah Palin, she taught her kids abstinence &
she was against abortion & now she has a teenage daughter with a baby.

I don't see anything wrong with it. I agree 100% with you. People are
cutting trees down everyday & nobody gives a shit. Then people get
upset over something like abortion when people are dying over the
world everyday & people complain about overpopulation.

lol i hate the world. i really, really, do.
tiggerlemon101 says:   9 August 2009   696376  
He/she can feel pain.

I respect everyone's opinion... unless it's uneducated.
Kougie says:   17 August 2009   253775  
Okay, the argument over abortion is completely idiotic. It's
completely legal, and think of the uproar that'd be caused if it was
suddenly unallowed? I am completely and totally NOT against
abortion. It's the woman's fucking body we're talking about.
She has total rights over her body, and since this damn baby is
growing inside her, she has every right to get it removed. Aborted.
Killed. Whatever you want to call it.

It's obvious that those who are against abortion are in the minority.
You've already lost; I highly doubt the government will make it
illegal to have abortions when so many are happening. It would be
against a woman's rights to FORCE her to have a child. Is that what
you want to do? Force people to go through the pain of giving birth
for the sake of someone who could die in a BILLION other, more painful
ways? What if the kid was killed before even reaching eighteen? That
was a waste of a forced life.

And men having a decision is, thankfully, only half bullshit. Yeah,
they should probably talk it out...IF they're a couple and he had
gotten her pregnant. But in the end, what the fuck is he gonna do? She
has any opportunity to go and get that baby aborted without his

And that ends my rant about how abortion is completely and totally
okay. If it was classified as murder to anyone other than the
pussbuckets who whine too much, wouldn't it be illegal? 
‹ERASED› says:   17 August 2009   978899  
This is completely useless. There will be no definite conclusion,
considering that there are millions of opinions still raging to this
very day. I cannot say what is 'wrong' or 'right'. We are living
organisms. We eat, crap, reproduce, and eventually die. I can't say
what happens after that. Many living creatures die every day. It's
like a cycle. Heck, even male ants die after they get the queen ant
pregnant. Bees die after they use their only defense mechanism. Our
skin sheds and dies every day even!

Should it be rejected? Should is be approved? Should the mother use
their own wishes to decide on what they want to do with the fetus? I
can't say. In opinion, I am more closer to decision. Everyone has a
will to do what they would like, even if it is against what other
people claim to be as 'wrong'. Make your decisions wisely, and you
will live to your own desired comfort.
Kingroxas says:   11 September 2009   685725  
uh......Im a guy.................. Can I still be Pro abortion?
BEcause I support it 100%. I just wann know If it's okay with women.
‹goodfornothing› says:   11 September 2009   114872  
to anti-abortioners:
what if you find out the baby will be deformed? sick? is it okay to
save it's suffering now?
tiggerlemon101 says:   21 October 2009   341962  
If you're stupid enough to let him in your pants, you deserve it.

-Rape under age 16 (If Iwas raped, I'd still have the baby and I'm
-Mental retardation of child  (I'd still take the chance, though.  My
cousin was told to abort her baby because she would have developmental
delays and might kill my cousin.  However, she kept the baby, who is
nowa healthy 33-month-old.  My cousin is also alive and well.)
lunasan says:   21 October 2009   699719  
uh, don't forget:
 -broken cons
szrene99 says:   29 September 2010   750026  
It's not technically abortion until the egg is actually fertilized, i
agree that abortion helps girls sometimes, but you want to know a sad
 Most would-be-mothers that abort their babies go into
sever depression when they relize what they did. 
my older sister aborted her daughter and then killed herself a few
months later. she wrote in her suiside letter "i can't live without
her (the baby) i'm a monster for doing what i did, and i diserve to
all of her reasons for aborting my would-be-niece were totaly
self-less and important, but my sis still couldn't live with what she
lunasan says:   30 September 2010   383752  
I'm sorry about what happened to your sister.

But if that is indeed  a fact, I for one would like to know your
BoondockSaint suggests:   16 November 2011   607600  
Maybe someone needs to reassess her complete lack of care for human
life. Maybe someone needs to reassess her complete lack of faith in
Oh, and you think it's cool to have demon wings on your back? You
think that makes you look dark or emo? You wouldn't think that if you
actually met one. And yes, this is directed at <mentality>. Get real.
Zelda3443 says:   26 March 2012   983979  
Well someone's an asshole *cough @BoondockSaint cough* 
I think there's nothing wrong with abortion. Within the first and
early second term of pregnancy anyways. People use religion as an
excuse to try and make abortion illegal, which is so fucked up. This
isn't the 1800s, some of us don't believe in that shit. 
iwasonceone12 says :   10 October 2012   257308  
Um yeah i was raped when i was a little girl and if i had a child i
would not abort that child even if the child was born from me being
raped its wrong and im sorry so many of you disagree please think
about it did you know that in 

Week 8: Toes and fingers develop, while the face gets more defined

When you're between 7 and 8 weeks pregnant, your baby's body parts and
proportions continue to develop and change quickly. Here's what's
going on during your 8th week of pregnancy:

    At 8 weeks pregnant, your baby is more than 1/2 of an inch long
— around the length of a lima bean.
    Your baby's tiny fingers and toes develop.
    His arms and legs grow longer.
    By the 8th week of your pregnancy, his wrists, elbows, and ankles
are visible.
    His eyelids form, and his ears, upper lip, and nose tip become
more defined. 

you may say you get the baby to god faster but your getting yourself
farther away and into satans arms and everyone who has aborted regrets
it their whole life i know a lot of people who have and they cry every
single night and they want god to fill the hole thats in their heart
but it always stays there forever. Im not trying to be rude, and if
men dont have a say in the abortion and only a girl does a scared girl
who cant think straight and is lost and confused then who is gonna
have a sound mind? you know i bet that if the girl or woman or whoever
it is could ask the baby im sure the baby would say dont. what did the
baby do wrong? nothing thats what my sister in law was raped and she
had a baby and without my brother there to help her through it she
would have been so hurt but since he was there she was a lot better it
still hurts but it helped a lot and people can talk and say i dont
care kill the baby kill it its not alive yet but it is its already
apart of you. and all of you can hate me and cuss at me but i will
always be praying for those who dont see the beauty in children god
bless you and help you to see and sorry this was so long

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