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And, This Just In...Category: (general)
Monday, 17 November 2008
08:34:45 PM (GMT)
1) Can you take this without deleting any questions?
sure, lets try

2) What's going on between you and the last person you kissed?
she's this girl that i sorta kinda like. a lot 

3) What was your worst mistake in your life?
*no regrets*

4) Would you get back with your last ex if they asked you?
no, i'm moving forward and so should she

5) What's something you really want right now, be honest.
for her to be my girlfriend...

6) Last time you had butterflies in your stomache?
today at lunch.  <3

7) Does anything on your body hurt right now?
my head...

 Who was the last person to disappoint you?

9) Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with?
natalya and mike (different convos)

10) What are you listening to?
"The Future Freaks Me Out" --motion city soundtrack

11)Whats a quote from a song that you are listening to?
*"I try to compensate her lack of love with coffee cake"

*"I'm on fire and now I think I'm ready to bust a move"

12) How are you feeling?

13) Do you know someone in jail?
haha not yet

14) What about in DGA?
uhm...pardon my naiveness, is that?

15) Where were you at 2:00 this morning?
tossing and turning in bed

16) Who did you copy this from?
my wifey, lmao

17) How do you know them?
we're married! ((on kupika))

1 Do you wear glasses?
i wear my sunglasses at night

((dude, i've been wanting to hear that song for AGES, i'm gonna youtube that

19) Anywhere you'd rather be right now?
uhm...idk. i'd like to be somewhere WARM, that's fer damn sure...

20) Are you going anywhere for the next summer?
how the hell should i know?? i don't pre-plan my summer vacays in friggin FALL...

21) Do you have plans today?
eat, watch tv, sleep.

22) Waiting for someone to call?
actually, i might call her 

23) Will you call them if they dont call?
haha wow, you're a mind reader...creepy...

24) What's a fact about the last person who had their arms around you?
she makes the butterflies in my stomach go crazy

25) Where did you get the shirt you are wearing?
a concert from 2007

26) Could you go a day without eating?
no cuz i'm a fatty, and i need/like food

27) Do you know anyone that smokes weed?
hahahaha, that's like asking if a kid likes candy


28 Do you still talk to the last person you dated?
nah, she's kinda bitchy now.

29) Have you ever kissed anyone whose name started with a D?
dierdre. isn't that THEE coolest name?? i loved it. but we were both kinda tipsy at
the time, so it didn't matter. we're friends still 

30) Do your parents force you to go to church or let you make the decision?

31) When it comes to the opposite sex what is your type?
one who i can have an intellectual conversation with. and one who knows simple stuff
like what conquistador means.
not only do you learn this in spanish, but you learn it in social studies.
if you're reading this and you can tell me ((WITHOUT looking it up! you cheater...))
what it means, send a message
with the definition and I will send you an online high-five. and a heart thing from

32) Where is the furthest place you've traveled?
Canada, rofl (i love Canada! ♥

33) What's your current location?
my room

34) Can you do splits?
yyyyea-- NO.

35) What was the last thing you drank?

36) What is for dinner tonight?
salsbury steak?

37) Does your ex miss you?

3 Does anyone love you?
there's a someone out there for everyone. i just hope mine is the one i've got my
heart set on

39) How has the week been?

40) Does the last person you shared a bed with mean anything to you?
yeah she's my best friend! 

41) Do you curse in front of your parents?
 i try not to lol

42) Are you slowly driftng away from someone?

43) What girl/boy can you tell everything to?
nina, jason, and mike

44) Have you ever kissed anyone who's name started with a B?
uhm...idk actually. well, i kissed bianca on the cheek, but that doesnt count,

45) Did anyone see you kiss the last person you kissed?
nope  that's what made it special (well, to me)

46) When a friend walks out of your life, do you go after them or let them go?
hmmm...that's a tough one. depending on their relationship with me, i could do either
or, ya know?

47) Have you ever fallen asleep in someones arms?

4 Do you still talk to the person you last kissed?
yep! we talked today at lunch

49) Does anyone hate you?
idunno. maybe

50) Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?
not everyone

51) Have you ever seen your best friend cry?
yeah, and it hurt worst than any physical pain i've ever endured... 

52) Do you dance in the car?
fer sure!!

53) Do you walk around naked?
all the time 

SIMMIY1_0_1 says :   22 November 2008   839999  
cant say all of that

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