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Was That An Angel?Category: (general)
Saturday, 15 November 2008
05:56:36 PM (GMT)
A teenage girl  is walking along a  bank of a small  river during 
a rainstorm.She was deeply lost.

   Meanwhile not that far away, there was a man sitting on a chair on the porch of
his house.  He looked out toward the river that was 30 to 35 feet away. He sees a
figure walking along the river. He gets  up and walks to the  edge of his porch. He
sees it's a girl who looks lost.   "Are u lost ??"calls the man."    "Yes I am
lost," calls the girl while she walks toward the man. "Could you help me??" She says
as she finally makes it the the man.     The man thinks on what to do. He doesn't
want her in his house, but he dosen't want to leave here in the rain.   Mintues go
by. The rain stats to come down harder.       The girl turns her head to look at the
river. She turns back. "We have to leave! The river is over flowing!!"the girl says.
The man and the girl go to the man's truck. They start the car and drive away. When
they are a few feet out of the way the man stops and they both look back at the
house.  The water flows right throught house and takes chairs, floor boards, and
other items the the man had.T hey start driving again.
 Looks at the man and gives him a look as if  to say sorry.He nods his head.Slience
fills the saddness."Whats ur name??"asked the man to end the slience.The girl looks
up. "I'm Alice GreenWord."They keep talking and asking each other questions and it
lightens the mood.   They start to feel better and have a great time.They have so
much  they forget what there
what there doing they even forget the car.  The car starts to spin in the mud.It
spins and flips.Then the car finally stops.The car lays on its side.Everything goes
                    *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * *  *  *  *
 Two days later the man wakes up in the  hospital.The  man looks around.He looks
and sees where Alice is.Shes not here.A nurse walks by. "Wheres Alice ?!?"The nurse 
stops and looks at him. He repeats the question."Wheres Alice??  Alice Greenword.The
girl who was with me in the car!!!Where is she?!?"He says and starts to get out of
the bed.  The nurse lays him back on the bed and tells him to calm down.There was no
one else in the truck with you.
                         *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * *  *  *  *
  A week later the hospital let the man  go home."Thanks!!"says the man.He gets in
his truck  and starts to drive away. On the way  he rembers seeing his house getting
caried away by the water.    He feels that there is nothing to go home to.When he
gets to his house or whats left of it.He steps out of his truck.He looks at his
house his mouth drops open is shock not shock that its  gone but shock that its
still there. "How can this be??"he said.H runs up to it touchs everything.   Dry all
dry.   He opens the door. touchs everything in there too and still dry.He steps out
on the porch and looks at the river.He sees a figure by the river.  Its Alice!!  
She waves and the man  waves back.He turns his head  to the house and then turns
back to Alice but, when he does        
   she's gone.

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