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Sunday, 2 November 2008
06:49:17 PM (GMT)
Wow. A dozen chapters!. (As if it matters. Nobody reads this story but knowing I've
gotten this far makes me feel good.)

Chapter Twelve: Julie.
     I'm really getting sick of this.
We're in a bookstore/ coffee house and Emily is trying to help me learn French
"again". But from the looks of it, I'm lucky I can speak Enlish. French is
simply not going to happen. They have several words for you, depending on age, gender
and social class. Chuck that noise! Chuck it off a cliff, and laugh when you hear it
go splat!
     They say English is the second hardest language there is tpo learn, next to
Chinease. I don't get it! If I want to talk to a rich person what do I say?
You! A poor person? You! A child? You! A boy? You! what
about if they're a member of my family? YOU!!! Geez. These French people have
to make everything so much more complicated...
     And for all the words for "you" there's only one word for "me". You can't say
"It's just me, myself and I." in French because "Me" and "I" and the same. "Je.".
What happened to moi?! I just don't get it. And while I dispair over my knowledge of
French (or lack there of) Bill, the typical teenager, dispaired over bad cellphone
     "Gah! I can't get a signal anywhere!" A employee comes over to ask what's wrong.
Bill responded "Exuse-moi monsieur, mais pourriez-vous m'indiquer la direction de la
phonebooth plus proche?"
"Dude calm down. This bookstore's a tourist trap. Tons of romantic poetry for
honey-moon couples does that so all empolyee's have to know fluent English. The pay
phones are over there." The worker said, pointing near a bath room sign. "Oh.
Thanks." Said Bill, heading it that direction. I took this oppurtunity to escape
Emily who was attempting to teach me about French pronouns.
     "Hey Bill! Who do you need to call so bad?" I asked, striding over to the
phones. Bill paused with his fingure over a four. "Julie. I didn't see her after we
left the boat, and she made me promise to call her to resque her from her Evil Aunt."
He answered. Oh yeah. I suppose Julie must have been on the boat for some reason...
(I sorta assumed she was just there.)
     "So many questions... Let's start with her needing resqueing from an evil
relative." "I'm sure she was just kidding. Her aunt is really old and doesn't like
her parents marrige, and wants Julie over there for a couple of months each year so
she can be raised 'properly'. From what I gathered she is not a very pleasant woman.
Julie seemed really freaked out in fact. Now quiet, I'm trying to dial."
Bill read the phono number written on his palm before dialing. We waited in silence,
Bill listening to the ring and me watching his expression to see when Julie picked.
     "What?! What do you want?" Shouted a cranky voice from the phone. Bill fliched
and held the phone away from his ear. She's shouting, I noted. "Bonjour madame. Mon
nom est Bill." said bill politely. "Don't be so bloody cheeky! I spoke English, I
did! Don't you assume I'm some stupid old woman who doesn't know any language but
French! I know Enlgish, I do! Speak English, you accent get's on my nerves." Bill
brought the phone back to his head to say "Forgive me. I was trying to accomdate you.
It would have been rude to speak my language in your country without knowing if you
spoke it as well."
    "Rude? Rude?! Rude is calling my house! Why are you calling?!" She shouted,
causing Bill to remove the phone from his ear for the third time. "I just wanted to
speak to your niece Julie." He said.
then he pressed the phone to his ear and I squezed my head near his to hear what the
woman said, only to hear a rather vicous chuckle before she said softly "Don't
you be worrying about her. She's going to be very busy, oh yes. If she's lucky
you'll be seeing her soon- her visit may be cut very short. Don't be calling this
number any more boy, if you don't want Julie to get in trouble."
    Bills eyes widend, but he kept his voice calm. "You'll tell her I called?" "I'll
give her your number, I have caller ID. Don't be calling back now."- Click.
Bill paled, and leaned against the wall swearing in several languages. Emily bounced
over to us. "What's wrong?" she asked.
    Bill took a moment to organize his thoughts. "There's deffinatley something
wrong. She didn't want anyone calling her house, and she wouldn't let me talk to
Julie." He said. "Well that's not so suspicous. If she's forcing Julie to be a young
lady maybe boys shouldn't be calling her. And she could have had a book on her head,
practicing posture or something." "No... No something is really wrong." I told Emily.
I then added "Bill why'd you call the lady's house?
    Bill paled further. "I... I didn't! I used Julie's cellphone number. And she said
she had caller ID and she'd give Julie my number but I used a public phone."
We stood in shock. This fell sterictly into the catagory of "over our heads." Then
Emily said "Let's go tell Frank."

Rin_Sohma says:   5 November 2008   219566  
First comment. This story is dead. nobody reads it.
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   14 November 2008   222468  
No its not! I love the book, I've just ben so punchished I couldn't
read it!

Write on, dude, write on!
Kirti says :   16 November 2008   173494  
lol, thanks, okay!


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