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Werewolves, Anybody?Category: School
Friday, 31 October 2008
05:43:16 AM (GMT)
So I had to do a report on werewolves (with a group of three others) and I thought
that maybe someone else would like to read it...

Creature Research


Werewolves are actually really cool and are different from what you are probably
thinking of right now. You might be thinking of the Hollywood version of the werewolf
or maybe another kind of werewolf. Want to know what they really look like? Do they
eat human beings? Do they really shape-shift in a full moon? All of these questions
and many other questions can be answered in this freaky, scary report about

You know, we believe that nobody really knows where werewolves really come from.
There are origins and stories in history that date back all the way to when the
Greeks ruled. In Ancient Greece, they believed that there was a disease that would
change a person into a werewolf and wreak havoc. This disease is called lycanthropy,
which comes from the Greek words lykos and anthropos, which means “wolf” and
“man” respectively. In another legend, it is said that the werewolves were normal
people that were turned into a werewolf by witchcraft. In this case, you couldn’t
turn back and you were a werewolf forever. The only way they could turn back to human
was by going back to the person who turned you into a wolf, back to human. 

There are also stories of werewolf sightings too. The first ever-documented sighting
was near Cologne, Germany in the late 1500’s. Around this time, there were stories
of wolves attacking people, something that they rarely do. One day, a group of angry
villagers managed to surround a really big wolf, and they set their dogs on it.
Instead of running, it turned into a man, or the story goes. This man was Peter
Stubbe, who later confessed to the murders of sixteen people while disguised as a
wolf, or maybe even as a werewolf.        

Do you ever wonder why werewolves are scary? Want to find out? Well they’re scary
because people have a natural instinct to be scared of the unknown. Werewolves are
different from the animals that we are used to. They could also be scary because they
are shape-shifters, which are humans who can change into an animal and back again.
This is scary because you may never know whether or not your friends, family, or even
your teachers are werewolves, if they are real. But the more common reason why they
are scary is because they are known to lust human flesh and blood. They are good
combatants, and because their bodies have features that are designed for ripping and
killing, no one in their right mind would want to fight one. They are also quick
healers, so anything you did to try to stop a werewolf would be futile. Their
enhanced senses might also make them seem frightening, as most of their senses are
better than the average human’s. Their vision is as good at dark as it is during
the day, and their sense of smell is better than a dog’s. Their hearing is also

Werewolves are generally thought of the Hollywood version, which consist of the
werewolf to have black beady eyes, fangs, fur, no tail, and maybe some torn human
clothing. The Hollywood version of a werewolf has been glamorized in many films, such
as the 1957 movie I was a Teenage Werewolf and the 2004 movie Van Helsing.

Other than the Hollywood werewolf, there are 4 main types of werewolves that are
recognized around the world. These are the Lokoti, North American, Asian, and
European werewolves. Lokoti werewolves are the most human of all because they keep
their own human bodies when they morph. They get much stronger though, their eyes
glow, and their fingernails elongate and sharpen to a point. North American
werewolves are said to have completely black eyes, only four toes, and all brown fur.
They can only die with any type of bullet shot into their heart, not only a silver
one, although they are still allergic to silver. The Asian werewolf is the one that
looks most like a wolf. It has silvery-gray coat and has completely white eyes with a
small black dot the size of a pinprick for a pupil. It runs on all fours all the
time, unlike the other types of werewolves. The European werewolf is the largest and
strongest of all werewolves. It can run on all fours or on its hind legs. They grow
twice as tall and three times as wide when they transform, and they also have glowing
green eyes. But the scariest part is that their strength increases by 100 times! 

            “Her arms and face grew hairy,

            And her voice became a roar

            In some ways she looked better

            Then she’d ever looked before”

That was a poem from The Gargoyle on the Roof by Jack Prelutsky and Peter Sis. There
have been many poems and stories written about werewolves since the early centuries.
If you were to go to a bookstore today you would find books like “Shapeshifter”,
“Ulrik”, “Beast Nights”, “Cycle of the Werewolf”, “The Complete
Werewolf”, and “The Blood Wolf”.  These books all feature werewolves and
adventures they encounter.

This concludes our report on werewolves. And now we have only one question we’d
like for you to think about after you finish this. Do you believe in werewolves?

(c) callie11
Last edited: 31 October 2008

Link_13 says :   1 November 2008   538623  
Wow! I never knew so much about werewolfs! Thanks!


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