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Aplecragg Village - Chapter IIICategory: (general)
Wednesday, 22 October 2008
02:19:18 PM (GMT)
Yesterday was a normal day for Laveda. Disagreeing but yet abiding her mother's
rules and wishes, watching over her younger siblings, doing her daily chores and
dreaming, looking at the grey, dull sky. But today was different, it had all changed.
Laveda was on the other side of the door, going against everything her mother had
said and told her, not taking her responsibilities at home but abandoning them. And
for what? A dangerous, silly adventure? But it wasn't silly, not to Laveda. She felt
like she needed to do this, to find out for herself. She felt a stab of guilt
everytime she thought about it so she tried to take her mind off it as she walked
down the narrow streets. 
The wind had died down as it turned to midday. The streets were uneven cobbles and
Laveda watched groups of people that hung around certain areas, keeping to
themselves. She passed a few people who were preoccupied with their own affairs to
notice her stares. They weren't like her, well, they didn't look like her. A few of
them did but most of them didn't. But they weren't demons. Not the horrific creatures
her mother had described them, anyway. 
Laveda noticed that the streets were eerily silent although many creatures she had
passed were talking, maybe she could not hear them? She still remembered her way home
although she'd been walking for some time.
Suddenly, a strange and interesting aroma of winter spices filled the air, sweet and
light, enticing Laveda towards the source of this new sensation. Soon, she heard
eerie, lively music entrancing her, making her forget everything. Why she had come
out. The way home. Her family. Everything.
She finally came to a busy market place filled with bright, vibrant colours, loud,
piercing noices and with weird and extraordinary purchases and people.
Laveda was bedazzled by such an exotic place that united creature and human alike, in
such a random location in the town...

Dante leant another one of his paitings against his table, attracting more buyers
into Dante's work. 
"Business looks good this week." Keely cheerfully commented to Dante. He grabbed her
hand and pulled her closer.
"Well, I have you to thank for it, you're my lucky charm, KeeKee," He replied. "I've
left one of my paintings at home, would you mind getting it for me, it's just that
I've got to mind the stall."
"Course." And Keely grabbed her green bag and slung it over her shoulder. She kissed
him goodbye as she left the stall and made her way through the busy market. She
picked up her special clip-stick and wrapped her long, straight, black hair and
pulled it up away from her face, leaving it in a messy bun with loose strands flowing
in the wind.
She left the market and the streets became eerily silent. This always made her
shudder. She still wasn't used to this village no matter how hard she tried to fit
in. But she didn't need to fit in. She had Dante and that's all she needed. Someone
to hold her, want her, love her. And Dante was the perfect man. He was a talented,
artistic poet who was deeper than anyone she had ever met. But yet, something felt
odd. She felt empty, like she needed more but this was all she ever wanted. She just
felt confused.
Keely was in another world, thinking, that she hadn't even heard the second set of
footsteps. It was only when the sharp pain of a rock hitting the back of Keely's head
that she knew someone was following her. 
Another hard, cold, ragid rock hammered her head, making her head throb as she felt
the blood trickle down her neck. She then got rammed to a building, slamming into a
cold, damp, solid wall, bruising her shoulder. She had been taken by surprise but now
she came to her senses and saw a shape bound towards her. She kicked her leg out,
making her attacker sprawl back. Keely grabbed the oppurtunity and ran, clutching the
back of her head. 
She heard the attacker pound after her, closing in. All she could do was run. She
tried turning corners sharply but the attacker kept up the pace with ease. She didn't
know where she was or where any of the dark, secret alleys were where she could go
and hide.
The attacker was almost upon her now and she could hear the breath of it, slow and
Suddenly, a deep THUMP!!! came behind Keely and the running stopped. She slowed down
and gave a quick glimpse behind her and saw a tall, dark shadow on top of her
follower pounding at it. She carried on running, trying to find an alley or somewhere
to hide. She found this gap in between the buildings and bolted for it. She came to a
pile of bins and crouched behind it, catching her breath. 
Eventually, she heard footsteps coming towards the alley she was hiding in. She held
her breath and scrunched up tighter, looking at the ground and it felt like time just
slowed down. The footsteps stopped. 
But then a shadow approached and Keely saw a pair of legs stand in front of her.
This was it, she thought. I've got no where else to run, I can't run. Not no more. 
There was a moment of silence as Keely was waiting to be killed/robbed or whatever
this creature had planned to do. 
But what seemed like a lifetime and nothing had happened. Keely plucked up the
courage to slowly draw her head up to see her follower. Standing in front of her was
a tall, slender man who had a very pale complexion, dark, black eyes and thin,
colourless lips. She already knew what he was. A vampire. She had not seen any in her
lifetime but had heard very vicious rumours about them. But it wasn't her follower,
not the one who had thrown the rocks. 
He held out his hand.
"You can thank me later." He muttered sofly flashing a charming smile showing his
unusual-shaped teeth.

‹Sophie<3› says:   22 October 2008   363428  
OMG! more
XD yaaay vampire
The_Dead_Writer says:   13 November 2008   347671  
I like this chapter too. I can feel for the characters. That's good.
Keep up the good work!
‹TheRulerofNightmares› says :   13 November 2008   569858  
This is awesome! You're really good at writing stories! 


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