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Chapter 8 Of my story <3Category: fanfiction
Sunday, 19 October 2008
11:01:03 PM (GMT)
Sorry I havent been writing!!! D:

Chapter 8

The next Day....

"Naru-kun wake up!" Akira yelled to the blond. "Mmm more ramen.'' Naruto said
drooling in his sleep. Akira sighed, at this rate they were goig to be late to the
academy. Then she thought of something. Akira knelled down, and kissed Naruto's lips.
She got the reaction she was aiming for: Naruto's eyes instantly snapped open, and
kissed her back. "What a wake up call!" he said smiling. ''Come o Naru-kun! Were
going to be late!" akira yelled. She began to ran to the academy. Naruto followed.


"Ah Ms.Hazumi, and Mr.Uzumaki right on time.'' Iruka noted. The kids flashed smiled
at each other. They took there seats next to each other. Akira made sure Naruto sat
far away from Sakura, and Naruto made sure that Akira was on the end of the row, free
from her fan boys. Secretly, they held hands under the table. "Aww how cute!" A voice
cooed. The couple looked up, to see Rose smiling down at them. "Rose! Dont scare me
like that!" Akira snapped. "Sorry!" Rose said faking a frown. Kiba smiled at Rose,
and looked away blushing. Naruto noticed this and smiled evilly. Naruto would get
Kiba back for making fun of him, oh yes he would. "Now class, today we wil be
perfecting our Substitution Jutsu, the genin exams may be far away, but practice will
never hurt!" Mizuki said bringing Naruto from his evil plot to humiliate Kiba.
Everyone (except Kiba, Rose and Akira) glared at Naruto with pure haterid in there
eyes. Ino had a look that screamed, "Mess up and your dead.'' Naruto just glared back
at them. So did Akira, Kiba, and Rose. They quickly looked away from Roses glare. It
was a glare that could put Sasuke's, and Neji's to shame. Even Hyuga Hiashi (Hinata's
dad) would back down. "Now who would like to go first?" Iruka asked. Sasuke's hand
was instantly in the air, making some girls squeal. "Hmm, Naruto!" Mizuki said
pointing at the blond kitsune.  "Um, okay.'' Naruto blushed. He walked up to the
front of the class, and gulped. He could feel Akira's eyes staring him down. Feeling
the need to impress her, Naruto tried his best. He made the hand sign and......he mad
a perfect substitution clone of the hokage. Everyone's jaw dropped. Naruto THE Naruto
that would make the hokage with huge lips, or a fat body, did this. A 'poof!' sound
was heard, and Naruto was standing there blushing, and scratching his head. ''Did I
do well Akira-chan?" he asked. "That was awesome Naru-kun!" Akira cheered. "I wanna
go next!" she said smiling. She walked up to the room, and then said, "Oh yeah, this
is my first jutsu.'' she giggled nervously. "You can do it Akira!" Rose yelled. "Show
them what Hazumi's are made of!" she added her fist punching the air. "Your right!''
Akira yelled. She did the same hand sign, and also made a perfect jutsu. "HELL
YEAH!!!' Rose yelled fire in her eyes. Akira smiled at her sisters feisty attitude.
"Fine Rose, your next!" Akira said. "Fine!" Rose said. She ran up to the room, and
made the hand sign. Except she had so much adrenaline inside her, Rose not only made
a substitution, she also made 30 others! Mizuki and Iruka's mouth dropped. Never had
a student made clones of a substitute. The clones poofed away and Rose was her normal
self again. Except she felt very tired, as if she ran a marathon. "that
was......awe-'' Rose didnt finish her sentence, instead she sunk to her knees. Akira,
Kiba and Naruto were at her side in an instant. Iruka  immediately called for an ANBU

~5 mins later~

Two ANBU men wearing cat masks, were waiting at the window. Most of the girls had
hearts in there eyes. They went over to Rose, and gently picked her up. "Were taking
her to be checked out.'' One of them explained. They both dissapered in a flourish of
leaves. Akira and Kiba prayed that Rose would be okay.

Ya have to wait for the next chapter!!! >D

Naono says:   19 October 2008   769648  
this is good!
missfuzzball says :   20 October 2008   729147  
ya its ok no affence


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