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Monday, 29 September 2008
04:11:02 PM (GMT)
A city in which anything is possible.
A city that fell from the inside out.
A girl of Fate. A werewolf on a journey. A vampire needing to make a decision between
friendship or his life. All somehow connected to save a world they once called their
home but time has frozen them from never changing, only to wait centuries before the
final battle occurs.

“ Selena” my grandmother called. “ Yes” I answered. “ Go into the woods and
fetch some firewood so we can cook tonight’s meal.” I dropped the broom I was
using and went into the woods that I had entered many times before to collect the
wood. It was getting dark so I knew I was going to have to use the fire soon. Each
witch and warlock is born with a special elemental power, like water, wind, earth,
and fire. Water and earth are the most common because there is so much of it around
us. Wind is frequent but not common. Fire is rare …… very rare. So lucky me got
the fire elemental power, but mine is not the normal fire you see every day… my
fire is blue with a red orange trim. After sometime I found several pieces of wood
and was heading back, when I heard a cry. A cry of pain and sadness. I dropped the
wood I was carrying and went to find this animal or person. It didn’t take me long
to see and huge animal being surrounded by many other animals. That’s when I used
my fire.  It illuminated in my palm full of power and light. All eyes turned on me,
glowing red and full of death.  I noticed that they were a huge pack of wolves. I
took a step closer; they backed away then laid down. “ That’s better.” I
stepped over them and went to the one that was injured. The wolf’s left side was
slashed and his eye had been cut right from the eyebrow all the way down across his
eye and then stopped on his cheekbone. The wolf was larger than I expected, then
right before my eyes it changed. The legs turned to human legs, a face and torso.
Right in front of me was a boy 12 or 13 I assumed, with only pants on and no shirt.
His left side was bleeding and a cut was clearly seen underneath his right eye. He
groaned, so out of instinct I picked him up and carried him back to out little house
so grandmother could fix him up.

   “ Is he going to be ok?” I asked. “ Don’t worry dearest he’ll be as good
as new in no time.” Grandmother answered full of confidence. I looked down at him
he seemed so peaceful, his chest was completely wrapped up in bandages. “
Grandmother” “ Hm?”   I didn’t know how to put this so I went out an said it
“ He’s a werewolf.” She chuckled. “ Oh I can see that dear, he’s so much
bigger than the normal boys around here.” He stirred, and then his eyes slowly
fluttered open. “ Huh, where am I?” I laughed. “In the hands of an old woman
and a girl.” I answered. “ Well that’s better than, my parents- WAIT MY
PARENTS!!” He was about to jump up when I pushed him back down “ Whoa, wait a
second what's going on?”  Then something weird happened, my hands were on his
shoulders, and I felt this like jolt of energy surge through me. I felt more… more
free or was it a feeling of being wild? Then something even stranger happened I felt
these “things” pop out of head I felt my head and guess what? There were 2 ears!!
“ Oh my gosh what's happening?” I yelled in shock. Then a tail next, I ran to my
room and shut the door yelling in the process “ I’m not coming out, I’m a
freak!!” I heard my grandmother’s muffled laugher. Then I heard a louder laugh.
“ That was hilarious you should of seen your face!” That’s when I stormed out
and hit the kid on top of the head and yelled in his face “ You want to say that
again?” He shook his head, whining a little. “ Now that that’s over with
what’s your name kid?” I asked still in his face. “ Kyden, yours?” I
chuckled. “ Selena nice to meet you.” I stuck out my hand. I can’t wait to see
his face when he realizes how hot my hand will be. I laughed to myself. He took my
hand then yelled. He put his hand in his mouth. “That’s for insulting me.” He
whined again. “ Selena, say sorry to Kyden that was rude!” Grandmother yelled.
“ Sorry” I mumbled. “ It’s ok, I shouldn’t have said that.”  That’s
when I smelled food. It was Grandma’s famous chicken soup. I looked over at her and
she nodded. I grabbed Kyden and pulled him into a seat. I grabbed 3 bowls and set the
table. I pulled the ladle out of the pot and tasted the soup. “MMMMmmmmm.” I
sighed. I brought the pot over and began pouring out the soup in generous amounts,
since Kyden was a werewolf I gave him a little extra. Before I even sat down Kyden
was done and leaning back in the chair rubbing his belly and had a satisfied smile on
his face. “ That’s better than the best rabbit I’ve tasted in years!” he
explained. “ Glad you like it” I said just about finishing mine. “I’ll be in
my study if you need me” I got up and left the room heading to my study.
    My study is the biggest room in the house, the east and west wall are covered in
a large bookcases while the northern wall has a fireplace. Sitting diagonal to the
fireplace are 2 chairs, each made of leather. In the center is my desk, filled with
quill pens and stationary. Also there was a closet where I kept a ladder to get to
the higher shelves of my book case, just in case I didn’t want to just use magic to
get a book out. I was looking for one book in specific, a book about werewolves. I
walked over to my closet and pulled out the large ladder, I rolled the ladder over to
the east wall and climbed to the top shelf. Each book I had labeled for specific
purposes; herbs, protection spells, chants, and creatures… like a werewolf for
instance. I wasn’t sure if Kyden or I was an Ana magus. An Ana magus is a person
who assumes the shape of a wolf while a werewolf has no choice, due to a full moon. I
kept looking in all the books and I figured I was an Ana magus while Kyden was a
werewolf. I walked over to my door and looked into my mirror. I saw the mirror blur
than saw Kyden walking over to the door. I quickly grabbed a random book and went
started a fire and sat in a chair. But just before he was about to knock I said “
Come in.” I heard a gasp then the door opened. I heard him walk quietly admiring
the room. “ Jeez where did you get all these books?” he asked dumbfounded. “ I
know people.” I said turning towards him.  I gestured to the chair “ Take a
seat.” He walked over and sat down. “This place is HUGE …… how did you do
this?” I smirked. “ Magic” I put my palm face up and there it was the fire.
Blue and dangerous. “ So… what have you been doing in here?”  I looked down at
the book and then gave it to him. He chuckled when he saw the cover. “ Learning
about me, huh? Haha, very funny.” He said sarcastically. That’s when we heard my
grandmother knock on the door. “ You two in there, its time for bed so get
ready.” She stated. 
  I got up and walked to the door, “Coming?” “ Yeah, Yeah” I went in my room
and went to my closest and pulled out some extra blankets. “ You can sleep in my
bed, for tonight.” I continued. “I’ll make your room tomorrow, OK” He nodded
and jumped into my bed. I got everything situated and laid down on the floor on the
right side of the bed. “ You smell good,” he said sighing. “Uh…. thanks?” I
said not really sure how to answer. “ Night Kyden” I said. “ G’night
Selena.” I couldn’t sleep that night due to, one a very loud snoring werewolf,
and two, I realized when I brought Kyden back there was more than enough wood for
tonight’s meal. Did grandma know Kyden was injured, did she plan this? So I got up
and went to my closet and pressed my hand against the inside wall. The wall shifted
inward and a staircase appeared. I walked up and looked around the room. The room was
small and cozy the only thing in the room was a chair and many portraits on the
walls. The portraits are of my parents done by the famous Vangoh and DaVinci. I sat
in the chair in the middle of the room and just looked around at each one, giving it
a quick second of admiration.  Then I heard “ Huh, where did Selena go?” I
laughed darkly. With a quick gesture of my hand the wall closed and I was in a room
with eyes on me in all directions. I don’t know when, but I was asleep and I heard
a voice, “ You’ll never avenge them… You’re to weak.” “Stop” I
whispered.  “Getting help from a puppy and a dirty old hag.” “ Stop, Please
stop.”  “ I’m not sure if I should kill you now, since you’re so
vulnerable.”  “Stop,” I said a bit louder. That’s when I felt all the air in
the room go heavy and then I was pressed against a wall. “You’ll never kill me
Selena.” The person whispered right in my ear. That’s when I screamed!
  Kyden woke up to the sound of screaming. Who was that? “ SELENA!!!” I, (Kyden)
sat up and ran into her study and everywhere in the house. Then I heard pounding from
above and her screaming was louder. So since I was a werewolf I changed and jumped
right up into the ceiling and I saw her. Pressed up against the wall by an invisible
force. Then she dropped but was still writhing on the floor. I changed back and
walked over to her. I placed my hand on her forehead, it was burning hot!! I picked
her up and jumped down through the hole again. Her grandmother was down in the
kitchen, and was walking back with a cloth in her hand. “ Put her down on the
couch,” She said. I laid her down; I noticed her face. It was clear to see she was
in pain. Then she spoke “ Grandma, Kyden, make the pain go away.” She whimpered.
“ I know Selena, we’ll make it go away.” Her grandmother said in a soothing
voice. She then placed the cloth on her head and as soon as she did that her face
went back to normal, her breathing evened and she finally looked peaceful. I walked
over and said “ Selena, you can wake up now.” Then before I knew it she was
clinging onto me and was crying into my chest. “ Kyden it was so scary, he said he
was going to kill you.” She sobbed. I didn't know how to react so…I let her cry
until she was calm enough to talk. That’s when she sat up right and plucked a hair
right out of my head! “Owww what was that for?” I asked. Then she got up and did
the same thing to her grandmother. “I’ll be right back.” I waited like a half
and hour until she finally came back. In her hand was a pouch. “ Wait here I’ll
be back in 2 minutes.” With that she left and closed the front door to this house.
The house I will now call my home.
Last edited: 4 November 2008

‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   29 September 2008   762188  
wow! that was such a great story! once I started reading it I couldnt
stop! u should write more stories like that!  I loved it!
VampireChic101 says:   29 September 2008   957956  
‹Shadow♥› says:   30 September 2008   775592  
i couldnt stop reading!!!
DeathNoteFan1 says:   30 September 2008   216971  
Its soo awesome Tessa!
You rock!
sasukelover22 says:   30 September 2008   839165  
better the second time I read it!!!
VampireChic101 says :   30 September 2008   976978  
ok rach kate u guys already read it but still i love heaering stuff
like that!! thanks


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