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Two Worlds meet [ Chapter two ] ish-New!Category: (general)
Wednesday, 24 September 2008
07:17:47 PM (GMT)
By the next day they had four more people join the new world.Sumi Nyoko,Kouchi
Urchimoto,Brett Kato and one human onlike anyothers, Sora the hawk. 
Chika stood infront of everyone. " as you all know i,myself,am new like our other
four new comers. " She said. 
Sumi nudged Brett . "i hope she doesn't mean us ". 
Chika heard Sumi . "Sumi Nyoko,Kouchi Urchimoto,Brett Kato and Sora must stand up. "
she said.
Sora flew on Chika's shoulder. "and fly.." he said moody. 
Chika smiled. " and to let everyone know i am Chika." she said.
Joshi jumped up. "I'm Joshi Suzuki!" she shouted.
Maynnie stood up with a bird on her shoulder. "i'm Maynnie Liffa" she said.
Koma stood up. "i'm Koma" she said making a face at the boys.
"Kaze Bara is right here and shy !" Yelled out Joshi. 
Kaze blushed because everyone looked at her. 
Kiari just said "i'm Kiari Tonika"
Pearl did as Kiari did. "I'm Pearl McRuby "
Daiki was behind Chika. "everyone sit down please, and everyone should know me,
right?" he said.
The crowd of people sighed,sat down and said "Yesss" . Chika stay'd standing up and
toke a loud deep breath.
"as many of you know, we are starting training on our ability's " she started. "
because a man with many power will come again and we should be ready for him." She
stoped for a second for another loud deep breath. "we all have different ability's so
try many tastics to find yours." 
Daiki joined in on the speech. "To some of you this comes as a shock, but most of you
should know by now. We need to defend our world. " 


Chika and Daiki were in their room. "have you thought of the speech and how they toke
it?" Chika asked writing in her dairy. 
"not really , i've seen many find their ability " he said lieing down on the bed. 
"oh.. " chika said. kaze knocked at the door. 
"yes?" Daiki said.
Kaze toke a deep breath. "its kaze. may i come in?"
Daiki nodded. "yes yes come on in." Kaze turned the door knob  and walked in.
"My lord , i need the keys to the Shelter."
Daiki looked at her strangly . "why do you need them??" 
"Maynnie wants to put some animals in their to keep and feed them." she said
Daiki smiled and passed her the keys. "yes yes let her." 

[the shelter] 

Maynnie smiled. " wow.. he let them go into the shelter?" she said.
"yes yes." Kaze mimicked Daiki . 
Koma smiled. " wow .. nice mimick of Daiki "
"i know..." kaze laughed.

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