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that girlCategory: short stories
Tuesday, 23 September 2008
04:03:26 PM (GMT)

	There was a girl I would always see that girl just sitting on her porch smiling
saying hi to everybody that passes her to be friendly. But I always knew that, that
girl had a secret she didn’t want anyone to know or nobody to find out something
that she hid under her big smile she would show to everyone but I always wondered
what that secret was. What was she hiding from people that she didn’t want anybody
to know she would just sit and sit and sit looking out into the world. One day I
wanted to stop by and talk to her maybe be her protector let her trust me and tell me
what’s wrong. When I came by she had on ripped up jeans her hair was kind of sloppy
but into a pony tail and a bright red long sleeve shirt.
I didn’t exactly know what to say to that girl but this is what came out.
"Hi my name Michael. I live a couple of blocks from here" 
At first she looked at me really weird and then looked up at the sun and said
"I love warm days don’t you?"
I had said "yea it’s good to run around and play anyway what’s your name"
After that she just looked back at me and didn't say anything but went back into her
bright blue house.

	After that I kept wondering why she didn’t want to tell me her name. It isn’t
that hard to tell a person your name. I then went back to my house after my mom
called on my cell phone to tell me that dinner was ready. When I got in my house my
mom was setting plates on the table. I said getting forks and spoons to put on the
table "so what for dinner ma" "macaroni and cheese and hot dogs" my mom responded. My
little sister Tania came in the dining room saying "mom my favorite". "Well you not
going to get none until you clean you dirty behind hands “my mom said."Mom gosh"
Tania said running to the bathroom. When everybody was at the dinner table my mom
asked me how my day was. "I talked to this girl today she acts a little weird" I said
stuffing the last piece of hot dog in my mouth. “Why you say that" my mom said.
"Because she won’t even tell me her name’s said putting my plate away. “Maybe
she’s a little shy" my mom says getting up to put her plate away.
“Maybe......maybe" I say going upstairs to get ready for bed.

	Its 2:30 in the afternoon on a Sunday and that girl is still sitting on her porch.
So I give it another shot on trying to talk to her. When I walk up to her she is
wearing the same shirt but her pants look a little bit more ripped. But I say "its
kind of chilly today isn’t it"
She looks at me again and looks at the sky and looks at me again then finally says
"yea.......sometimes I wish......I wish I could just fly far away into the sky and
keep flying away till there’s no ending to it" she says looking back at the sky. I
look up into the sky and imagine flying and it would feel good to just go away and
fly."Yea it would be nice" I say still looking into the sky. She says then to me
"you’re the only person that really come and talk to me"
Then I say trying to act a little cool "well I’m nice like that"
She then giggles. "Wow your funny" she says looking back up into the sky.
"So I was just wondering if we can be friends we can go to the park or something
sometime’s said looking at her. She looks at me nods her head and says "I would
like that"
"Here is my number I took out a piece of ripped paper and wrote down 555-576-8906
Michael. She then smiles and walk into the house holding on to the piece of paper
like if it was a gift she never had.

	The next few days we been spending more and more time together but she just
wouldn’t never tell me her name. but one day while me and her was strolling through
the park the girls father came out he looked very mean and drunk he came out yelling
with a bottle in his hand I really couldn’t get what he was saying because he was
half drunk and he didn’t make much sense but all I could get out was him saying
"you little piece of garbage get your butt in here now" then I just saw her eyes get
teary and sad and all I could do was just stand there I knew she wanted me to take
this man away from her life from her heart from her blood but there was nothing I
could do was just stand there and let him grab her and hurt her. So I just left and
went back home.

	When I got in the house my mom was cooking dinner. I told her not to cook me a plate
I just wanted to go to sleep. First she was a little worried but let me be. Later
that night I got a phone call at 11:30 at night "hello" I said tired "my name is
dream" then I heard a click. At first I kept wondering who the person that called
was. I then knew who it was. The next day I went to see her, Dream but this time she
wasn’t there sitting down on her porch she wasn’t there smiling at everyone that
passed her she wasn’t there hiding her secrets from everyone with her smile. All
that was there was a letter’s quickly ran home I knew something was wrong. 

	My mom was sitting at the table looking disappointed this time I knew something was
wrong. "I’m sorry sweetie but the girl that you always with died her father had
killed her" she said looking deep into my eyes."NO NO this cannot have happened" I
said with tears streaming down my face "it can’t be its all my fault I could of
helped her" I said sitting on the floor. "It’s not your fault Michael her father
shouldn’t have never treated her like that it is not your fault" she said hugging
me. "What happened ma..... did this happen said looking into my mothers
eyes. "Her father was drunk and he killed her they don’t really know how yet but
there know she died at about 11:00" she said. I just got up and went up into my room.
I just kept thinking and thinking but the thing I really thought about is that she
called me at 11:30 but she died at 11:00.but that didn’t really matter I just
wanted her to be sitting on her porch smiling her big smile.

	A few days later we threw a funeral for her for Dream. Not much people were there
because not that much people knew her she was only considered "that girl". I went up
to her casket this time she wore a bright yellow dress she was really pale. I then
turned around to see all the sad faces and started to read:

Dear Michael,
thank you so much for everything I knew one day this would happen one day I would
just vanish away but you where the only person that had really helped me and I thank
you for that I thank you a whole lot but I knew my time will come so bye I will see u
somewhere sometime. 
                  Sincerely, Dream aka That Girl

	I then folded the paper and went out side and all I did was look at the sky dreaming
for one day to fly away.........

                            R.I.P DREAM....

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