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From Poptarts to Gay bars, we have it all (pg.1)Category: From Poptarts to Gay bars, we have it all (story)
Sunday, 21 September 2008
11:13:29 PM (GMT)
'Okay, so, maybe it isn't as bad as I think.' Anya thought as she sat up.
'One of my best friends is a cutter, the other is leaving me, my dad hates me, my
moms depressed, and I have a hundred rumors about me flying around, and I can't do
anything about it.' The blonde girl of only eleven stared at the blue wall of her
room in contemplation and over analyzation of every one of her morbid situations.
After thinking about the scenarios a million times a blue haired woman close to eight
years older than her suddenly appeared on her desk. The woman crossed her legs and
grinned at the girl. "None of those situations are bad at all, are they, ne?" she
asked and tapped her boot against the black, metal desk. "You know you could just
kill yourself, right? I mean, you have the razor inside that drawer," She pointed to
the top left drawer of the six total on the desk. "Why don't you just take it and end
it all?" She purred and went to tinkering with her gun. 

Just as suddenly as the woman had appeared a fiery-haired man a few years young than
the blue-haired woman appeared. "Misula,  cut that out, she has enough
problems without you lacing her mind with suicidal thoughts." He growled. Misula
rolled her eyes. "You never let me have any fun, do you, A?" She inquired and stood
to put the gun to his head. "I think you need to get off your high-horse,  you fill
her mind with just as tainting thoughts of lust." Misula said before putting the gun
back in it's holster on her hip. 

Anya sat watching thier interaction with less than mild inerest. She threw the
blanket covers over her head wishing to block herself from thier site whe she could
no longer take forcing the tears back. Even though she'd thrown the covers over her
head, she had forgotten that they were the one thing that she couldn't hide from.
They were the one thing that told her what she really was. They were the split voices
of her deluded consious that forced her to accept that all her hopes had been drowned
for only god knows what time. Misula sat beside her and rubbed her back as A let her
use his knees as a pillow to cry into. "Shhh..." He whispered. "Crying will only add
acid to the wound." He said to her and moved her hair from her face. And though she
knew hat she'd hate herself for crying as soon as she was done, she couldn't stop.

‹WE'RE GOING IN THE VAGINAAAA› says:   22 September 2008   293591  
..very good!
Hippityhop says:   22 September 2008   173613  
thanks :3
‹&& im ali(:› says:   27 September 2008   537749  
that was really good your a good story teller my awsome friend!!!!
Hippityhop says :   27 September 2008   983844  
thanks latinagurl :D


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