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Lost girl (Ch.2)Category: Story
Wednesday, 27 August 2008
03:27:50 PM (GMT)
Chapter two: Who cares        

I stared at the two. The woman was crying harder then ever, but the man didn't seem
to care. I mean maybe he looked confused, or a bit disappointed but he didn't look
about to burst into tears. Is it possible that he's a more sensible person? I
stared some more at the sobbing woman. Okay stupid question, everyone is a
more sensible person then her. He just sort of stood there pating her shoulder
akwardly like he wished he could be somewhere else. Like in front of a moving truck
for instance.
        After awhile he seemed to realize that I wasn't going to remember my name,
and she wasn't going to stop crying, and gave up for the time being. As he lead her
out he turned to me and said "Try and remember okay? I'll be back in a minute or two
with some food."
Then he shut the door and lead the woman down the hall.
     I can still hear her sobbing. As loud as she talks, would you beleive she cries
louder? And I didn't even do anything! Well not intentionally anyway. I really
hope she's not my mother. I mean I have absolutley no memory, and you
don't see me freaking out like that. I wonder if that means there's something
wrong with me, not reponding like this. Then again I have no memory, so of course
something's wrong with me.
        The door opened again and the man came back with two plates of pizza and for
some reason a chair. Without saying anything, or asking if I even like pizza
he put his chair down next to my bed and put a plate in my lap. He sat in his chair
and took a slow bite of his pizza while staring at me. Obviously I found this
behavoir very suspecious and and wondered if this really was a kidknapping conspiracy
and the pizza was poisoned or something.
       After we stared at each like that for another awkward minute or so he
swallowed audibly and said (rather irratably) "well eat then!"
which really didn't leave me much choice. So I lifted the pizza and took a bite off
the end. He stood up abruptly and said 
"Why are eating it like that?! You've never eaten pizza like that!" he said.
He was almost as loud as that other lady.
       "who cares? It's just pizza. Besides, you ate it like that." I said,
pointing to the slices of pizza with identicle bites in the front corner.
        Grey suit man regained composure and said "Your... right. I'm sorry, I
shouldn't have snapped at you like that."
Wow. Does he have some problem admitting mistakes or something? I was... right?
What's with that pause? But of course I was far too polite to say that. Instead I
said "If you don't mind my asking... Who the heck are you, why does that lady keep
crying and what the hell is going on?!". 
       I guess I'm bad at being polite. And maybe I was good at it before because he
was just sort of staring at me. If ever him to explain what was going on I'm
deffinatly asking why they keep staring at me. who evers says 'oh it's a girl with
amnesia! Let's stare!'. There, I said it. I have amnesia. Big whoop, I bet tons of
girls my age wake up one morning in a room filled with nailed down furniture and no
recolection. Or maybe not. Not that I would really know given the situation, which
still hasn't been explained to me.
      "... I'd really rather you try to remember on your own first." He said.
I let that sink in for a second. "Fine, at least tell me one of our names, or why you
so obsessed with my pizza!" I said.
      "I'm Frank and I'm a doctor. Good night." he said then walked out before I
could say a word.
Last edited: 6 October 2008

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   27 August 2008   933768  
I like this. It's very intresting. Keep up.
Kirti says:   27 August 2008   873338  
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   27 August 2008   922573  
This is better then before. (if that's even possible xD)
The only problem is the swearing...(i don't like swears. but I can
stand them D: )
Kirti says:   27 August 2008   613684  
sorry I hate them too, and I tried replacing he** with heck but that
sounded wrong because I'd used heck before in the sentence...
-plus given the situation she's in can you exuse a referense to a
fictious land of brimstone discribe in some other book?
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   1 October 2008   315364  
Kirti says :   2 October 2008   844816  
Thank you!


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