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(23) Seriously, Puffiniess isn't quite that amusing...Category: Story I can't decide a name for : )
Wednesday, 13 August 2008
10:26:09 PM (GMT)
Are you staring at my strange title? I would be...
  All right, i never imagined that the already towering size of my werewolf friends
couldn't have been bigger then what they where that last day. I woke up and swung my
legs over the bunk and fell to the floor softly. I looked over and yawned. I liked
Saturdays. I stopped mid-yawn when I opened my eyes and saw Ly-Ann's feet. She was
still in the top bunk of her bed, yet her feet draped over the side and fell heavily
to the floor. I nudged her foot lightly, and was surprised by its stationary ways. I
shoved with all my might at the darn feet but they wouldn't budge. I placed both
hands on one foot (which is quite large by the way) and lifted my 96 pound butt into
the air. I could stay like that and she wouldn't move. I carefully wedged myself in
between each foot, and then lay down. I smiled at Brandy, as she was the only other
one up, and motioned for her to join me. She laid herself next to me, and we waited
for a rude remark from Ly-Ann. We began to jump up and down, getting antsy. 
  Of course, Brandy got up and shook her head. I so much as cracked a knuckle, and
Ly-Ann sprang up. I very painfully flung to the wall. Ly-Ann stared at me. 
  "What happened? I heard a really loud noise." I carefully cracked another knuckle
and she looked at me angrily. 
  "Not my fault you’re so sensitive to noise." Is aid grumpily as i wound myself
out of the random net we had up on the wall. She grumbled and got up. She didn't have
to jump from the bed to get down, but I awaited a large thunk. I squeezed my eyes
shut, waiting for her to do something extremely rude to me. But she was behind me and
whispered in my ear, "boo."
  "AUBREY!" I shouted I turned around and saw Ly-Ann behind me. It hit me, if Ly-Ann,
the unmovable, bone crushing, strength holder was as fast as a normal Aubrey, for all
i knew Aubrey could be in Canada at the moment, or Alaska. It did make sense, Ly-Ann
being so unmovable, more then normal any way. We all got up and ate breakfast.
  The usual fight going on. The debate on cereal was over, and we began to talk
gossip. I started to wonder if maybe I should tell them about what I heard form
Saphron, but Fawns eyes searched the cabinets inches away. (She refused to eat the
carbs, hope she dies from starvation!) So when it came to a very serious pause, I
decided to intrude, “So…. Boys…. What’s the forecast?” That got them all
chatting. It started at the bulk, me. I was upset as I began, “So, I totally like
Gregg…. But he… he seems…distant. I guess. Like he has other purposes then just
liking me.” I dropped off, feeling strange as their eyes searched me, looking for
what was really in my mind. I stared at Erin, hoping she would take the hint to read
my mind like a book. But she didn’t. So I said what I knew would eventually come
out, watching Fawn from the corner of my eyes. “I’ve secretly been seeing Jacob
for the past few months.” There was a gasp from Ly-Ann, when she stood up; all the
food on the table went everywhere.
   “A few months ago, you where with David.” I nodded.
  “I’m not proud. I decided to stop it along time ago, but I can never get close
enough to tell him. He’s seeing Saphron, obviously. And, oh did I mention? Fa-“ I
looked at my mouth trying to get the words out. It was impossible. I finally stopped,
and gestured towards Ly-Ann to go on. She excitedly told us that Ricky had finally
asked her out. There wasn’t anything else going on.
   “Hey guys, wanna go look at clouds?” There was a happy chorus of yes’s from
the girls after lunch from the strange, childish question. So we wasted the day
staring at clouds. Seriously, who can sit in a somewhat muddy field for over three
hours, staring at white puffy things? It was entertaining the first few minutes. But,
Ly-Ann spent over half the day saying things like, “It’s puffy.” Or, “It
looks like a kitty.” I was getting so bored. I mean, really, what’s so amusing
about puffiness?  That night, Ly-Ann and Aubrey snuck out for a most likely chaotic
night; I stared out the window in the First year hallway. I smiled as two hands
wrapped around my waist, I giggled and turned around and was about to kiss Greg for
the very first time, and I stopped and shrieked.

‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   13 August 2008   221894  
Puffiness. Choatic! YAY! cool chapter.
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   14 August 2008   892942  
Hold on! IT was good! Don't stop there!!!!

MeepingMeep says :   14 August 2008   127334  
LOL, MizzKatee, Would you really like to know who the miystery person
is? Do you think it's Fawn? Greg? jake? Saphron? (though I'm not sure
she would shriek at that...) How bout werewolves????? How bout no!


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