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Shock (22)Category: Story¬ I¬ can't¬ decide¬ a¬ name¬ for¬ :¬ )
Tuesday, 12 August 2008
12:21:31 AM (GMT)
I got one thing to say before I introduce this chpater: It's Shocking.
Shock... It was somthing I was entitled to. Very much entitled to. But I knew
somthing else had to be in on their conversation. So I braced the shock and
sat down.
 "Well.... I gotta go...." Saphron said. Suddenly the shock kicked in as I saw
her face. Why not when it happened? No. When I saw her coming through the door, that
I was behind.
  If I really thought about it, we did look somewhat alike.... ok, the only thing was
the eyes. They had a million and one percpectives, I knew it. Because those were the
eyes I was born with.  As her feet neared, I put my head between my legs and
  "Katy? I... I'm shocked to see you here.... Did.... Did you hear what i
said." I looked up at her, tears welling in my eyes. I nodded. Suddenly Saphron had
ehr arms around me, hugging me and also crying.
  "Oh... You... you don't know..." She whispered to me. We sat there liek that for
almost five whole minutes till she leaned back and smiled.
  "You really are my sister, aren't you?" i said, as our eyes met.
  "Shocking... it's almost liek thats the only resemblance..."
  "Yeah. How do you feel?"
  "To tell you the truth, shocked."
  "Yeah... Shocked was the same thing I found out when Fawn found me and told
me. Shocked." Shocked.... I said in my mindm repeating it over, and
over, and over. again. Shocked.... Shocked Shocked Shocked. (Ever notice how
words look wrong when you write them a lot over, or if you say them a lot, it sounds
weird*) She took me in the meadow.
  "So... how much did you here...."
  "Almost all of it..." I said, my voice was barely above a whisper. 
  "So you know... about the witchcraft.... it runs in the family..." I looked at her,
Shocked. Was this supposed to mean....
  "You seemed..... Shocked..." Jacob said out of no where. 
  "You knew didn't you?" She said, confused.
  "It runs in the family. I'm part of "the family" " Suddenly, it soaked in. Her face
was shocked then.
  "Yes... Yes, I beleive so."
   "I'm leaving you people alone..." Jake said, and then he left.
  "Saphron... can.. can we... can we just talk? Like sister to sister." I choked out
the words, it didn't feel right to call the perfect, almost angelical, put-every
man-in-the-history-into-shock at her beauty, saphron.
  "Yeah!" she rushed out the words. I knew she could sense my at-lest-I'm-trying
behavior, and I knew it shocked her that i was reacting so well.
  "if, if... What ahppened? Who is are real mom?" The question obviously
shocked her.
  'Well, when we were born... Alright, its a hard story, so get comfortable, and
ready to embrace the shock that'll come on." I did as i was told and lay down
comfortably, bracing more shock.
  "On our birthday," That was strange and shocking the way she attapted to
calling it our. instead of hers,"Well, it was only a few days and our mother did what
was best for us. She laid us on the doorstep of a police center, where she had marked
that we were sisters. But I think the mark blew away... But the police were
shocked. Two day-old infants were on their doorstep. We each were sent of to a
foster parent, where you were taken away first. The mother was happy, a young woman,
who looked so much liek you... I think that the police who found us is your father,
Katy. Well, teh foster mom watching me saw my star mark, and imediatly took my to a
hospital, to see what could be done to get rid of it, which is imposible, but anyway,
they informed your mother. Who was obviously not giving you away just yet. Since I
had no parents, they took me away. I began to learn about my witchcraft by myself,
researching the oldest of books. then you came, about ten years later, btu I kenw you
  "Your probably wondering how I know all of the stuff that no average child would
remeber. Witchcraft. " I nodded, I had guessed that. 
  "listen, you should probably go now.... Don't tell your friends I'm a witch
  "Sorry.... Already did..." She was shocked to hear that one.
  " already knew?"
  "I have talents..." I simply said. i wasn't in the mood for chatter anymore, and
sped off. I was greeted by one of the tallest girls I'd ever seen, for her age
anyway. She was complaining, I looked up and was shocked to see Aubrey. Even
more shocked by Ly-Ann. She was even taller! An obvious were wolf growth
  "Will my life get any weirder?" I grumbled as they played around with me, calling
em shorty. I stuck my tongue out adn said, "Aubrey, yesterday I was calling you that!
Ly-Ann!  I measured up a little bit below you!" I scolded them.
  "C'mon! Let us have our fun while it lasts!" Ly-Ann said, I was shocked, it
sounded liek this wasn't permenant. 
  "full moon's tommorow. Tommorow we could bigger!" Aubrey said, smiling. I grumbled
agian and walked off. Hoping that my shock wasn't going to last the rest of
the day.

* The whole thing about words that Katy says, the shocked shocked shocked part, was
on of the reasons I made this chapter. To annoy you, also, Shock you.Alright, so have
you been Shocked enough for tonight? LOL.

MeepingMeep says:   12 August 2008   886753  
are you shoked yet? Sorry, i was in the mood...
‹Mad‚ô•Hatter‚ô•Love› says :   12 August 2008   866147  
YES....I  am very....shocked!


(Repeats in mind) Shocked, shocked, shocked. (It does look weird)

Great chapter!


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