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Sunday, 10 August 2008
04:27:10 AM (GMT)
Today is one of those days you think you shouldn't have gotten up from bed. Hi. My
name is Sakuno Reona and I'm having one of those glorious days (sarcasm added here).
Today my day started off with me running late to school then while running across the
street I almost got hit by a car now right there I was beyond pissed. So I decided to
give the idiot of a driver a piece of my mind but, it sped right past me. After
seeing it zoom past me I made a promise to myself if I ever saw that car again I
would kick the person's ass that was driving it because the made me 20 minutes late
to school. I ran as fast as I could to school when I got there the gates of the
school were closed. I looked around for an opening but saw there was none so I
decided to hop the fence.

The first thing I did was toss my purple and black messenger bag over the fence and
it land on the other side with a plop. Climbing over the fence was going to be the
difficult part. Grabbing a hold of the fence and suck my foot in the chain linked
fence slowly I started to climb up. Feeling happy I decided to wear my black skin
tight shorts under my red plaided skirt. Standing on top of the fence I jumped off
and did a front flip landing gracefully on my feet I stood up and smoothed down my
black puffy sleeved blouse. Grabbing my bag I checked to make sure there was no one
coming before I ran into the school halls. The hall was completely quiet looking left
and right I saw into the classroom through the windows on the walls getting down on
all four I started crawling.

I had started crawling towards my locker but when I was almost there and it was in my
sight I bumped into something. Looking down with my amethyst colored eyes I saw was a
pair of nicely shined black shoes I quickly stood up. Standing up straight I swept my
black shoulder length hair behind my ear looking up I looked into the eyes of my
strict vice principal "Ah miss Reona I see you have decided to come to school
finally. Well since you have come late I don't think you would mind staying after
school for detention." said the v.p. sighing I walked past him and went to my locker
and opened it grabbing my books for the next class. I shut my locker door and walked
to the girl's bathroom.

I walked over to the sink placed my books down then splashed water on my face.
Looking at the mirror I saw a face with the same plump lips, high cheek bones, and a
cute button nose the only difference was instead of my blank expression I had hers
was of mischievous and her eyes were of ruby red. Sighing I looked into the mirror
and said out loud "Hey Tomoya." I probably sounded like a crazy person talking to my
own reflection but I knew I would get reply back. "When can I be let out its getting
boring in here?" my reflection Tomoya had said back while placing her hand over her
heart would be.People would prbably find it weird if they saw my reflection moving
even though I wasn't. I just sighed shaking my head no bringing my head back up the
annoying bell rung through out the school. Rushing out of the bathroom to make sure
no one saw me talking to my reflection.

Running towards my small group of friends I was given disapproving looks or looks of
disgust. Seeing my small group of friends standing near my all time best friend
Meiling Sow's locker. I slowed my running as I came closer to them walking the short
distance I stood next to Sayoran Meiling's older brother. Looking around at my
friends I see Rose fixing her blackish blueish hair into braided pigtails but
glancing at me with her pale blue eyes. Standing behind her is her slightly geeky
looking boyfriend Edward. I noticed his deep onyx eyes that were hidden behind bottle
cap rimmed glasses were staring at Rose's finger braid her hair but he was still
talking to Sayoran. Sighing I tugged on Sayoran's sleeve to gain his attention "Sayo
I'm tired." I complied while looking into his amber colored eyes "Get on my back I'll
wake you up when it's time for class to start."

In my mind I was jumping for joy , but you would only notice if you looked me
directly in the eye. Jumping onto Sayo's back I loosely wrapped my arms around his
neck. He held me like he was giving me a piggy back ride. Nuzzling my cheek into his
brown messy hair I slowly drifted asleep.

Genie_Baby says:   10 August 2008   432256  
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! That wuz the sweetest story! u made cry!
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says :   10 August 2008   747272  
I know. So sweet. I love it. Keep writing!

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