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What Hurts the Most~Chapter SixCategory: fanfic
Saturday, 9 August 2008
07:46:33 PM (GMT)
Chapter Six~Being Friends
   Ashley rolled over and opened her eyes.  What time was it?  Late, she guessed,
because the sun already shone brightly through her window.  What had woken her up?
Wasn't it raised voices?  Actually, yelling, more like? 
   "Harm, we just can't take them!  You know we can't!"   
   Oh yeah, that was it.  What it God's name could they be fighting about this early?
 She crept out of bed and into the hall.  She pressed her back against the door frame
of the kitchen, hoping her parents wouldn't see her.
    "Mac, what's the worst that could happen?" Harm asked, vioce raised.  "They read
a freaky e-mail and get a little scared?  They're tough kids, Mac.  We promised-"
    "I know, Harm," Mac said, cutting him off.  "It's just that we don't know what's
going to be in those e-mails.  It could really scare them!  Besides, do you think
they want to be dragged around from apartment to apartment all morning?"
    "Frankly, Mac, I know they want to be dragged around from apartment to
apartment all morning.  Really, what are you worried about?"
   "I'm worried they could see some stuff that nobody wants to see," Mac said. 
"Harm, I know what I'm talking about, I-"
   "I know you've had more experience with this kind of... stuff than I have, but
really, this is hardly more than routine."
   She didn't know how she did it, but Ashley found her voice.  "I want to go."
   Her parents spun around and gazed at her, dubfounded.
   "How much of that did you hear?" Mac asked.
   "Enough," she sighed.  "I want to go.  You said we could go with you when we
weren't doing school, and whatever you're talking about, I want to go."
   Harm and mac looked at each other, communicating silently.
   "Well, I guess it's settled then."

   Everyone was surprisingly co-operative when the Rabbs showed up at their doorstep
wanting to see their e-mails.  Most of them didn't even mind having military
personnel in their apartments early on a Sunday morning.  Brooke seemes incredibly
sleepy, but on the whole it was a fairly pleasant experience.
   What happened was this; Harm and Mac read every e-mail in the contestant's inboxes
that were from an unknown sender.  They looked them all over and discussed what they
meant with the contestants.  Ashley had to admit, some of them were pretty freaky. 
They made her stomach jolt sickeningly and head spin.  She was reminded of the many
nights she'd spent, at the age of nine, with her ear pressed against the dorr to her
parent's bedroom, listening to what was being said about the man by the name of Sadik
   Harm and Mac blocked the sender of these e-mails and told the contestants that if
they got any more, to contact them immediately.  Ashley was amazed by how
level-headed they all were about the situation.
   Finally, the only person left was David Archuleta.  Despite last night, Ashley was
actually looking forward to this.  She saw no reaosn why she and David couldn't get
along.  He was cool, she was cool (or at least she hoped she was), right?  Of course
   When they knocked on his door, a rather short woman that looked to be just a few
older than Mac answered.
   "Well,t his must be Captain Rabb and Colonel MacKenzie!" she exclaimed.  'And I
suppose this is Ashley and Lindsay?"  They nodded.  "I'm Lupe.  Come on in!"
   The apartment was quite similar to everyone else's.  Two bedrooms, a kitchen, a
room with a T.V.  Same old, same old.
   "I suppose you'll want to talk to David," his mom said.
   "Uhm, yes," Harm replied, "but don't go too far.  We'll need to talk to you and
your husband sd well.  Do you have any other children?"
   "We do," Lupe said, "but they aren't here with us all of the time.  But we'll tell
them everything they need to know the next time we talk, which'll probably be
   "That'll be fine, Mrs. Archuleta," Harm said.  "Thank you."
   "I'll go get David for you," she said with a smile.  "Ashley, Lindsay, go make
yourselves at home.  You can turn on the T.V. if you like."
   The girls looked at each other and shrugged.  They plopped down on the couch and
began flicking through channels.
   When David came out of his room, he looked rather confused.  Why were the military
dudes in his house?  And why were their children sitting on his couch, watching
   "Good morning, David," Mac said.  "Were we interupting anything?"
   "Oh, no," he said.  "I was just getting ready to go practice.  So, what's up?"
   "We would like to look over your e-mail with you, if that's okay," Mac explained.
   "That's cool," David said, picking up his laptop and sitting on the other couch,
were Harm and Mac sat on either side of him.  He logged on and saw that he had two
new messages.  One of them was from an unkown sender,
   "This is the guy who's been sending us freaky e-mails," he said, opening the
message.  It read:

   To: tracknmusiclvr90@yahoo.com
   From: unkown sender
   Message: David, your time is coming.  You may be young and naive, but you
are surely not stupid.  You know what you are doing, and deep down, you know that it
is wrong.  The youth of today is going to be Ameica's downfall.  You will die, David

   Alshley and Lindsay listened curiously as Mac muttered it to herself.  'Wow,'
Ashley thought, 'that's pretty hardcore.'  The two stared at each other for a moment,
then got up and stood behind their parents.  They watched in silence as Harm and Mac
scanned David's inbox, deleting all of the messages from unkowns senders.
   "We're going to block this sender," Harm explained, "but who knows.  If you get
any more e-mails like this, let one of us know A.S.A.P."
   Lindsay was currently studying his inbox with great fascination.  "Who's Chelsea
Swanson?" she asked.
   "Oh, she's just... er... my friend from school," he stammered nervously.
   "Sure she is!" Lindsay said, rolling her eyes.  Man, that girl was devious! 
Ashley wished she could be like her little sister.  Even Harm and Mac had to stiffle
a giggle at their daughter's frankness.
   "Well, we're going to go talk to your parents, but don't go anywhere just yet,"
Mac said.  "We'll only need about ten minutes."

   "Don't you hate it?" Ashley asked,
   "Hate what?"  David asked back.
   "That they just dismiss you like you're five and not mature enough to handle the
situation?  This has got nothing to do with your parents."
   David obviously did not agree.  ''Well, it kind of does.  I mean, they're my
parents, and who, ultimately, is there to protect you all your life, you know? 
Besides, that's the military, I guess."
   "Okay," Ashley said, "maybe you're kind of rightm but still, what can they tell
your parents that they can't tell you?"
   "Maybe they're just saying the same thing, Zash," Lindsay said.
   "Zash?"  David repeated.  "Where'd you get that from?"
   "Oh, my friends made it up.  We also call Sidney Squidney (or Squid for short),
and Sammi calls Mary-Catherine JMac, just because she hates Jesse MacCartney."
   "O...kay, then," David said slowly.  "Do you think they're almost done?  Cause I
need to go practice."
   "Doubt it," Lindsay replied.
  "Well, can we at least change he channell?  iCarly is not exactly my favourite
   "Sure, knock yourself ut," Ashley said.
   David went to the next channel down, which turned out to be the news.  He would
have kept flicking but the current newsflash seemed interesting.
   "And in other news," the anchorwoman said, in a typical monotone voice, "a middle
school principal is a suspect in the Friday murder of his wife and two children. 
Berry Munroe, principal of H. J. Coneely Middle School in Falls Chruch, Virginia-"
   "That's my principal!" Ashley exclaimed.  "My principal killed somebody!"
   "-returned home from his Friday afternoon therapy session 'angry and
crazy-looking,' a neighbour reported."
   Ashley's mouth hung open as the anchorwoman talked about how the nieghbours had
heard screams from the Munroe house on Friday evening.  She couldn't believe it.  He
had finally gone off the deep end!
   "Always knew he was a nut," she muttered.
   "YOu know," David said thoughtfully, "my middle school principal was pretty weird,
too.  Some people even said he was an alcoholic.  And it was especially hard for me,
cause I was home schooled before I went to middle school.  Like this one time, I felt
like dying the tips of my hair blue, right?  So he freakin suspends me cause he has
some sort of issue with blue hair... and I'm pretty sure he didn't like me.  Of
coure, he never killed anyone," he added with a laugh.
   "Well, that's always a plus!" Ashley exclaimed.
   "Imagine if he decided to kill people at your school instead!" Lindsay almost
shouted, as though she thought that was really a possibility.  "We're lucky we're
here!  He still might do that!"
   Ashley and David laughed out loud.  At first Lindsay seemed offended, then she
must have realized the sheer ludacrisy of her statement, because she started
laughing, to.  Ashley and David both put their arms up to high-five Lindsay.
   At that moment Ashley realized something.  Yes, he was cute as hell.  But he was
also fun to be around, pretty nice and mild-mannered.  And she was going to be around
him a lot.  At that moment, she realized that just because this was dangerous did not
mean that she couldn't have fun.  At that moment, Ashley realized that she could be
friends with David Archuleta.

Three days later
   As Ashley, Lindsay and their parents would soon learn, elimination nights were
never easy.  When that first Wednesday rolled around, Ashey secretly hoped that it
would be either Jason, David Cook or Ramiele's turn to go home.  She was already too
attatched to everyone else.
   Last night's mentor had been Dolly parton, and a decidedly good job had been done
by all.  It was really weird, watching all these young, cool people interacting with
Dolly.  She of course had to be informed of all the recen goings-on,  and her
reaction was hilarious.  She didn't even seem to care!  If Ashley recalled correctly,
she had said something along the lines of 'Well, i'm a big girl, but thank y'all for
lettin me know.  I'll get back to ya if anything happens.'  She also described Ashley
and Lindsay as the 'cutest dang thangs in the world.'  All in all, she was just a bag
of fun.
   If there was one thing Mac, Ashley and Lindsay always loved to talk about, it was
the song choice.  But this time around, the two girl's didn't know any of the songs,
and Mac only knew the bare minimum (not enough to judge anyone).  It was tough to
   But at the end of the night, it was Brooke, Kristy and Ramiele who made up the
bottom three.  Ashley had had a feeling, even the night before, that it was Ramiele
who would be leaving.  Still, she couldn't  help but worry.  Brooke was just so
great, so nice.  And Kristy was so much fun.  She was like a kid trapped in a an
adult's body.  And don't get her wrong, Ramiele was good, as was everyone by this
point, but last night wasn't her best night.
   From the Rabb's position backstage, Ashley could see that Ramiele was a whole head
shorter than Brooke, and a good foot shorter than Kristy Lee, especially wearing flat
moccasin boots whule Kristy wore heels.

   You could almost feel the suspense hanging in the air as Ryan said, "Brooke...
you're safe!''  Now it was down to the two of them.  Brooke gavethen both a tearful
hug and went to sit with the other confirmed members of the top eight.
   "The person...'' Oh God, it was more suspensful in person! ''who is leaving us
tonight...'' she didn't really want to see anybody go, though, ''is...''  Holy shit! 
   Ashley was secretly glad, kind of.  Still, it was sad to see somebody go, and she
wished it didn't have to ahppen.
   Oh, come one!  It's American Idol!  That's the whole point!
   Damn, she thought that thing was reserved for David Archuleta-type rants!  It had
a point. but did it want her to be an emotionless dummie or something?
   The family went back stage as Ramiele sang her last song.
   "It's kind of sad, isn't it?'' Lindsay asked.  ''Cause somebody's gonna go home
every week, and we;re never gonna see them again.  And I guess people are like...
   "Like family?'' Mac suggested.
   ''Yeah!'' Lindsay exclaimed.  ''Isn't it?''
   ''Totally!'' Ashley said.  ''Especially when you're here to save their life!''
   Then everyone ccame backstage, hugging Ramiele.  The Rabbs did the same.  After
all of the 'we'll miss you's' and 'take care's', Ramiele went back into her dressinf
room.  A few minutes later, a loud scream of "holy shit!'' was hear dfrom teh
direction of the dressing rooms.  Ramiele ran out, followed closely by everybody
   "Something.  Just.  Blew up.  In my dressing room.''

   Ashley thought Saturday had been a wake-up call.  But now... Harm and Mac asked
questions, Ramiele answered.  She just walked in, was getting changed, and a small
chunk of her wall blew up.  A bomb, no doubt.  But now it wasn't just emotionally
real, it was physically real, too.  She knew this particulay bpmb was a threat, a
ploy, whatever.  But still.  This time around there were real, tangible effects.
   And it was bound to get worse.  Eventually Ashley and Lindsay were sent up to
their apartment with Carly.  After teeth were brushed, faces were washed and pajamas
were put on, Ashley and Lindsay sat on Ashley's orang-and-pink-polka-dot bedspread. 
They were silent, communicating in the way only sisters can.  Their worries, their
fears, all shared between the two of them.
   "Guys, it's only quarter after seven.'' Carly said.  ''You don't need to sleep
   Lindsay let out a small groan that might have been something along the lines of an
'I know.'
   "We're tired, though,'' Ashley said.
   Carly nodded and sat on the foot of the bed.  "Okay, you're tired.  What else?''
   ''Worried," Ashley said.
   "Kind of mad."
   "And freaked out," Lindsay finished.
   "You know," Ashley began, ''event hough this is scary and stuff, it's kind of
exciting.  It's actually fun, sort of.  Cause I mean, all my life I wanted to do
something like this.  It's kind of cool, isn't it?  Cause I just know, mom and dad
get the job done.  We'll be okay.''
   Lindsay snorted.  ''Speak for yourself!  This isn't fun, it's scary!  I just wanna
go home!"
   ''Really?'' Ashley asked?  ''You're not having fun at all?  Cause really-''
   ''Okay, people!'' Carly exclaimed, sensing a sibling fight coming on, ''Calm down.
 Why don't you girls lay down, and I'll tell you a story.''
   ''Like a fairy tale?'' Lindsay asked.  Despite being almost eleven, she still
loved fairy tales.
   "Nope!" Carly said, a smile creeping up her face.  "This story is 100% real.  It's
true, don't let anybody tell you different, okay?''
   The sisters nodded.
   "So once upon a time, about fifteen years ago, I was at home in Dublin with my
family.  It was really late at night, but I just couldn't sleep.  My sister Shannon
was lying beside me in my bed, because she hated staying in her own room, and she was
fast asleep.  For some reason, though, I just laid there.  I had this feeling of
impending doom.  Our neighbour, Father O'Rourke, had cancer, and everyone was saying
that the bean si would be calling for him any day now.  I didn't know what that
meant, but I couldn't sleep, all the same.  
   ''It was around midnight when I heard this disgusting sound.  It was loud and
screechy and made the hair on the back of your neck stand up.  I was to petrified to
scream for my parents, so I just whispered Shannon's name.  At the time she was two
years old and really should have been sleeping, but I couldn't stay up by myself.  I
asked her if she'd heard that niose.  She told me to go back to sleep.  I said no,
that she had to stay up with me.
   ''Then we heard it again.
   " 'That,' I said, 'did you hear that? It suonds like a horse.'
   "She nodded and cuddled up close to me.  She told me that she was really scared
and I asked if I would call our mother.
   ''When mom got their, she told us it was nothing to worry about, that it was
probably just a horse.  But soon my dad and my brother Nick came in.
   "My dad asked if anybody knew what it was.  Nick said it was a train, and Shannon
said it wa a horse.  Then he sat down in front of me and whispered, 'You know what it
is, don't you Carly?'
   "My mother shot a glare in his direction, and that moment I knew.
   " 'It's a bean si, isn't it?' I said.
   " 'Carly Sarah Henessy, don't you talk like that!' my mom yelled.  'There's no
such thing as that sort of fairy tale.  You know that!'
   ''Of course, I didn't believe her.  I knew it was the bean si, it just be. 
Eventually, everyone went back to sleep, but the next morning we learned that Father
James O'Rourke had died.  For a month, I overheard my mom giving out to my dad about
'filling my head with fairytale rubbish.'  But I didn't care, because I knew I'd
heard the call of the bean si the night Father O'Rourke died, and no one could take
that away from me.''
   After she'd heard Carly's story, Ashley was able to clear her mind and get some
sleep.  That is, until she was attacked by hauntingly real dreams of her family dying
around her, and there was nothing she could do.

SHit, this was HARD to write!  I actually had to do some research to make this
chapter honest.  But I don't care.  It turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself!
 Reviews please!  Oh, and again, huge shout-out to winterpenguin26 and MizzKatee
for staying with it, cause it isn't even half way to half way done! Elohel!
Last edited: 28 August 2008

‹Madā™„Hatterā™„Love› says:   9 August 2008   333634  
I LOEEVE IT!!!!!!!
‹<3!!!!CamelsandOttersRock!!!!!<3› writes:   10 August 2008   574893  
Man, research? Woah! THat's terrible! Anyway, this was a very good
chapter! Keep writing!!!!!
tiggerlemon101 says:   10 August 2008   293692  
Yes, research IS TERRIBLE!  I hate working, especially in summer! 
And it took me like a hundred years to do the next chapter cause how
the frick (?) am I supposed to know how old David's brother and
sisters are?
‹<3!!!!CamelsandOttersRock!!!!!<3› says:   17 August 2008   887823  
Do you really need to know how old they are?
tiggerlemon101 says :   17 August 2008   795522  
Yes I do, Goddammit!


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