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Tuesday, 10 June 2008
08:06:07 PM (GMT)
I received word from a friend today that Prom said the following:

" are old enough to know the internet is not disconnected from your real life,
so until neoeno breaks down in tears you have time to reconsider what you said."

Oh dear. 

There's an important mistake you're making here: I'm not a bad guy. I'm not perfect,
but I'm not bad either. I haven't just hypnotised everyone, people do realise that
I'm not a bad guy too. When you say things like that, people are going to start
wondering whether they were right about you. That's a threat there, and it wouldn't
seem a 100 miles from the truth to say that your aim is to make me cry. I sure hope
it isn't, because that wouldn't look very good for your reputation would it?

As well as this, you've not made one effort to contact me directly. For all your
rhetoric about me being someone who loves the stage, not once have you used email,
msn, messages, anything, to personally discuss things. What do these things say about
you? I'll let the readers, whoever they may be, decide.

Neither has Lyncheh, actually. In fact, Lyncheh hasn't brought her burning hatred for
me to at all, not one jot of me adorns her diary, twits, profile, or
anything. She's doing the behind-the-scenes work (and what, I ask you, is thumbing me
down really going to do? I'm sorry, but that's really quite a pathetic effort), while
you do the reputation dirty work. Strike you as odd? I'm just playin' with ya'.

Actually, something just clicked in my head. Electroconvulsive functions as a front
to take the flak. _abc_ is Prom's account for whatever else. This is useful because
comparatively few people know that Prom is _abc_, the only way one could determine
this is by making some connections between Oroborus' posts in The GrapeVine and his
post about knocking up Saralyn. Don't believe me? Check this out, bearing
in mind that Prom left because of me on the 9th (or 8th, I don't remember). What's
more worrying is that there is supposed to be an approval process for new members,
usually lasting a few days, where a thread is posted asking members to comment on
whether they have any objections. I saw no such thread, and I left on the 9th. Can
any members of GGG clue me in to whether there was just a very short lived
approval-thread, or whether Oroborus let him without one? If so, we have to ask
ourselves why.

I'm not scared of you, Prom. I'm not saying there's nothing you can do to hurt me,
but I can say that I'm stable enough not to be ruffled too much.

I'm just taking pot shots. I know that, in the end, you'll either give up, lose
interest, throw me a truce (I'm always available for truces, just ask Lyncheh, she's
rejected them.. I don't even remember how many times), or whatever. The satisfaction
I will get from that will be immense, believe me.

But if you're hoping to make me cry, you're wasting your time.
Last edited: 10 June 2008

electroconvulsive says:   10 June 2008   777272  
You sound like a child and you are a pseudo-intellectual pompous

You might wish to speak with _abc_ about you thinking I'm him, he may
not like it, just thinkin aloud here.

I don't think he would engage in a flame fest like me, I rather enjoy

I find this entertaining, so, I'll continue.

How many people have said I'm bad, oh tell, oh tell, you have your
finger on all the drama, being a homosexual and all, right?

OH, as much as I have no problem with you being angry with me, and
really I find it comical, don't drag others into this. They have done
nothing to provoke your pompous ass remarks. 

I'll try to find you sum friends, K?

Failing that is a puppy ok with you 

Hey, neoeno, boys don't cry.....wait wait, that was the cure, they
were actually cool
electroconvulsive says:   10 June 2008   239795  
Oh, and wait, me and Lyncheh made up, and I'm an asshole, what does
that say for you.....she posses more character than you will amass in
a lifetime......key to pissing me off for real, drag other people into

Hey, neoeno, where's jesse, have you seen him lately, is he still
here, did he get V&???

So no, no threats, your friend makes her career and living in this
industry, it would be stupid for her to engage in a slur fest when she
has everything on the line over it and the worst part is you drug your
friend into it!!!!!!!!

I don't do that, I try to shield people that know me from blowback
when I do crazy shit, why did you drag your friend into it if she is a
real friend.

Read my post in grapevine if you want examples during the jesse thing
about how I wasn't ready to give credit to others until I was sure it
would be OK. help your friends by not putting them in any
jeopardy you create, my contempt for you as a human being grows by the
neoeno says:   11 June 2008   359871  
XD Excellent. You seem pretty angry. So angry, in fact, that some of
what you're saying doesn't even make much sense. "I'm not angry I just
find this really entertaining, for the LULZ", amirite?

_And_ you've revealed that _abc_'s separation from your drama-identity
is important to you! It is certainly an advantage, I'll give you

Lol, Prom, my friend defended me because he wanted to. I showed him
the entry, I said "Do you want to see what the person who thinks I'mma
be the next Hitler says about me?". He commented of his own accord.
It's called solidarity.

That and any idiot can see you're not this illuminati figure you paint
yourself to be. You're just another guy wasting his time on the
internet because... well... I couldnt' say.

Boo hoo prom, boo hoo. I suggest you stop wasting both our time and
get to whatever climax you seem to be building up to, because this
ain't havin' much of an effect.
_abc_ sings:   11 June 2008   769845  
_abc_ is Prom? Thats so funny, I think I will add it to my Kupipage
"Laugh a little"
electroconvulsive says:   11 June 2008   839997  
neoeno, buddy, not mad :-P

involved people not me, in your little faggy tiff, I get mad, ya see
how that works

why, because you are fucking with people I actually care for

no I don't need to do whatever, the shit will continue on and on, no
end in site....ever

just because, just because, you are an asshole, lulz

electroconvulsive says:   11 June 2008   342798  
neoeno I am deeply sorry, let's call a truce, ok?
neoeno says:   11 June 2008   349635  
No worries. I accept.

My apologies too. Just say the word if you'd like all these entries
and such taken out of the public domain.
Oroborus21 says:   11 June 2008   495682  
when you guys use all of your slang and jargon i get so lost...

anyways about the prom possibly being abc/jake thing, thats' a bit
laughable and also (though not foolproof) somewhat disprovable...

theres a bunch of different reasons why I could go into why prom is
obviously not abc, but I think the easiest one and one you would most
likely accept as trustworthy is to trust Eva's judgment on the

For one thing, they have cammed, her and jake.....she's seen him and
he's seen her...unless they both lied to me (always a possibility)....
then Jake is fairly not sure that i buy that he's a teen
.....but unless ive seen a wrong picture of him, (though Eva told me
the pic i had seen of him was him and another girl that has cammed
with him told me the same thing), he is older than early
20s...and personally thats what i believe his age to be until he shows
me himself on cam that he's a teen.

Prom on the other hand, I think just by everything about him and that
can be discerned from his knowledge of culture and what not is
obviously older...and of course thats what he says too. I would say at
least late 20s, if not early 30s or maybe even a tad older.

so i would trust Eva to know and she's known him the longest.

there was a comment period.......but you might have noticed it..
what occurred was that i first posted the notcie for kirsty...

then i posted a second one for a new club member...(i forgether name)
then subsequent to that i got the request from both Hina and _abc_..

i approved Hina's join request without comment and i reedited teh
second notice to include _abc_'s.....

you might have missed the reedit or it might have been done after you
left The was fairly short....only 2 days i think...for
approving everyone...there beign no objections....

i dont think though that the situation would suggest anything as prom
could have used any side acct (for all i know he could have used the
girl that most of us didnt know but that i approved) or he is welcome
to use "himself"....and would get approved after a short comment
period..(unless there were major objections) i dont see why he
would need to come in as _abc_ even if he was abc...which im
reasonably confident he isn't....


for the record, i have always admired Steve's articulateness and wide
knowledge. i disagree with some of his philosophies and viewpoints and
stuff like his view on nonmonogamy.
Oroborus21 says:   11 June 2008   857519  
like all persons of great intellect and capability he, at times,
comes off as extremely pompous and arrogant....and that can be
annoying....but then again thats one of the chief complaints i hear
about me (off-the-net!) so I try not to cry about the straw in his eye
too often....

and of course he always thinks he is right or seems that way...but
then again i do the same thing and I much prefer a person of
conviction than one that blows with the wind....of course we should
all be capable of being reasoned with and when we are not it is a flaw
in our character... 

i was a bit jealous of your (non)relationship with Eva, being in love
with her myself, but I think thats understandable..

but i dont dislike you steve...

in reading the stuff that Prom had to say or be concerned
about..either im too naive about the "technical threats posed" or i
just dont see the concern and i don't share it..

the one point about mapping my friends in particular seems misguided
as not only is that information already publicly viewable by anyone
jus tby lookign at my profile...but that exact same thing of creatingn
a nodal map (only a bit niftier)is something that ive desired for like
a year now...i just didnt find any program that would do it. had i had
such a program i would have done it myself for myself and for
others....because i just think its neat to see the social connections
like that...i really dont see anything ominous in it..

i think too that a lot of other things that prom said just show that
he doesn't know steve (you) very well...because anyone who has read
your oblivating  and all knows that you are a person who is proudly
complex, contradictory, sometimes anarchistic and definitely not
mainstream in most ways as well as someone who enjoys being
provocative (usually in the best of ways) and in a way that is only
trying to get others to do a little thinking.

I've never seen you be mean to others (condescending sure, annilhating
their arugments yeah) but never like personallly dehumanizing or mean
spirited to someone...i suspect because you are sensitive yourself to
your past experience or at least potential at being a victim of
personal attack.

Youve been on Kupika, quite literally from its beginning months, and I
think among Hina and a few others, you'd be the last person that I
would suspect poses any kind of danger to anyone.

I could always be wrong though 


about Prom, i dont think he's a bad guy eit
Oroborus21 says:   11 June 2008   629482  
about Prom, i dont think he's a bad guy either....i refer you to my
post in the Grapevine entitled The which you said yourself
that there is a little bit of him in all of us....
neoeno says:   12 June 2008   647766  
Yes, perhaps I was a bit hasty with _abc_, I do think it looks a
little odd though... I believe Lyncheh, or someone she was talking
about, was fooled at one point as well, though I can't remember the
discussion in which this took place.

Yes, you're right, I do come off as arrogant, but... seemingly only to
people that are sensitised to it. I've not heard complaints from more
moderate people, but then, perhaps that's because they're moderated.
Still, predictably enough, maintain that I'm not arrogant though :P I
write things as though there's an unspoken preface to all my work: the
views represented here are the views of the poster and not the views
that he would have the whole world share.

I do believe I'm right, but how can anyone hold conviction enough to
live their beliefs if they don't? There's also another level of
thinking, below, that I formed when I spent a year or so in the depths
of existentialism and nihilism: it's perfectly possible that all my
beliefs, and all the precepts of these beliefs, are completely wrong.
For all I know, this might all be some mad hallucination.

And out of that belief comes what I'm going to term pragmatic
objectivity. It is impossible to live a life worth anything when you
accept to your core that everything is subjective. So, one can
acknowledge objectivity for the purposes of living given these
concepts: 1) If you are right, or your beliefs are useful to someone
else, then people will agree with you. In leading your life by
example, you prove your point far more than any debate ever could, and
you don't encourage people to paint themselves as your adversary. 2)
We must display to a certain extent our deep-seated and accepted
uncertainty about the world and the truth, but not so much that it
renders us impotent. 3) Like you said, we must be open to other views,
as they have a statistically equal chance of being right as yours. 4)
We must recognise that we are not the be-all and end-all of our
reader's life. Accepting that we function as only a small part of
their experience of the world, we can be pragmatic in where we spend
our efforts.

Regarding subjects that I have a passion about, 2 and 3 often get
forgotten. 4 is the reason I contribute to discussions where a
viewpoint I see as valid is being suppressed: because I'd like readers
to see both sides of the argument represented. 2 is the reason that,
when conversing with people individually, I've come to express my
ideas in a non-combative
neoeno says:   12 June 2008   293792  
Regarding subjects that I have a passion about, 2 and 3 often get
forgotten. 4 is the reason I contribute to discussions where a
viewpoint I see as valid is being suppressed: because I'd like readers
to see both sides of the argument represented. 2 is the reason that,
when conversing with people individually, I've come to express my
ideas in a non-combative way. Using words like "I think", "In my
experience", and other subjective phrases. My diary entries might not
have this because they are primarily exercises for myself, not made to
convince people but to satisfy my desire to write about something.

Ah... and yet again I write an essay. The ironic thing is that it was
my use of words that Prom picked me up on, and yet since the 'net is
by-and-large a textual medium this gave me a big advantage.

Me and Eva don't talk so much anymore. I think she thinks it might be
awkward, since she has (I think?) a RL boyfriend. The point of
nonmonogamy is that it's non-exclusive anyway, though this does make
it difficult to know what to do sometimes.

XD I certainly don't pose any danger to anyone technically. If you
don't spend days publicly and deliberately ridiculing me and blowing
off any attempts at reconciliation, then you're fine. After a time of
that... I lose my care for the person and start to consider what I'm
going to do in a rather cold way. My intention, from two days before
yesterday, was indeed to make Prom snap. I realised that if that
happened then this whole thing would in all probability be over. I
don't like that it gets to that stage, and it's happened only three
times in my life, but there's only so much one can tolerate.

This whole thing has caused a few people a lot of strife. I've lost a
lot of revision time, Prom's lost a lot of his time and his presence
on kupika (until he returns, and I hope he will), and some people have
lost even more important things than that. So, ironically, it seems I
was a liability, though it was only through their own actions and
reactions towards me that things turned that way.

Nah. Prom isn't a bad guy. That's not quite what I meant in my post XD
But, he's not a bad guy at all, and once again I bear him no ill-will.
It's unfortunate that I became a target, and I'm still not completely
sure why, but hopefully it's not going to happen again. I'm hoping
he'll be back.
neoeno says:   12 June 2008   412681  
Perhaps I should term that pragmatic subjectivity... seems more
saralyn247 says :   16 August 2008   873481  
Prom can't be _abc_, because Jake has a sense of humor. :D


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