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The secret is out part 1Category: story
Friday, 6 June 2008
11:06:07 PM (GMT)
" I am serious! Vampire hunting is the best thing ever!" Auryon said. She was going
on and on about how her and her father hunt vampires. May just smiled and listened. "
I swear, I'm going to catch and kill every vampire out there." Mary touched her neck.
She didn't know how to tell her friend about what happened.
     The rain was pouring down. Mary saw a boy about her age. She went over to him
because he had no umbrella. The boy looked up when the rain stopped pouring on him.
Mary smiled. He smiled right back. " Thank you." He said with his teeth gleaming.
Many dropped her umbrella. The boy had fangs. She began to run but the boy was
faster. He caught up to her and grabbed her from behind. " Sorry about this..." He
sunk his fangs into her neck. She didn't make any noise scared of what he might do.
He sucked her blood for a few minutes. He stopped and took his fangs out. He wiped
his mouth. It looked like he was about to cry. " I'm sorry! I'm really sorry!" Mary
looked at him. " You know... I don't really mind. " He looked up at her. He was still
very sad. " But... I'm a pure blood."
     Mary looked at the boy. " Pure blood?" He nodded. Mary smiled. " It's okay... I
don't mind being a vampire." The boy looked at her." You already know?" She nodded
and smiled. " My friends told me." The boy smiled.  She looked at him. " My name is
Mary." She stuck out her hand." The boy smiled. " I'm Vincent." Vincent  and Mary
walked around for a while talking. Soon the sun would rise so Vincent had to go. They
said good bye to each other. Vincent promised she would see him again. She smiled and
went home. 
     Home was empty. It always was and always will. Mary lived by herself. Her home
was nice. She was able to do a lot more because she lived by herself. She sighed as
she took off her clothes. She was soaking wet and was now going to take a bath. Mary
filled up the bathtub and carefully slipped in. It felt really good. She felt the two
holes on her neck. They were small and almost unnoticeable.... For a person who
didn't have a vampire hunter for a best friend. She sighed and put her head half way
under the water. She would have to find some way to hide it.  
      After about ten minutes of sitting in the tub and thinking Mary got out. She
watched the bloody looking water go down the drain as she dried herself off. She went
over to her medicine cabinet to get a bandage.  She took one out and placed it over
her neck. It was the only thing she could think of to hide the fang marks. She sighed
and headed to her room. Mary flicked on the lights and saw her cat sitting on her
bed. " Hi midnight." The cat mewed hello and jumped off the bed.  The cat walked out
the door and Mary closed it. She began to change into her pajama's. " I'm going to
become a vampire?... How do I hide that?" Suddenly Mary had an idea. She finished
changing and rushed to her computer. She checked for vampire schools in her area.
Amazingly there really were some. They were discused at night school's for
exceptional students. She smiled and applied for one.  " Here I come vampire life."

alleygirl92 says:   7 June 2008   746978  
you wrote something too? lol, im goiogn to write a different story,
mine didn't work out
Meera27 says:   8 June 2008   258511  
omg!!! very col. I wrote stories too!! lol ur soo cool!!!
Random_Lauren_XD says :   8 June 2008   551558  
:D thats really good tbh 
well done C:


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