Alienphobia. (It's not that long, but yeaahh. *'s mean a new
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Alienphobia. (It's not that long, but yeaahh. *'s mean a new
Category: (general)
Thursday, 5 June 2008
07:53:18 AM (GMT)
Peta pranced around the house, red curls bouncing about wildly. It was her first day
in high school and she wanted to make an impression… ‘Impression’ being wasting an
hour choosing clothes and wearing what she wore the day before anyway. She reached
the kitchen and chucked some bread in the toaster, then went and grabbed the peanut
butter out of the fridge.

Peta stared at the frozen peanut butter and an annoyed expression crossed her face,
“Stupid fridge is on too high…” She sighed and with her loudest voice she scream out

A groan came from down the hallway; it was Dana, Peta’s older sister. Her mum came
out and stared at Peta, “Yes?” she asked, keeping her voice level.

“Fridge’s on too high and you have to drive me to school.” Peta answered, copying her
mother’s tone.

“Okay, just wait ten minutes then,” Her mum sighed heavily and walked back to her

“…Thanks mum.”


It was 8:25am just before the bell as Peta’s mum’s car pulled up to the kerb in front
of the school.

Rose looked at her daughter, “Out you get.”

Peta laughed, “Out you get,” She mocked her mother perfectly, “Bye mum.”

”Bye, out now! I have to get back home before Dana eats everything.” 
Peta hopped out, grabbing her bag and closing the door. 
”Everything’s going to be fine.” She told herself.


School had ended and a depressed Peta started walking home with her best friend

“I hate this school, Samee… I really, really do.” She said to Samee, wincing at the
thought that she had to go to school again tomorrow.

“It’ll get better Peta, I promise.”
”You can’t promise that Samee.”

Samee laughed at her and started walking faster, “My house?”

“Okay, I’ll tell my mum.” Peta pulled out her phone and dialled her mum’s number as
they reached Samee’s house.


Seven hours had passed by very quickly, and it was 10pm by the time Peta said,
“Okayyy, I better get home. Don’t want to stay up ALL night.” Peta waved goodbye to
Samee as she opened the dor and stepped outside.

She was walking towards her house, which wasn’t that far from Samee’s, but she’d
gotten distracted by a flickering light up on the hill. Peta had never noticed that
one house… ever! She’d lived in Brisbane for 13 years and she had never ever, EVER
seen this one house.

So she went up to it, slowly. From behind her she felt two arms grab her small, lanky
arms. Her instincts kicked in and she kicked and screamed. The man who was holding
her was too strong and kept pushing her toward to broken, dirty house.

Peta was mumbling desperate words and screamed at the top of her lungs, “LET GO OF

The mysterious man gave a husky chuckle and answered, “Can’t do that love, you’ve
seen too much.”


“And that’s way too much.” He pushed her through the back door of the dark mansion
and up some steps that no one should actually trust to walk on because they were
disintegrating under her steps. The smell was putrid; it was so disgusting that you
could taste the air. It tasted like off sushi! Peta’s eyes kept closing… Chloroform…
She passed out.


Peta woke up in a darkened room with a small candle as a light. A cold chilling wind
blew around the small room and the candle flickered out, 

“Oh great, cold and alone. Such fun.” Peta said, faking enthusiasm. She looked around
the darkness, room only lit by the moonlight. Two windows, one door. One window
barred and the other had a small gap. She looked out the second window and down-
“Yes!” She exclaimed, “A drainpipe, oh so easy escape.” She laughed, jumping out and
quickly grabbing hold of the pipe. 

The pipe was cold and icy; it had jagged pieces of metal jutting out of it. She had
to manoeuvre herself around the metal so she wouldn’t cut herself. Peta slipped and
her hand scraped across a giant piece of bark, wood had got shoved into her hand.

She quickly made her escape because the pain was too unbearable to handle, but as she
neared the path the same man that had brought her into the house was straight in
front of her.

“Oh, please no.” She started, “Please, please no!”

“Oh, yes love, yes.” He grabbed her arm and pushed her back inside of the house, and
then back inside of the dreadfully dark room, “Doctor will be in to fix that hand of

“Since you’re plainly starving me, I really don’t see a reason to get a doctor.” 

“Well we’ll feed you once a day, deal?” He was heading out the door, as Peta had

“Um, not enough. You should just like, you know, kill me now if you badly want to.”

He turned around, “We like the torture.”

“Sickos. I hope you burn.” She laughed and her hand hurt even more, “I think I’ll
take that doctor now.”
The man had left the room without another word and Peta lay on the ground, thinking
to herself, ‘Wait… Phone. Credit. Police. Outside. YES!’ 

She quietly dragged her phone out of her ripped pocket, dialling 000 and making sure
no one was watching her, a woman had answered, asking what Peta would like to do.

“Police please, urgently.” She answered as the woman had put her on hold. 

A few minutes later a man had picked up the phone, “Yes? Police here.”

“I need help. Urgently, a man has taken me and I really need help. It’s 47 Prairie
Lane Burpengary.” 

“How do you know the address?” He had asked her.

“Um, long story, tell you when you get here.” She hung up, putting the phone back in
her pocket and lying down on the ground. 


Peta woke up an hour after calling the police, who, still haven’t arrived. She was
Out of the light that was still in the room she saw a shadowy figure; she stared at
the figure that she guessed was a male, 

“Hi there.” She said, waving aimlessly.

“Hello.” He answered, “Why are you here?”
“Um… I’m here because I saw the stupid house.” She raised her eyebrows in question of
why he was here.

“I’m a vampire. Duh. The teeth, you know.” 

“Oh, I’m human. My names Peta, yours?” 

“I’m Brock, and if you want to know, there’s an easy escape.”
“If you mean the drainpipe, I already tried that.” She sighed and crossed her arms.

“No, no. I mean the secret passage.” He laughed at Peta, and she utterly despised
being laughed at.

“Oh, magic tunnels now? This place doesn’t even surprise me. Where?” She looked at
him, laughing back. He pointed in the direction of the bed and answered,

“Goes straight to your house.” 

“You’re a stalker now, huh?” She raised an eyebrow defensively.

“Why yes, how did you know?” He copied what she did, and raised his eyebrow.

“Fine. Let’s go shall we?” She sat up and crawled over to under the bed, moving away
from the spider webs and dust, “Here? Where?”
“Let me go first, okay?” He pushed her out of the way and moved under the bed,

“Yeah, yeah. I’m coming.” She followed him until she could recognize her basement,
wondering how long she was out for.

“Here’s your house, guess I’ll be going now.” He shrugged and just as she was about
to leave, she stopped him.

“No, don’t go back THERE, you can stay here. I bet my mum would absolutely adore

“If you say so then okay.” 
Peta pulled him up the stairs and saw her mum sitting by the phone- probably waiting
for a call telling her where Peta was.

“Mum, I’m here.” Peta said to her worried mother.

“Where were you?” Rose said between sniffles.

“I got taken, but I’m okay now… Except for my hand. It’s got wood jammed in it.”
Her mum came over and examined her hand, looking at Brock, “His name is Brock mum, he
has nowhere to go, he’s a friend.”
“He can stay here then, I’ll go call the doctors to come look at your hand.” She
walked back to the phone, dialling the number and before they knew it the doctors
were there. 


Peta was taken into the hospital and had microsurgery to get the wood out of her
hand. Peta, her family and Brock lived happily after that with no one bothering them
ever again.

By Danitee.

OnceUponATimeThereWasACastle says :   5 June 2008   298587 this a story?


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