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where will my life go chapter 1Category: (general)
Monday, 2 June 2008
01:30:58 PM (GMT)
Blue eyes sparkling in her curiosity, elbows resting on her knees, hands dwindled
together the girls gaze stared far off into the maroon, crimson and amber sky as the
sun started to hide beneath the dark blue and forest green mountains. She gave a half
smile running her fingers of her right hand through her blonde hair giving a
frustrated sigh. Her eyes flicked across the sight if front of her trees gathered
around the rising sun waiting for its last light of the day. Cracking her knuckles
she relaxed and sat her hand on the rough rock so she could lean back and take a
better look of the beauty of colors. There was a flash in the sky unlike all the
colors that laid there, the girl jumped at the thunderous sound that came afterwards,
and let out a short yelp like shriek as monstrous shadow stood before her.
“Brock?” hissed a young woman
“What fee?” answered Brock in an irritated tone as he turned a page in the dim room.
“Do you think the shadow has her yet?” asked Fee a young lady arrived from childhood
to adult hood her hair tied in to a simple pony tail fell over her left shoulder and
rested on her breast, her icy blue eyes fixed on the man.   
He growled “if not now it will, how many times I must say that” his coal eyes met
hers “and oh when it does” 
“Oh yes, when it does” Fee smiled unpleasantly.
“Kayley!” the girl hung in fear as the Shadow lurked before her she felt sure that
there would be no doubt her life was over she turned to her name being cried, her
brother ran for her “Run, Kayley, Run, your life depends on it” she was paralyzed in
fear and then pain developed over her, she cried out in pain falling to her knees.
Her brother stood before “Kayley, run!” You have to run!”
“I can’t” she grunted from the startling pain. 
“embrace the pain what comes next I guarantee you will be worse”,”Kayley” he cried, a
tear running down his cheek running to his chin “you have to trust me yours, everyone
you have ever known or haven’t everyone who exists depends on your existence”
Tears streamed down her face as she forced her self up against the choking pain then
she cried out in recognition of something she had found earlier that day “magick!”
she cried. Running across grass her breath grew rapid as she pushed on; stumbling on
a rock she forced it open with all her remaining strength and cried out in agony as
if feeling her muscles being ripped the rock tumbled to the grown in defeat and she
turned running down the steps underground in to a moist cave the light she had lit
earlier dimly lit the room she reached out into the water and pulled out a pebble she
smiled and held it tight in her hand.
John cried out in pain and joy as the shadow sent him sprawling hitting full force to
where his sister had been sitting he had know idea how but Kayley had said magick no
one was aloud to utter that word except for in one room at the citys center where
when you became of age you got to learn about it, none had it except for Kayley, she
had no idea of it though and couldn’t call upon it. His hopes sunk she couldn’t learn
to call upon it on her own. he saw he coming up the hill she had left from empty
handed. The shadow wiped at him and he fell limply to the ground

Kayley shrieked in terror running to her brothers’ side she put her ear against his
chest to hear a beat it faded and stopped. She then ran in anger and confronted the
beast fists at side she whispered darkly “I shall vanish you from existence, you are
gone, no longer shall you harm, no longer shall you comfort. With the stone it shall
take your power and your soul” her words were solid and even toned and commenced
power she then thrust the pebble forward. Shrieks and Cries echoed through the forest
as tears stung Kayley’s eyes stung with tears as she retrieved the stone. She didn’t
turn back to her brothers body she was putting everyone at risk by being here she ran
back to the cave and retrieved the three other things left there, she then opened up
one item that was a book and uttered the words on the page, they were words of
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