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Sunday, 18 May 2008
10:45:42 PM (GMT)

That four letter word was never worth more then a dime for me. It was like the kind
of candy that was always in full stock at the candy store, because no one ever wanted
it. It was like an old, ruined leaf on a dead tree. After that despcription, you
could probably tell that life was neve exactly a picnic for me. It's not the kind of
blessing to me as it is to other people. I look at it like something on my "Things
I've got to get over with" list. I swear, no other four letter word is as boring as
this one. It's like a death omen, and whoever says it shall be punished painfully.
But, I guess that is just my opinion. Ofcourse, mine isn't the most important in the
world. But right now, this isn't about all the other preppy, lipstick loving girls in
the world. No, this is the total opposite.

This is the story about me, Becky Darth, and how I somehow managed to survive life.


"Becky, get up right now before I get the hose again!" 

My hopes of ever returning to my Edward Cullen-filled dreams wee ruined by that one
sentence. My brother has always been one to crush dreams, and he especially enjoyed
crushing mine. It's a hoby of his. I groaned and pulled my pillow over my head; no,
no in a suicidal kind of way. Really, you've barely been reading this for one minute
and you are already judging me for the kind of person who tortues themself? The sound
of the lovely freaking annoying birds was muted and I sighed. Finally, some
peace and quiet...........

Was what I was thinking until I felt a mass of cold, wet stuff hit my neck. 

I let out a scream and jumped five feet into the air, falling onto the ground. My
brother laughed loudly as I rubbed my sore spots dumb foundly. I narrowed my eyes at
him. "Jason, you have exactly four seconds to get out of my room before I turn you
into cow food." I said dangerously. Yes, I do know that in all the classic movies,
the bad guys are given three seconds. But what can I say?I'm just generous. The blond
boy laughed and shook his head. "C'mon, Becky" He said. Little did he know that I had
begun counting in my head and was getting closer to four. "D you think that you could
ac-" he didn't get to finish his sentence because he was being tackled to the ground
by yours truly. I had alwas been the strong girl in my year, and not I could even
beat up my seventeen year old brother. Wuss. I sat on his chest and crossed my arms
impatiently. "You know, this really has to stop," I said. "I don't think your friends
in San Fransico will like you any more after they hear you've been pounded by your
little sister for the nineth time in one month. Five times was too much for them." My
brother groaned and tried to get up. He failed to do so. "Why the hell  do I have to
have a bionic sister?What your secret?" He asked. "Candy." Was my reply, and then I
jumped on his chest. He huffed, clearly in pain. "Becky, stop torturing your
brother," My mother said, walking into my bedroom. "Get ready for school" I made a
kind of hissing sound and got off my brother. I jumped into my soggy bed and hid my
face in the matress. "Don't say the word!It's cursed, I tell you!" I cried. I heard
my mom sigh and sit on my bed. "Honey, you've got to lighten up. I know that moving
to California was a big step, but a new school can be fun. We've been here for a
month, you must know at least a few people by now." She said. "It wouldn't kill you
to make a few decent friends. Quit complaining about your old ones and get over it."
My brother said. I lifted my hand and gave him the middle finger. I saw him roll his
eyes and leave my room. My mother patted my leg. "It will get easier, Becky." She
said. "Don't worry."

Somehow I didn't believe it.

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